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1. String edit

2. Scanning string

I don't understand why when I scanning a string, it will not go to if loop. when I change to integer, I hv no issue at all. Any one has any idea? It will always output only Wrong, even i key in data as Sun. Scanner sc = new Scanner (; System.out.println ( " Enter data: "); String x = ...

3. Manipulating Complex Strings

Im wondering if anyone can help me with this, its driving me nuts now... i have an array with the following type of data: application=%APPNAME% i would like to read in each line and copy it to another array list. What i would like to happen is when it gets to a point in the line where there are ...

4. having problem with String ??

LOL I know how it feels. I did this I think on the very second day of my job. There was a ticket and I did this and was stuck for like an hour or so and then dared to ask a co worker find the problem. She came over to my desk and looked at the code for a few ...

5. Copy String to Clipboard

Pseudo code: - Open your reader - use read.readLine() to read a line of input and store this in a local String variable - use the methods previously provided to store this string var in the clipboard - show the dialog box with the variable embedded in the message - close your reader

6. string to charaters problem

7. Data input not working - String ... ... .nextLine(); - Very simple program.

Wow. Thanks so much. I'm not 100% sure on why it didn't work the way I had it as I've written a couple simple programs before and they executed perfectly and were written just like this one. It didn't involve any if statements, but it accepted data input and was written the same. If you have the chance to explain more, ...

8. String formats

This may be quite easy, but I am struggling to convert a string to a customized format... try { Integer loValue = new Integer(fsData); DecimalFormat loFormatter = new DecimalFormat("###-##-####"); lsReturnValue = loFormatter.format(loValue); } catch (Exception e) { System.out.println("Exception converting string to a decimal format " + e.getMessage()); lsReturnValue = fsData; } With the following code, I get the output for 123456789 ...

9. /n in predefined string and in user input

hi, i have question related to \n or any other Escape Sequences. if i made a string like: String str="abc\nabc" then the compiler understands that there is \n in between string and it will b stored as abc\nabc. but if i give input from keyboard like: Scanner sc=new Scanner(; String str=sc.nextLine(); and give input abc\nabc then the compliner stores it as ...

10. Creating UTF-8 string.

Scenario is, I have to pass string to server which should be in UTF-8 then that info gets store on server database. For converting string into UTF-8, I have used and but when any other server takes database from this server(where we have stored information) that time it gets encoded characters which they dont want, they want simple string. ...

11. Stack Trace to String

12. changing or to our in a string

13. changing or to our in string

first, Strings are immutable so you would want to return the result string from the method since Java 1.5, there is a String.replace() method that replaces a substring with another also, while it is true that canadian english has a few words ending in "our" that is "or" in american english; your replacement will replace many other words that are not ...

14. Method isn't changing the string element it should.

I need any digits being changed to be randomly chosen from a list of digits that are different from the second string. A simple way would be to check if the character values are the same and, if they are, repeat the operation. Ie choose another random position, check and change if appropriate. The whole thing takes place in a loop ...

15. String

17. How to define a string where there is " in it

I have problem. I am taking a string dynamically... In that string there are so many " there.. How could I define that string I am giving the code Please help The dynamic string is like this:::My name "is " tan"m"ay "Mandal" And i am trying to defining it like this String input = new String("My name "is " tan"m"ay "Mandal""); ...

18. Listbox to string

I can't imagine why a tutorial should cover that. Seems like a weird idea to me. But all you have to do is to iterate over the entries in the list box and append each of them to the text area. I would go into detail if I thought you were asking about Swing and not (say) HTML.

19. Silly string problem

Hello Jezzica85, tabs do not replace 8 spaces but jumps to a position that is dividable by 8. So the strings a\t| aa\t| aaa\t| do all align although they have different length. So you should change your algorithm a bit: 1) add \t to jump to the next position that is dividable by 8 until you reach the position 96. (Be ...

20. String

Post what you have, and if you are looking for a free handout--then please go someplace else. We'll be glad to help you along in either case... fixing your code... or seeing you leave. When you post your code, then please use the code tags, so it will be more readable. BTW: if you answer is, help I'll fail if you ...

21. how do I write this string?

22. ASCII code to string

Sometimes I just think "what the hell is this poster doing, I mean besides crack cocaine". Then I get it: "104101108108111" = "104" + "101" + "108" + "108" + "111" = 'h' + 'e' + 'l' + 'l' + 'o'. I assume every letter will be represented by a three digit substring. Break the string in substrings and either use ...

23. hi i want to capture the output of this program that is the strings in an a

public void searchcomp(String file) { File[] drives=File.listRoots(); for (int ctr=0;ctr<(drives.length-1);ctr++) { search(drives[ctr],file); } } public void search(File dir,String file) { StringBuffer sb=new StringBuffer(); File[] directories=dir.listFiles(); if (directories == null) { return; } for(int ctr=0;ctr

24. String Problem

All you've done is posted a detailed request to "finish ny assignment for me." If you have a problem, show what code is causing it, and what the problem is. Format the code - select statements and click the "CODE" button above the typing area. Check that it formatted by using the "Preview" tab. hint - "Not working isn't a problem, ...

25. Calling a function from string object....

26. Scanning complete strings

Does the sample INPUT (which was asked for by the previous replyer) look like this: 123 count (all on a single line) or: 123 count (on two seperate lines) You need a nextLine call for every line input. So if it's the second way, you need to invoke nextLine after nextInt to consume that line fully, and then use nextLine again ...

27. Java Noob! String mutation???

28. Problem with output string to command

What you fail to understand is that "aint working" and "Problem with output string to command" tells us absolutely squat about what your problem is. This is the same as saying to the doctor "I'm sick" and expecting him to cure you. As mentioned by Enceph you need to provide details. Do you get error messages? If so post the entire ...

29. What is the different between Runtime.exec(String) and exec(String [])

Yes, I know this is a String array. I am asking that what the different between these two codes. The first one is that I put the parameters and command into one string. The second is that I use String array to represent the command and its parameters. Edited by: youhaodiyi on Mar 26, 2008 1:46 AM

30. Fast transpone of a very big 2D String matrix!

there are some things i don't understand in your code: 1/ what is the 'i' variable used for?! 2/ for ( int iC = 0; iC > stringData[0].length; iC++ ) ---> why is the operator '>'? stringData[0].length will never be < to 0 3/ and why are you getting a sortedMap, in the first place, instead of a String[][] array?

31. Determining string's charset

32. Help!!! Why cannot I see the string by the output??

public static void main(String[] args) { String date[]=new String[1]; String a="This is an example"; date[0]=a; Secuencia s= new Secuence(date); System.out.println(s.getText()); } But when I execute instead of putting the text "This is an example", the program puts the memory direction , for example: [Ljava.lang.String;@19821f But I want the program puts by the output the phrase--> This is an example. What is ...

33. help String problem

34. quick string problem - takes 2 seconds lol

35. send a string across a the internet

hi guys, i am overly frustrated right now......... all i want to learn how to do, is send a string across the internet (or network, preferably internet), and i keep finding links to chat programs that dont work, websites that are 12 years old and no longer function, and overly complicated chat preograms. PLEASE HELP ME All i want to learn ...

36. URGENTLY need help with Strings

public class InputFilter { public static void main( String [] args ) { //Declare scanner, "kb" in this instance Scanner kb = new Scanner(; System.out.println("Enter words and type 'stop', 'done', or 'end' when finished"); String words =; String wordies = words; while(words.equals!("stop") || words.equals!("done") || words.equals!("end")) { words =; wordies = wordies.append(" ") + words; } if(words.equals("stop") || words.equals("done") ...

38. Java -- End of String

I have what I hope is a simple question but am seriously stuck... Supposed to write a program that will ask the user for an address and then output some data... I have part of the code working properly. Where I am stuck is that I need to tell the program to look at the last 5 characters in the string ...

39. Constructing an ID from a String

Hi all, I just want to ask for your opinion about a solution: Problem: I have a random size list of unique strings. Out of these strings I have to generate unique numeric IDs. The IDs can be of the type "long". My Solution (not every if and else... written) 1. Create a char array with size 19 ( a var ...

40. String Builder

41. get total from string valve

42. Quick Question on String Methods

Ok, so the project says make it so the vowels are ACSL. I am supposed to look at the last letter and if it ends in a vowel add "x" to the end of it to make it plural and etc. My question is how can you read the last letter if it is an unknown length for the word?

43. Dynamically instantiating objects using string name

Hello to all. This is probably an easy question, but I am wondering how I can dynamically create instances of an object in a loop using a string variable as the name. The idea here is this: while (someBooleanVariable) { int count = 1; String objectName = "myObject" + count; myObject objectName = new myObject; // How do I pass the ...

44. superindex in string

45. Strings and If/Else Statements

I never approached this in Java but in C++ when using the console, the user enters info into the console and presses enter to proceed forward the console is actually in weird state between accepting the string and waiting for more C++ you have to call the ignore() on the stream but I do not know if it is the ...

46. java.lang.string

47. String builder

48. How to join tandem repeat strings?

Hi, Iam trying to find tandem repeats in a string and join the tandem repeats as a stretch of continous repeat in a string.So far i have been able to find the repeats in a string and their location but couldnt find a way to join them togather as a continous repeat. Ex. String s="testonebbbccctestonebbbccc repeats testone 1-7 and 14-20 repeats ...

49. Usage of String[]

I have to store a array of String in an Object . I can either go for a String[] or Collection . What could be the better one If I know the size of the array in advance . Does arraylist is much costlier than an String[] ? Thanks in Advance .

50. String Handling Package

52. Can i conert String to Command?

the dispose was only an example. i mean that i have a Paramter that called command ... String command; i dont want to use a lot of if extensions like : if (command.equals("dispose()") dispose(); this is not what i mean... i mean that if i have to insert a string.. and i insert "dispose()" its cause dispose() and is i insert ...

53. Shorten a String

54. Problem with using Runtime.getRuntime().exec(String commands)

Here i am getting problem with using Runtime.getRuntime().exec(String command) when command contains one argument under double quotation.Like /usr/local/abc -r app -i sid -B 1103798990 -E 1103799050 "port 8080" when creating command string i used command+="\"port 8080\""; here in the command, last argument format of double quotation "port 8080" creating problem. Also to note last part is without any option as previous ...

55. Differnce in making string objects...

56. How to retrieve a string?

I looked at it but it didn't tell me how i could save that as a variable It shows me how i can print it to screen but that means i can only use it once i cant save it to a variable called 'name' to use whenever i need it. any ideas?

57. prefix and suffix of a string

58. string incompatibility

59. String object

please tell me how many string object are created in the following cases 1. String s1 = "abc"; 2. String s1 = "abc"; String s2 = new String("abc"); 3. String s1 = "abc"; String s2 = new String("def"); Assume that there are no String objects in the String Constant pool. Also provide the valid reasons.

60. Reference a Vriable by its Name as a String

I presume you're thinking about mapping, say, attributes into fields of the same name. You can certainly do this by reflection using the getField(String name) method of the Class object. It's generally more flexible though to use setters obtained by getMethod() (mapping attribute xxxx onto setXxx()). It can be a bit of a security risk, though, because there may be fields ...

61. regarding string

62. String problems

That's really strange! I don't know what can be wrong, maybe you can try with a .txt file to see how it behaves. Are you sure that the code you're using is the same posted? Sometimes when i post i take pieces of the code that i think they're fine and the problem was just there xD

63. Createing string objects

64. String val

Hi All, In my application, I get following string from database. Format is going tobe same each time I get the this String out of database. 050850860^CUPERTINO^SANTA CLARA^8.25^1^0^0^0^0 Then, I want to extract just CUPERTINO out of this string (Meaning, I want to extract city name). I tried indexOf, but some how it did not work. Maybe my logic is wrong. ...

65. strings

alright, i'm at a loss here, i can't remember how to do something... i know i have a java file somewhere on my HD doing this, but after a recent search on my computer, i realized i had just shy of 50,000 java files... anyway, heres the problem i have my app access a website, and read the content... so i ...

66. String objects

IMHO 4 objects should have been created. Each time you do s = "hello", for the JVM is equal to s = new String("hello"). At least this is how my teachers have tought me this ... altough latly I am not trusting my teachers have an in depth knowledge of Java (apart of 1 which is very good). Regards, Sim085

67. Best way to implement extension to String

you could store into the database both strings- one without the html and another with the html I totally disagree with this. Presentation HTML has no business in a database. I don't even see why you need a String class with extra functionality. Looks like it could be a static transformation to me. Do it as an interface so you can ...

68. get the attributes of a string

Sometimes Its hard to know when its simple, its something that I did and forgot, maybe i need to go back through the tutorials. I really like Java, but admit I'm still a newbie in most areas, pointing to the right doc might be nicer than abuse.... But fair well... I will spend some home work time going through the tutorials ...

69. String width

Hi Is there anyway to determine width and height(in pixels or whatever its possible) a String is? I dont want the number of characters in it, I want the "width" and the "height" of some given String with a particular font name,style and size??? i tried using getStringWidth() in FontMetrics. its giving the width but its not considering the string value. ...

70. Method to return a String spelled backwards

Would I be right in saying that the reverse() method in drlaszlos' version works as if: n would be my SIZE constant and k would be the i in my for-loop so that: new[ i ] = old[SIZE - i - 1] The surrogate pairs I've never heard of until now. "Causes this character sequence to be replaced by the reverse ...

71. Problem with a string method

switch (chars) { case 'C': if( x.length() == 1) { arabica+=100; y++; } else if (x.charAt(y+1)=='M') { arabica+=900; y++; } else if (x.charAt(y+1)=='D') { arabica+=400; y++; } else { arabica+=100; } break; case 'X': if(x.length() == 1) { arabica+=10; y++; } else if (x.charAt(y+1)=='C') { arabica+=90; y++; } else if (x.charAt(y+1)=='L') { arabica+=40; y++; } else { arabica+=10; } break; case ...

72. type class [Ljava.lang.String;

73. String question regarding "\"

i am trying to read in a CSV (coma separated value) file containing text like this "2007/10/04","22:47:24","C:\test\tp2c266b.BAT","deleted","","" "2007/10/04","22:48:06","C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\CCPD-LC\symlcrst.dll","changed","","" "2007/10/04","22:48:19","C:\PROGRA~1\Symantec\LIVEUP~1\ludirloc.dat","changed","","" Using a CSV parser from: This code is easy to use and looks just like the example shown.... However when i parse out the array and print it to the screen the output for the path name looks ...

74. Editing strings

75. String

76. dout regarding String data type???

Actually String is a bit of a weird one. Essentially it's an Object class but it gets a lot of special handling. For example there's no equivalent of String literals for any other class and final static String constant fields are substituted into the code that uses them rather than referenced, as happens with primitive constants. Also, like a primitive, it ...

77. how to fit string with in the label

Actually reading strings from properties files and have to fit strings of varring length in a label of given fixed size(by either changing the font or font size etc). Label size is also fixed. My problem is how can I detect that applying a font,size to a string will fit the string with in the label of given size.

78. Creating all possible strings

A10 is more specific than A11, ie, it contains more information. If the DB value is ***, then you have no idea if it is male or female. Don't worry about this detail, what I want to do is to be able to build all the possible combinations for multiple attributes that may or may not have multiple levels. I am ...

79. Need help in String operations

81. String Templates

Does anyone know if there is something like StringTemplate or Velocity available in Apache Commons (or in core Java)? I'm searching and I see Jelly & JEXL but not sure that will work for me. I basically have a file full of stuff and all in it are tokens like $replaceThis and $replaceThat and I need to replace the values at ...

82. Typing in strings

Sounds like it may be a custom class that hides the fact it has a Scanner object or a BufferedReader object doing the work. If you have this class and supporting documentation then by all means use it. Most people here would not have heard of it and probably cannot help you. Or you can search for an IO tutorial and ...

83. Trigram string analysis

/*This method counts the frequency of the trigrams in a message. It cycles through the whole message collecting groups of three letters. If that groups already exists in the frequency array, it then increments the occurence of the trigram by 1 in the accumulate array (acc[]). Later these are ordered in descending order based on trigram frequency.*/

84. compression of a string

85. Formate a String into currency

86. [HELP] A String includes SLASH

87. String Difficulties

89. String problem..See and pls suggest the solution

Hi all, suppose There is a string suppose Error Value does not EXIST or is not active. Value in Frame Field [$1] MUST Exist in Table [$2].. Now [$1] will be replaced by paramArray[l_param_counter] and [$2] will be replaced by paramArray[l_param_counter + 1] and message in the start which is "Error " will be removed Can you help me like how ...

90. Detect uppercase or lowercase strings?

91. Problem with String class - getBytes

Hello, I am using the String class and I have some difficulties to understand the correnct semantic of the getBytes method. It seems it should return an array of bytes but instead, it looks really like it returns a byet array version of the object reference address. Do you know anything about that? Thanks! Dan

92. How to design and implement an application that reads a string from the ...

I think teachers used the Keyboard class before Scanner was introduced. Before that you had to use BufferedReader and when you are just learning Java, trying to use and understand BufferedReader was quite daunting. so teacher just gave them the Keyboard class (which probably has an instance of BufferedReader hidden inside) to hide a lot of details until they have a ...

93. String.getBytes() function

I am looking to pass byte arrays over a socket and since the application I am developing is rather high performance, I would like to do it as efficiently as possible My problem is that in java.lang.String class the getBytes() function accepts a String as a the parameter and returns a byte array, which means everytime i want to convert a ...

94. String problem

Hi, I am passing one string variable to one method called addLicense then it s working fine. The same If i am calling from properties file its not working. any help. LicenseManager.addLicense( "----BEGIN 3SP LICENSE----\r\n" + "Product : J2SSH Maverick\r\n" + "Licensee: java sun (Evaluation Extension)\r\n" + "Comments: Sri Raj\r\n" + "Type : Evaluation License\r\n" + "Created : 16-Oct-2007\r\n" + "Expires ...

95. Javabean string invoking problem

96. encrypt/decrypt a string

97. string immutability

98. Range of String

You could easily alter that implementation and concatenate with another array on the fly if necessary. But still the API simply doesn't allow it: - length() is limited to int - getBytes can only return an array - getChars can only fill a char array - the indices are ints The actual implementation of String is secondary.

99. How to design and implement an application that reads a string from the ...

This is so trivial that it barely deserves the words "design" or "application". You can use java.util.Scanner to get user input from the command line. You can use String.getChars to convert a String into an array of characters. You can use a loop to get all the characters individually. You can use System.out.println to print data on its own line. Good ...

100. How many String are created?

Now the i have got a doubt. Are String literals created at Complie time itself. Or since String s = "Fred" is a compile time constant field. And String literal "47" is also a compile time constant field. Suppose if the code is like this String s = new String("Fred") String s1 = s;  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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