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1. String comparisions

2. Problem related to String

3. Why String class is declared as final?

Moe: Have I got a riddle! Joe: So tell it already. Moe: What's green, hangs on the wall and whistles? Joe: What's green... I know from riddles but that's nothing. I give up! Moe: A herring. Ha! Joe: A herring?! A herring isn't green. Moe: So paint it. Joe: And no herring hangs from a wall. Moe: It does if you ...

4. Solve an equation given a String

Hi all, I'm creating a method that I could pass a String, such as "(5 + 7) / 3" and it would be able to pass back a result, in this case "4". Eventually I'd also like to add simple variable substitution, so I can pass in "(5 + 7) / X", and tell it X = 3, and have it ...

5. How to create our own String class?

What do you actually mean by "behave like". Do you mean can be used where a String would normally be used, in which case the nearest is to implement CharacterSequence. If you mean you want all the methods of String to be implemented, well you'll have to do them one at a time.

6. breaking up strings

Okay so I have a string like this: p 53 623 n 1 s n 5 t a 1 2 8 a 1 3 10 a 2 4 4 a 3 4 5 a 3 5 6 a 4 5 10 I want to go through it using a " " as the deliminator and grab each group of characters and ...

7. Is there any scripting library?or a way to evaluate mathimatical strings?

by evaluating strings i mean things of the type evaluate("5+3-2+sin(5)") should return some value, i know that in other languages, you will find libraries that define some scriptengine that can evaluate such strings, is this available in java aswell? 'Cause after searching i only found one for JavaScript, which is not what i'm looking for. It doesn't even have to be ...

8. String question

9. Help with Creating a String...

Not possible. The characters \n represents an escape character. So if you are seeing "\n" in some output then that output is replacing the escape sequence with the characters '\' and 'n'. But at any rate you can try the following. Use 'eol' any place that you use "\n". String eol = System.getProperty("line.separator"); Sorry, I am required by the assignment to ...

10. Garbage Collection for String

Hi all, let me first say it could be very novice kind of question but I am posting to know some kind of directions. I was working to understand garbage collection mechanism in java but stuck with String. Actually, not able to find perfect answer whether Java does garbage collection for String like other normal objects. I know, it has some ...

11. String class

es5f2000 wrote: If your class is not final and you have a non-private constructor, you are vulnerable. An extending class can be written which is mutable, and it can be passed around as an instance of your class. The extending class may be mutable, but your class will still be immutable. In other words, if B extended A and A was ...

12. Pimp my String lblValue[]

13. String to class object

Hello, For example, if I have a public class named MY_info which has name and address fields, I want to store MY_info[] array into a string and then retrieve from the string. Is this possible. Otherwise is it possible to store MY_info[] in a cookie and retrieve the values back. Is it possible to use reflection on an array of objects. ...

14. evaluate a string

15. Why String is final?

I have an answer, comment me whether it is right?? Whatever objects we create will get the behavior of object from java.lang.Object since it is the super class for all classes. String is a special type of object which differ in behavior in regard to Object. So if we allowed to subclass the String class then our object will get two ...

16. String to md5 and back

17. Question about String Class

You are confusing String objects (which are immutable) and String reference variables (which are mutable unless declared final). String newStr = new String("hello world"); You have a String literal "hello world". You create another String object that uses the same backing char array. The original "hello world" String literal still exists and is unchanged. You assign it to the String reference ...

18. Some help needed on strings....urgent

We as a part of our project are dealing with something called info reference which is actually a stream of bytes which has hex values in it. Values can range form 00 to FF. Now the API to which this has to be sent expects a String. We tried putting the information in a string and sending it but the sytem ...

19. String Tokinzer problem

20. Java String to Currency

21. Concerning String Handling

22. InputSource to String

I'm having trouble comprehending how I can get a string representation of an InputSource. I'm currently linking around in the API to try to figure out how, but this is proving tedious. Is anyone aware of the call hierarchy to get the String back? Thanks in advance Some simple code to play with: InputSource is = new InputSource(this.getClass().getClassLoader() .getResourceAsStream("myResource.extension")); //how do ...

23. Is Runtime.getRuntime().exec(String command) inconsistent?

I'm wondering if anyone else has ever run into a similar situation while using the JAVA API: Runtime.getRuntime().exec(String command) With Windows 2000 SP4, the "String command" containing " " characters arrives at the MS-DOS BAT program as " " characters. With Windows XP SP3, the "String command" containing " " characters arrives at the MS-DOS BAT program as a "\" character ...

24. calculate string problam

25. String related query

Hi: Consider I have 2 directory paths denoted by path1 and path2. I need to do the following - - Check whether path1 contains the following string "xyz/abc*" - Check whether path1 is contained in path2 So, for example, if path2 would be something like C:\downloads\projects\new or C:\downloads\projects_1\new, then, path1 would be C:\downloads\projects and C:\downloads\projects_1 respectively Please advise with sample code. ...

26. unique-random string question

BTW I found out that WebSphere 6.0 uses Java 1.3.1, so java.util.UUID is out of the picture.. A couple of nickpicky questions: 1) Why static? 2) Why are you using StringBuilder instead of StringBuffer to build the random string? 3) System.currentTimeMillis() vs Calendar.getInstance().getTimeInMillis() ? 4) Why a smaller dictionary? Our security requirements require usage of mixed case alphanumeric, or DEFAULT_DICTIONARY

27. String object...

28. from string to method

29. dealing with string of objects...

There are a few choices you can make: 1 -- if you don't have any spaces, you can use String.split on the space between your fields 2 -- if you do have spaces you can add a delimiter between each field. select field1, ',', field2, ',', field3... 3 -- if this is a fixed length record, you can use String methods ...

30. string interning

First, a chunk of memory is allocated for the operand on left hand side of the equality operator and the value of (a+b) is stored in it. Next the operand on the right hand side is evaluated and checked whether the resultant values aleady exists in the memory using the intern table.

31. How can I determine the charset from String?

Hi, after calling rs.getString("field1") you have a Java String. This is no longer bound to any specific charset. The underlying database driver knows the charset of the encoded bytes in the database, interprets them in the correct way and stores the result as chars in the String. So there should be no need for you to know the encoding. Martin

32. How to return more than one string?

Actually, I would like to select Destination and Date from the database, but if I set the return result as string, then only Destination will be return,how can I modify it so that both of the Destination and Date also will be return?As I know, .Net has a return type called Dataset, in Java what should I write? Actually,I am writing ...

33. Checking/Filtering String (input)

34. SecretKey to String then back to SecretKey

Joseph777 wrote: So i need to save somewhere the byte array?? and the algorithm aswell?? The most importing bit is the byte array since that contains the bytes of the key. You don't have to save the algorithm since you know what that is from the context of your program. who do i save the byte array in a file? If ...

35. Can not return a String

36. How java allocate multilingual String

All Java Strings are Unicode so you need do nothing with that. Where most people go off the rails is in reading/writing Strings. You must take care when using Readers/Writers to use the appropriate constructors and make sure your charset is set appropriatley. Trying to read data that is in charset X as if it were charset Y will mangle data. ...

37. How do I use string instead of

This does not really help the OP since the problem is how to convert the String to an InputStream. Since the OP would need to be storing binary data in a String (a no-no) and having looked at the OP's previous posts I am not convinced he needs a DataInputStream. I suspect the OP is just trying to parse numbers in ...

38. How can i brake the string?

Hi, I have one doubt, i.e. I want to break a string which is in this format. (-10.252)-(-5.25) or (-25)-(35) I want brake like this (-10.252), (-5.25) but, when using the StringTokenizer() String token="(-10.252)-(-5.25)" StringTokenizer str2=new StringTokenizer(token,"-"); It breaks the String to (,10.252, ),( , 5.25, ) Please help me to get the data like (-10.252), (-5.25) Thanks Buntty.

39. Xoring of String

Thanks for your quick reply .. actually now i am making it more clear. The exact req was to creating of check sum which will be hexadecimal char string with a fixed length of 8 bytes .if the length is less than i need to append 0 on the left side .Check sum will be in capital letter(example :*84F2E3EB*) The calculation ...

40. How to throw string to a command promt

The GUI application is developed using java, converted to jar, then to an .exe.... Now i need to modify the application (I have the sourse code) so that it can communicate with another application written in another language (i dont know which). Only thing i know is that if i type commads at command promt(at that particular command prompt) it will ...

41. Send Query String fom java class


43. java string : Interned

The String class represents character strings. All string literals, such as "abc", are implemented as instances of this class. If 2 or more Strings have the same set of characters in the same sequence then they share the same reference in memory. in first part u used the 3 new String("ABC") statements, a new statement creates a new object. so thr ...

44. Using Strings

The character in question is "", whose upper-case version is "SS". I think. But somebody who knows German better than I do may well contradict me. I have some modest command of German and do not contradict you. Originally the letter combination "sz" evolved to this letter "" (sharp s). It is written in some case simply 'ss' in the lower ...

46. Applying RegularExpression on a String

Hi guys, I have a string like "(a>5) AND (B>8) OR (C+7)" Now, i want to get that AND and OR. Is there any simple way to get that using regular expression. Is it possible to apply a regular expression that retuns the string that is between ")" and "(". if so, pls tell what is that regular expression? --Subbu

47. String invaders!

Your code is not in English. I can imagine that almost no one can help you as they don't understand Dutch, so they won't even understand what your code is actually doing by just looking at the method/variable names. Also for native Dutchies (like me) it's highly annoying to read a document in mixed languages.


Can anyone point me to documentation explaining the meaning of items between a < and a > ? I've seen , , in Javadoc and have pretty much gotten around not knowing what those notations mean. But then I was experimenting with Arrays and sorting and found So I can't bury my head in the sand anymore. What does ...

49. requir some help about string process

-demon wrote: There have "+"alredy,but i don't know why it lost when i copy it and post it to the forum. just now i run it again but there have the same problem Because you didn't use the CODE tags before and the "+" is interpreted as formatting by the forum software. So just use the CODE button whenever you post ...

50. Creating String Class

Hi, I am attempting to create a String class from scratch that includes all of the instance methods that are usually directly imported (example: uniq() ). I am having trouble with the syntax of turning an array of characters into a string, and a string into characters that I can manipulate (example: substring() ). public CIS401String substring(int number){ char[] hold = ...

51. String method

52. cloaning of String

To be cloneable a class has to specifically say so. The clone() method on Object is protected and has to be overridden with a public method before you can use it. Also the class has to implement the marker interface Cloneable. This is because for many object classes cloning doesn't really make sense, or would cause problems. Cloning arrays obviously does ...

53. get the height of a string?

Hey! I know that if I want to get the width of a string, I can do something like .getFontMetrics().stringWidth( ); Is there a similar way in which I can get the height of the string? I have the size in points, but since a conversion from points to pixels and vice versa is platform dependent. Is ...

54. String?

55. String to KeyStroke

There is probably a simple solution to this that I am overlooking, but I cannot seem to find it. Does anybody know how I would go about taking a string that changes depending on the user, finding the appropriate keystroke codes for each character, and having it automatically press these keystrokes in sequence? the last part I pretty much have, but ...


I have a problem regarding strings.. This is how the program goes. The user will input an arithmetic problem for example..(9 + 2 * 3 + 4) but it will input as a STRING.. String input = "9 + 2 * 3 + 4"; and the spaces in the string will be deleted.. using this spit method. now how can I ...

57. evaluate a string

I think this might work for you:- 1) you have to separate the operands and operator ...Using any split logic 2)convert all to string operands to int form....use parseInt() 3) perform operation on the operands. i.e. 1) "12" "+" "20" "-" "2" 2) "12" --> 12 and so on 3) 12+20-2 = 30 thanks

58. Why a class( ex. String Class) should be final to protect its behaviour ?

I read in a book about string class as follows "String class is declared as final. Because it is final, no one can subclass it and alter its behavior" My question is, "how the behaviour of String class can be altered if it is not final ?" As per my knowledge in Java and inheritance in particular: When a class is ...

59. java string question

60. Aligning strings

Yeah, s/he might still be using Java 1.1... :rolleyes: One can assume someone starting with Java has recently acquired/downloaded a JDK. Since Java 1.5 is now nearly 4 years old, so it's a pretty safe bet that the OP has Java 1.5 (or greater). If not, then we'll most likely hear from the OP with an error indicating that.

61. Simplify the extraction of data from string

62. Definitions of Object,String etc classes

63. Where are interned String stored?

Description The index is an unsigned byte that must be a valid index into the runtime constant pool of the current class (3.6). The runtime constant pool entry at index either must be a runtime constant of type int or float, or must be a symbolic reference to a string literal (5.1). If the runtime constant pool entry is a runtime ...

64. Placeholders in java.String

String is an object which is used to store any sequence of characters. If you are asking how to get the characters using placeholder available in the String such as, String s = "empno-empname" ?; If this the case, you can use StringTokenizer to get the two values using the placeholder "-";

65. String Question

If I understood correctly, in your program you already have the String b and you can't change it, but you would like " uxxxx" to be printed like "\uxxxx". Is that right? Well, i suppose you could create a new String then which would be a substring of b without the 1st char.... or replacing every " " with "\"... would ...

66. Strings

67. New String creation

68. instanceof String

69. getClass().getResource(String) to load readme.txt?

Hi Anyone with a reply on this? I have read several post regarding this issue and never saw a relative reply. using getResource(".") works fine in eclipse but when I launch from a jar in a Windows enviromnment I get a null from getResource. So I used the name of the class that calls getResource("Data.class") and got a nice path but ...

70. executing "if" conditions from a string

Hello, I am making a webapp that reads if-statements from a local text file (MUMPS file actually). I will probably have those if statements parsed to a string, but is there any way to perhaps turn them into java code and execute them? I guess I can use string utils to make them look like java code (i.e. insert variable values), ...

71. combinations of String

for(int k = result.length; k>=1; k--) { num = num * k; } for(int k=(result.length-length);k>=1;k--) { z = z * k; } return(num/(z*den)); // TODO Auto-generated method stub } public static String getstring(String[] string ,int i, int length) { String temp=""; for(int k = 0; k= string.length) { i = 0; } temp = temp + string; ...

72. String operation

I want to store the sub parts of each condition in separate strings. For eg. in the above string, For the first if Condition, I need the sub parts to be saved in Strings as follows -> leftCondition = "firstval" operator = "!=" rightCondition = "secondval" result = "result1" Similarly I need 4 sub parts for the else if condition and ...

73. Roman Numerals in a java string

Thank you uncle_alice. Yeah, you understood mycurrent idea correctly. But let me ask you one more thing here is. So, if a string looks like it could be a Roman numeral (i.e., it only contains the characters [MDCLXVI], and no more than three in a row of any of them), you want to treat it as a Roman numeral, but otherwise ...

74. Quick string question

75. ClassLoader.findLoadedClass(String)

76. UTF-16 string problem

Hi All, I am developing an application which read from a file which contain data in UTF-16 encoding, when i get string from file and verify it with an external application i got following error "UTF-16 strings must have an even number of bytes" After that i read all bytes from string i found that it contain \u00 char due to ...

77. how to generate a natural sequence of Strings

78. Regarding String truncation

Why do you have to do that on your own? It's the databases task to correctly truncate a String, if necessary (and inform you of the fact by issuing a Warning). Also, is the size of the text field really restricted by the number of bytes instead of the number of characters? I've seen that in some DBs (can't remember which ...

79. Unable Identify/read/process the Local Language Charecters from the Strings

The Issue which i am facing is that All the Local Language(Greek) Characters are now being saved properly. 1)When I save this String to a file or --------> String is Stored either as ?????? or it is stored using different character or symbols which weren't in the Original String 2)When the String is displayed on web pages in another application ---------->Same ...

80. how to downcast from Object to string

81. How should I handle this? - Large String.

Here is my situation. I am running a spell check and returning a HTML report with all the misspelled words in bold. The thing is there could be hundres of records in the database that get return to the spell check and I have to check around 8 varchar(max) fields in each record. I began doing this with a StringBuffer but ...

82. Fill up jcombox[] with comboxes with the appropriate strings

/** * Alle toppings zijn opgenomen in toppingWaarden. Toevoeging van * een topping en overeenkomstige prijs geeft meteen een extra keuze * op overneekomstige schermen. * De prijzen zijn achtereenvolgens : * 2.0 voor basissandwich zonder topping * + 0.5 voor kaas * + 0.3 voor ham * + 0.2 voor ananas */

83. Operating on strings

84. Java strings

Hi guys, Suppose i have a string which goes this way " SELECT PAssword FROM atm WHERE NAme LIKE ' atif ' " What i want to do here is: 1. I want to tokenise the string. 2. I want to replace the 9th token (which in this case is "atif") with a token which is entered by the user(I mean ...

85. Dereferencing Strings Possible?

I'm trying to dynamically create references to strings previously created elsewhere. In short I need to dereference the value of the string. I can do this in Perl, but I don't know how in Java. So, I have a string with a value in an interface called "Constants". public static final String ATTRIBUTE_GROUP_Category = "Product Category"; Then in another class I ...

86. Decompress a string ?

I am pretty dumbfounded and could use some help. I have a file which has some compressed data in it. The entire file isn't made of compressed data but I know where the data ends and begins. Assuming I can find and extract the data how do I decompress it. I have looked online at java examples but none of them ...

87. Incompatible type - use of String datatype?

Your class has the same name as a class from the standard Java libraries (and one of the most used classes in Java at that). This is a BAD IDEA(tm). Rename your class to something other than "String". If you insist on calling your class String, you must fully qualify every use (as all classes from the java.lang package are imported ...

88. Help with String Tokenizing

Example 000520000000023000210000000089 I am fairly new to java and i would appreciate if somebody could help me with this. I have series to numbers just like above . I need to divide this series of numbers into chunk of 5 numbers and find a chunk that has 5 zeros preceeded by or followed by chunk of five numbers greater than or ...

89. Computing the bounding box of a string that will be drawn with Graphics

these questions should be asked in the swing/java2d section. getStringBounds() doesnt return a pixel perfect bounding box. vertically, the box is usually twice as tall and somewhat centered. if you want a pixel perfect box you can use TextLayout. someone showed me how to do this in one of my old posts, ill try to dig it up. reply 10 [] ...

90. Round string

91. Strings

92. Java String OR any Final class Objects

Well, everything in Java is called by value, but in the case of a reference type the "value" is the reference to the actual object i.e. the reference is copied into the parameter but the reference is to the same object. Unlike in C++ objects are never implicitly cloned. The property of String I think you're after is "immutability". With mutable ...

93. how to get a String from another class

95. Regarding Strings

hi everybody, my requirement is as follows my String is like this String str="tb:xxxxxxxxxxxx tb:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lb:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lb:xxxxxxxxxxxxx"; i want the out put in the following manner str1="tb:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"; str2="tb:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"; str3="lb:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"; str4="lb:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"; i.e., what i want is to seperate the String into smaaler strings based on the tags(tb:,lb:). pls any body help me in this aspect thanks in advance

97. Question about repeat a string

98. Width of a String

99. How to get cmd command response to String?

100. why Java.lang.String is final ?

String is rather a weird type, special cased by the compiler in a number of ways. In some ways it's more like a primitive than an Object type (for example the way public final String is exported at compile time). I would imagine it would get fairly messey if you subclassed it.  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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