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Seemingly, they both work, but I will continue to use the double, as that is the way I learned it, and for many constructs it is needed (such as " s" will throw an error as "\s") so I find it much more consistent to use the double in all such situations.

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I need help to Split the provided text into an array by separator specified, preserving all tokens, including empty tokens created by adjacent separators. I mean, If there is an empty token( even no space), the function has to push the space to the array.ex: String [3] words; String s = "a||c|";( there is no space between the second and third ...

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hi guys the problem is like this i have one string whose value is "10 23" ok i wants to store "10" in one string variable and "23" in another string variable . i was trying String[] temp=String.split(" "); it isnot working . is there anyother way to solve this problem . plz help me nll with regards

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That's right but we don't see the rest of the code. It seemed to me that he was going to make more things to the String so he was creating one object each time he called a function for manipulating strings. So my question. Does it worth passing it to Stringbbuffer/StringBuildes if we are creating more than one object in a ...

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Hi All, am facing a problem with the simple String Split task. The thing is my String is actually a pathname: String pathname = "C:/Users/jui/Eclipse/eclipse-java-helios-win32-x86_64/javaWorkspace/FilePathSearchCreateTest/aocsFiles/AOCSOnLupda.h"; And I want to get the names and infos of this path separately. And thus I want to split them in the "/" points. But the problem is, when I write: String [] temp = pathname.split("/"); ...

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i have roughly 10,000 of these and really cant think of a decent way to split it (i have no clue about regex, it confuses me!) Really i want to get draw 1, draw 2 ..... as strings possibly The next 7 numbers as int arrays i guess And the date as a string I did try doing this by splitting ...

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Hello, I'm having an issue with splitting a string like this..: x = "12345","67","89","10","Forums, Sun","Beans, Cool",1,,"W","1010","A","1105" What I would like to do when I do some sort of x.split() operation would be to get this y = x.split(); and result I would like to get is this: y[0] = 12345 y[1] = 67 y[2] = 89 y[3] = 10 y[4] = ...

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Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to split strings such as, "ABCDEF" by how many characters in so if I say three characters in to the end, i will get, "D" as one, "E", as another, and "F" as the last string[] but discard "ABC". So string[0] = D, string[1] = E, and string[2] = F. The ...

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This must be the question of the day. This is at least the third time today that I'm seeing somebody ask a question about backslashes in [regular expressions|http://java.sun.com/javase/6/docs/api/java/util/regex/Pattern.html] . Edit- In the future, you might want to be more specific than saying "there is a syntax error". Does that mean you get a compiler error? If so, what is it, exactly? ...

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Hi, I have a string looks like this: field = abc|def||casd||| String[] values = field.split(" |"); will get values[0]=abc values[1]=def values[2]=null or "" values[3]=casd as you can see, the last three ||| are having the null values but when I used the string.split(" |") method, it does not include the last three null values in the return String[]. So the String[] ...

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I'm sorry to better assist I have the following problem file and command line info: //this is the unix wc $ wc test.txt 4 2 24 test.txt //this is my wc 4 4 24 test.txt //this is the problem file contents $ head test.txt | od -c 0000000 \t \t \t h e l l o t h e r e ...

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warnerja wrote: text.split("(?<=\\G d{3})"); Yes, I'd still say it's the wrong tool for the job if the code looks cryptic and more difficult to understand and maintain. On this basis one could argue that regex is never the right tool for the job since one can always write a parser to replace a regex so why would we ever use a ...

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The * are mistyped they are not there in the sequence... and coming to the length of the sequence it is 420 a multiple of 3 and I had just given it as an example...if I miss anything and if it is not 420 please forgive me.. but the sequence is a multiple of 3... and I must get the substring ...

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I'm just wondering why this "ab|cd".split("|"); will result in a 5 element array with each char in it, but this "ab|cd".split("b"); will yield the expected 2 element array. I tried using the escape character with | but that does not work, is there a way to actually split a String using "|"? Also, what's the | character called?

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Hi all, Am having a problem with splitting a string where I want the split function to ignore the delimiter string if if occurs within a quote. Here is an example welcome*to*the*"world***"*of*java*programing Here is the outcome I'd like welcome to the world*** of java programing My split string line goes like this String myString="welcome*to*the*"world***"*of*java*programing"; String [] data = myString.split("*"); Here is ...

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Hi All, This is my following String. How can i split the following String String s="Other Work/Task or Object in Hand | Incomplete Stop at Stop Sign | Driver Seatbelt Unfastened | Obstructed View of Driver"; My out put should be : Other Work/Task or Object in Hand Incomplete Stop at Stop Sign Driver Seatbelt Unfastened Obstructed View of Driver Thanks ...

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I am trying to split a string based on length(example length 5) of the string. But I am having a issues with this substring(start, end) method. I get all substring which are of length 5. But if the last substring is less than 5 then I am not getting that last substring. But I need the last substring even if it ...

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Although I have seen regex that say they can do this they don't normally cope well with all edge conditions. For example, what happens if there is a real 'double quote' as part of a value in a field. Normally the best approach for this a CVS parser. There are several free ones out there but the one I normally use ...

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37. What is the best way to split a string using multiple delimeters    forums.oracle.com

So splitString[0][0][1] will contain "STORY" or splitString[3][3][12] will contain an emptry string. This means that i need to be able to know which string each of the strings on Split 3 was derived from. For example, String 9 was a result of splitting String 3 on split 2. I have tried it but keep getting arrayIndexoutofbounds exceptions and thus have not ...

38. Problem with String split    forums.oracle.com

I want to know if i can escape the pipe symbol in the split method. For example my StringObj = "I want to know*|*from You|else meet me"; for this case i want to escape the first pipe symbol. This i can do with other possible options, but that is not feasible to me,

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Hai I have a file which contanins the data i n the format of 1 1 30 2 2 33 4 3 78 i need to read each line and i need to take the last part of each line and add to arraylist. for example in first line 30 only i need , llike wise 33,78 follows. could any one ...

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Hi there! Good day to you. I have a quick question. If I have a string that is "Couch-$79.99" or "Fridge-$399.00" How can I split these strings up into two, it is divided by the "-" So String Original = "Couch-$79.99"; I want this String One = "Couch" String Two = "$79.99" Thanks Gus.

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I'm confused by the API. i need to split a string saying: The Wrestler 5 into two parts, the title as string and the 5 as int. so i have found the str.split(regex, n) method, just wondering how i use this. does it create two new strings? and do i need to assign them?

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Sorry, I live in Holland, I was just on my way home from work. The way I'd like to split is indeed like you first mentioned. I'll explain a bit about the program: I'll recieve a record from a database which include a field "message". This message includes a string like I said: "BB 2, 2 CC, 4 PP", which basicly ...

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} public void createWriter(String filename, boolean append) throws IOException { // TODO: code invullen fw = new FileWriter("producten.txt", true); } public void writeLine(String line) throws IOException { // TODO: code invullen line = line + "\r\n"; fw.write(line); } public void closeWriter() throws IOException { // TODO: code invullen fw.close(); } public void closeReader() throws IOException { // TODO: code invullen fr.close(); ...

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o sorry didnt read ur earlier post thoroughly.. m new at using regexes.. I used the backslash s + operator two times... works.... thanks... dont know y i didnt think of that... there go my duke points Edited by: badmash on Feb 20, 2009 4:03 PM Edited by: badmash on Feb 20, 2009 4:04 PM Edited by: badmash on Feb 20, ...

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52. Java String Split    forums.oracle.com

The excact input file is so huge, that you would't find anything in there, it's very much. I think there is no need for the excact input txt file, because I have successfully manage to split my huge input file with the delimiter " t". So I have 5 columns, 5 array elements. Element number 4 (the element I further want ...

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58. String split()    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I am currently using split() to separate each word in a string.. But i am facing a performance problem as the split() is taking up a long of time. Is there another way or method that I can used which will be faster than split()? Any advice will be deeply appreciated

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61. Splitting complex strings....    forums.oracle.com

It looks like what you want is something like regex1 = start and end quote with all text in the middle regex2 = 1+ leter character sequences (did you want numbers too?) or the two and you should have your Pattern. Check out pattern if you are not very familiar with regex

62. Splitting a Comma Separated String - Issue with Trailing Blanks    forums.oracle.com

Thanks for checking out my post: I have a String which is read off a CSV: 000001,S,LM,18.900,07/13/2007,07/17/20087ICR42,,,,6,,,,D,,,OH,,,,212,200,,,15:42:18,,,,, I am attempting to create individual values that I can access via split: String as[] = s5.split(","); My intuition says should create an array of length 29 given the number of commas in the String. When I take a look at the created array, ...

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Hi Guys, I have a question hopefully you guys can help with.. I have a set of data similar to sefsfesef<1111>Example<2222>desefsefsefefsefsef<1111>Example2<2222>sefsefsef What I want to do is split my string between the <1111> and <2222> and get "Example" and "Example2" back... is this possible in Java? Possibly using regular expressions of sorts. I'm a little lost, any help would be much ...

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I am trying to represent a roman numeral as an int. In order to do that I know that I have to split the roman numeral into each individual numeral and then add up the numeric value of each symbol. ie) XVI = 10 + 5 + 1.I am pretty sure that i split the string correctly; however, when deciding which ...

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public class StringSplit { public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception{ new StringSplit().doit(); } public void doit() { String s3 = "Dear ABC Letter Details"; String[] temp = s3.split(""); dump(temp); } public void dump(String []s) { System.out.println("------------"); for (int i = 0 ; i < s.length ; i++) { System.out.println(s); } System.out.println("------------"); } } Want to extract only string between ...

75. Problem using java String.split() method    forums.oracle.com

Hi all, I have a problem regarding the usage of java regular expressions. I want to use the String.split() method to tokenize a string of text. Now the problem is that the delimiter which is to be used is determined only at runtime and it can itself be a string, and may contain the characters like *, ?, + etc. which ...

76. Is String.split() multithreaded internally    forums.oracle.com

The definitive answer will be found in the Java source code, you should look there for the answer. If you are asking "does String.split() make use of multiple CPUs" then the answer is very probably not. Making use of multiple CPUs seem to be the only likely reason to make a "mult-threaded" version. If you are asking "is String.split() thread safe" ...

78. Split String at specific length without breaking words    forums.oracle.com

Hi I have a String with 1000 characters, i need to break this into string of 50 characters, but the last word should not be broken, for example if the first 50 characters come in middle of a whole word, then this word should be start of next sentence and so on. Any ideas how to do it.

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I want to tokenize a string based on following rules delimiter is , escape char is \ example a\,b\,c,1,2 expected output a\,b\,c 1 2 Kindly suggest a solution. Please note that the string can be empty, only delimiter, only escaped delimiter, starting or ending with delimiter/escaped delimiter etc (This is a concatenated value of multiple strings entered by the user. To ...

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That's not a string, but rather a couple of statements to be executed. I know but that is what will be put in the JTextArea. I am trying to make something out of those statements by parsing through them. Question doesn't make any sense given the context so far. Try again. basically when i get the text entered in the JTextArea ...

84. Split a string into many strings    forums.oracle.com

EAZY First, split the string. Then call System.out.println( array.length ); After you find out the length, close that, start up a new java program. Call it whatever you want. Now, just create however many strings you need For example, after you split the string and it created an array of length 5. Then, create a file and add String s1 = ...

85. How to split a string delimitted by vertical bar(|)    forums.oracle.com

Hi I would like to split a string delimitted by verticl bar using String.split("|") functionality. When I used split functionality for other delimitters like "-" or ":" or ";" it worked perfectly but if I use vertical bar it is splitting all the individual characters in thet string Is it because verical bar is having some significance in regular expressions Can ...

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Hi What is the best way for splitting and merging strings / paragraphs ? given that I want to split 10 strings at a time. ex , 10 text files , that have similar contents , but I need to show the different paragraphs and let the user to split them manually . The user can split the 10 to 20 ...

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don't do recursion, please. It is easy to get a solution using nested loops. What you need to do is walk through the steps you would do on paper to solve this. What loops do you use? Group your numbers together -- the single digit numbers, the double digit numbers, and look for the loops within. It is solvable if you ...

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94. String.split() - clean words only.    forums.oracle.com

Hi; I need to get a clean array of words excluding punct and other characters. In the String: "Hello; I had a [pretty] good day!", I would like to get the array two ways: 1. Hello, I, had, a, pretty, good, day 2. Hello, ;, I, had, a [, pretty, ], good, day, ! But NOT: Hello;, I, had, a, [pretty], ...

95. String.split() bug    forums.oracle.com

Actually if you read the original post, it doesn't claim that there's a bug in Java. It just says that something "doesn't work". And the response to that is "Yes, because you aren't using it right". Which is what jverd did. It was his "P.S." that led people in the wrong direction.

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97. Split a string    forums.oracle.com

dear friends, kindly don't mind my bothering you again but i must. I would like to know whether tokenizing a string using the following statement where the tokens are separated by "\" would work or not. String s = "application/pdf"; String arr[] = s.split(" "); would i get the tokens as the elements of the array? The question might be trivial ...

98. split String with "[" as delimeter    forums.oracle.com

Thanks for your help. It worked! I also need to do something else. I eventually need to display the result (in this example A, B, C) as a String[ ]. Is there a way to do this? In the original project that I'm working on [A, B, C] is an ArrayList, and I need to retrieve A, B, C from it ...

99. Help with splitting a string    forums.oracle.com

I don't mind using String Tokenizer or use split( ) with regex. The problem is that I want to split the long string based on a string itself. For example the long string is.. texttext1 class=r texttext2 class=r texttext3 class=r texttext4 class=r texttext5 I want to split the above string with the delimiter being "class=r" . and store it in a ...

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Hi....i am trying to tokenize a csv file, row by row with delimiter as ; (semicolon). If there is a entry like "Hun;gary", its getting broken down into two tokens "Hun" and "gary", using stringTokenizer. To avoid this i am trying to use spilt method in String class but split method is "not getting recognised". Please suggest on usage of split ...