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Hello Everyone, I am just stuck with one problem. I would like to know how to separate strings and save the values to different ArrayList. String("A1355469865 53") I would like to add "A1355469865" to producList.add(A1355469865) and sohList.add(53), It would be awesome if anyone could please help me out. I have tried String.Split method but didnt really seem to work..

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Okay, I assume that you KNOW that \005 and \056 are escaped character codes, so \005 is not a string of length 4, but rather, a single character with character code 5 (which you see as a spade), and \056 is a single character, with code 56, which you see as a "." Now, splitting on the "." (which is EXACTLY ...

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Hm. I saw the API and it said this about the parameter: limit - the result threshold, as described above But what does that actually mean, because the string I explained here is not static. It is dynamic. The length may be 3, 6, 9, 12 -> Will split(";",-1) work with that as well? Also I want to mention that anyone ...

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Hello, I am writing a program that makes the following string: 20. Furry Dogs :: Code.Animal :: Wild.Wild 21. Furry Cats :: Animal :: House :: Not.Wild and strips everything before the first period e.g.: Furry Dogs :: Code.Animal :: Wild.Wild Furry Cats :: Animal :: House :: Not.Wild I am using String split(), but with sentances with more than 1 ...

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\t+ means one or more tabs I'd use t+ in the string literal though, rather than \t+. (two backslashes instead of one) The string literal "\t" gets turned into an actual tab chacter by the compiler, so the regex will see that. But if you use " t", then the compiler uses the first \ in the string literal to escap ...

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Thanks tim but your code comes up with 6 errors. Error 1 - "Identifier Expected" private ArrayList ListOfCities = new ArrayList(); ^ Error 2 - "Identifier Expected" private static ArrayList SplitListofCities = new ArrayList(); ^ Error 3 - ';' expected for(String city : ListOfCities) ^ Error 4&5 - '}' illegal start of expression at lines 25 + 41 Error 6 - ...

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Oh, get real. You're asking posters to read what others have posted first. READ? DO YOU HEAR ME? How ridiculous is that? As if that's not vile enough, you're expecting them to consider the heretic notion that the first thing that pops into their tiny little testosterone-and-alcohol-muddled minds might not be, by some Holy Writ, the most perfect solution, irrespective of ...

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would it be better to use the first or the second? int indexOf(int ch) Returns the index within this string of the first occurrence of the specified character. int indexOf(int ch, int fromIndex) Returns the index within this string of the first occurrence of the specified character, starting the search at the specified index. I think the second would be helpful. ...

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I may have confused you all..umm..sorry if I did. What I want is a reliable method for separating a String with a known separator into tokens - even if one or several 'tokens' are empty. I dont know what tokens might be empty! And I want the empty tokens to be counted (resulting in empty strings, null or something).

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Hi, In a String, '\' is an escape character. It is also the case in regular expressions. Therefore, you have to use "\\\\" as a delimiter in the regex parameter of the split method. (The regex matching a '\' is a double backslash . If you want a String representing a double backslash you have to escape twice : "\\\\")