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1. How to make sure that string is valid

I'm parsing XML and for now I use nodeTextValue.length() > 0 to check whether the nodeTextValue is valid string, but I'm having issues with \n \r and so on, preceding and ...

2. what do these symbolic strings mean: %02d %01d?

I'm looking at a code line similar to:

I think the symbolic strings refer to the number of numeric characters displayed per hour, minute etc - or something like that, I am ...

3. Piping a string into Java Runtime.exec() as input

I have a string that I need to pipe into an external program, then read the output back. I understand how to read the output back, but how do I pipe ...

4. STRING palindrome

hi I need a detail code in java to check string palindrome without using API'S

5. String reversal in Java

Possible Duplicate:
Reverse “Hello World” in Java
Hi I need a detail code in java to reverse a given string ...

6. Creating a factory method in Java that doesn't rely on if-else

Currently I have a method that acts as a factory based on a given String. For example:

public Animal createAnimal(String action)
    if (action.equals("Meow"))

7. When are Java Strings interned?

Inspired by the comments on this question, I'm pretty sure that Java Strings are interned at runtime rather than compile time - surely just the fact that classes can be ...

8. Time of Strings Creation in Java

I am writing an app for J2ME devices and pretty much care about unnecessary String creation. As working with Strings is built-in, i.e. it is not necessary to create them explicitly, I ...

9. Substitute {0}, {1} .. {n} in a template with given varargs

Consider a string template of the following format:

String template = "The credentials you provided were username '{0}' with password '{1}'";
Substitution variable fields are of the form {n}, where n is a ...

10. Bug: Null pointer deference of String

The test code below leads to a "null pointer deference" bug on a String Array(on line 6). This leads to a NullPointerException.

public class TestString {
public static void main (String args[]) {
String ...

11. Java String Method

I have comma separated string variable like:

String doctors = "doc_vijayan,doc_zubair,doc_Raja" 
But i want to delete "doc_" from the above String and First Letter should display in capital. I need output like ...

12. execute String as code in ImageJ(java)

The code is in the String, example:

String str = "\"FJ Edges\", \"\");";
If str is executed, the corresponding contents will run.

13. Ideal method to truncate a string with ellipsis

I'm sure all of us have seen ellipsis' on Facebook statuses (or elsewhere), and clicked "Show more" and there are only another 2 characters or so. I'd guess this is because ...

14. Can you pull apart a string?

I'm storing a string in a database with a value such as "020734". I would like to be able to pull the string apart. I have:

String values = "020734";
I need:
String values = ...

15. java.logging to String?

Hiho, i'm trying to log errors with the help of java.logging i want my logger to log everything to a log file and to a string or something(for html output(my program is a ...

16. Beginners Java Question (string output)

So I'm reading input from a file, which has say these lines:

You're the Oracle?
So I want to ...

17. What is the underlying container in a Java String?

Is it just a char array?

18. println(String s) vs println(Object o)

It seems to me that PrintStream.print(Object x) and PrintStream.println(Object x) are identical to PrintStream.print(String x) and PrintStream.println(String x). Is there any obvious reason for ...

19. Ant string functions?

Does Ant have any way of doing string uppercase/lowercase/captialize/uncaptialize string manipulations? I looked at PropertyRegex but I don't believe the last two are possible with that. Is that anything ...

20. Shiro permission string has denied feature?

I use shiro plugin for grails and allow user to add permission at runtime. My controller has many actions such as index,list,edit,create,save,update,search,delete .... Suppose that controller name is "foo" The permission string for simple ...

21. How to iterate through a String

How can I iterate through a string in Java? I'm trying to use a foreach style for loop

for(char x : examplestring)

22. String creation in java

In java String can be created by using new operator or by using + and +=. So, does all these string creation techniques check whether the string already exist in the ...

23. How do I translate strings using Java?

I want a translation routine that allows me to translate any character to any other character or set of characters efficiently. The obvious way seems to be to use the value ...

24. How do you evaluate a java.lang.String in clojure

How would I eval to the following?

(defn run-clojure-func []
  (println "welcome"))

(defn -main [& args]
  (eval (*func* (first args)))

java exam.Hello "run-clojure-func"

25. Why do Strings start with a "" in Java?

Possible Duplicate:
Why does “abcd”.StartsWith(“”) return true?
Whilst debugging through some code I found a particular piece of my validation was using the .startsWith() method on ...

26. string cannot be resolved to a type

I am getting a "string cannot be resolved to a type" error in my code.

public class Main {

 public static void main(String[] args) {
  // TODO Auto-generated method stub

27. Decorating a String in Java

Suppose I want to use the Decorator pattern to add functionality to the java.lang.String class. (Just for example, to add a toRussian() method.) String is a final class. ...

28. How do I derive specific data from a string using the Java standard API?

I have the following pattern:

Jan(COMPANY) &^% Feb(ASP) 567 Mar(INC) 
I want the final output to be:
String[] one = {"Jan", "Feb", "Mar"};
String[] two = {"COMPANY","ASP","INC"};
Please help. Anyone!!?

29. How do I derive specific data from a string using the Java standard API?


str = ABCorp(sap234) #$% rain-drop(docman8) 093 (jac3k(turtle))
Now how do i derive th followin from the above string:
String[] one = {"ABCorp", "rain-drop", "jac3k"}; 
String[] two = {"sap234","docman8","turtle"};
Any thoughts on this one? ...

30. How to derive desired sequence from a string using standard java api?

I need to get parts of a string in a particular format. Tried everything from split, substring to pattern and matcher. but everytime it fails with one of the requirements. Suppose

str = (((abc) shdj ...

31. How to derive desired sequence from a string using standard java api?

Possible Duplicate:
How to derive desired sequence from a string using standard java api?
I need to get parts of a string in a particular format. ...

32. When is it beneficial to flyweight Strings in Java?

I understand the basic idea of java's String interning, but I'm trying to figure out which situations it happens in, and which I would need to do my own flyweighting. Somewhat ...

33. how string terminates in java?

I am trying to write a recursive function which calculates the length of string in Java
I know that there already exists str.length() function, but the problem statement wants to implement a ...

34. Is StringUtils.isNumeric() method specification logically correct?

Apache's StringUtils.isNumeric() method specification says:
Checks if the String contains only unicode digits. A decimal point is not a unicode digit and returns false. Null will return false. An empty String ("") will ...

35. Merging String[] in Java

What is the best way to merge muliple String[] into a single String[] in Java?

36. java String to class

I have got a bean class names as "Bean1". In my main method i have got a string containing the name of the variable. String str= "Bean1"; Now how can i ...

37. If == compares references in Java, why does it evaluate to true with these Strings?

As it is stated the == operator compares object references to check if they are referring to the same object on a heap. If so why am I getting the "Equal" ...

38. Rhino: How to return a string from Java to Javascript?

How do I use Rhino return a string from Java to Javascript, all I get is org.mozilla.javascript.JavaNativeObject when I use

var jsString = new java.lang.String("test");
inside my js file. Is this the right way ...

39. do while sentinel not working (java)

My sentinel in below code won't work. It keeps looping instead of exiting when entering 'zzz'. Any ideas? Please note that i do wish to use Console class rather than Scanner ...

40. Java - Returning strings

I wish to return a string from a method object that is called by another method in another class. My problem is: when I attempt to assign the returned value ...

41. Using a string on all the program in java?

Actually the title of the question is not properly right, what I want in my program is that whenever i run my program, I take an input from the user ...

42. Java change áé??ú to aeouu

Possible Duplicates:
? ? ? ñ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ...

43. Redirect stdout to a string in Java

I know how to redirect the stdout to a file, but I have no idea on how to redirect it to a string. thx.

44. == on String in Java not as expected?

Possible Duplicate:
String equality vs equality of location
I just got my first assessed coursework back with a mark of 97.14%, and the comment "When comparing ...

45. String as Document

I'm following this turorial on parsing XML with XPath, and it gives the following example to open a document:

DocumentBuilderFactory domFactory = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();
domFactory.setNamespaceAware(true); // never forget this!
DocumentBuilder builder = domFactory.newDocumentBuilder();
Document doc = ...

46. What is "string bashing" and why is it bad?

My boss keeps using the term "string bashing" (we're a Java shop) and usually makes an example out of me whenever I ask him anything (as if, I'm supposed to know ...

47. Java - Evaluate String from String

in my Java code I have this snippet:

String str = "\\u9601";
But I want it to be:
String str = "\u9601";
which represents a wide character. Are there ways to do this? Please help. Thanks in advance. Supplementary: Sorry ...

48. What does Object signify in Java?

I'm new to Java but not to programming (I normally code in Ruby). One thing I've seen in Java code examples is the use of <> instead of () to pass ...

49. ANTLR treats part of string as a keyword

I'm currently learning ANTLR for myself. First of I decided to write the simplest grammar. There is plain text file with directives:

pid =
log = something.log
The grammar I wrote is:
grammar TestGrammar;

options ...

50. How to import basic symbols in java IDEs

I am using jGRASP and I want to use this symbol: ? in my string statement.

System.out.println("symbol for greater or equal then is ?");
but the problem is I cant copy ...

51. Return all subsets of a string

How can I do this: Input : ABCD Output : A,B,C,D,AB,AC,AD...... ABCD

52. What's the lenght of a string?

Possible Duplicate:
how many characters can a Java string have?
How many characters can a string hold at it's maximum. (java)

53. Mix two strings in Java

I was wondering if it possible to mix two strings in java. Suppose I have

What would be the best way to combine them to form?

54. Java, How to Instance HttpCookie from a String, any convenient ways?

I have got a cookie string from HTTP response header like the following line:

name=value; path=/;; expire=...
I can parse the above line to key-value pairs, and, also it's easy to set ...

55. Organizing a String based on maxlength of each field

I've made a program that makes my life easier by reading a class and creating methods like these below:

//Ferramentas Parâmetros 
acessos.add(new AcessoBean("Ferramentas", "Parâmetros", "Parâmetros", "Pesquisa", "ppaParametrosList", null, TipoAcessoBean.TELA));
acessos.add(new AcessoBean("Ferramentas", "Parâmetros", "Parâmetros", ...

56. String... keys in java

Possible Duplicate:
Java, 3 dots in parameters
In jedis the are using the construct String... keys(this is something new??) For example this method
jedis.blpop(int timeout, String... ...

57. Multiply a string in Java

I have a String which contains a number and I would like to multiply that number with 1.28 Here is how the string is assigned

String PRICE = dataRecord.get( "PRICE" );

58. Java 7 - Multiline strings

I've read that multiline string literals were proposed to be added in Java 7. Although I can't find any documentation saying definitely that they have been. I'd like to know if ...

59. Why is String final?

Possible Duplicate:
Why is String final in Java?
I'm just wondering why java.lang.String is made final? Is it to prevent from being inherited? Why?

60. add string every time when we executed program

how to add string in program when executed 1- first executed then add "_X" 2- second time executed than add "_X_X" third time executed than add "_X_X_X" and so on

61. Indicate datatype from a input string?

For example i have a string input "int",can i declare a variable base on that input? (Not switch check please). I mean something like this (pseudo-code) or similar:

 String str="int"; 

62. Strings - Filling In Leading Zeros Wtih A Zero

I'm reading an array of hard-coded strings of numeric characters - all positions are filled with a character, even for the leading zeros. Thus, can confidently parse it using substring(start, end) ...

63. String to Clob in Java?

I have a string in java, but the datatype in database is Clob. How do i get a Clob from String?

64. How to pipe a string argument to an executable launched with Apache Commons Exec?

I need to pipe a text argument to the stdin of a command launched with Apache Commons Exec (for the curious, the command is gpg and the argument is the passphrase ...

65. Is there any way to "flush" interned strings?

I'm using an external library which uses String.intern() for performance reasons. That's fine, but I'm invoking that library a lot in a given run and so I run into the dreaded


66. How to deal with Final Strings?

Is there any advantage of making String as final or can we make String as final ?, my understanding is that as String is immutable, there is no point of making ...

67. Creating an instance from String in Java

If I have 2 classes, "A" and "B", how can I create a generic factory so I will only need to pass the class name as a string to receive an ...

68. String... whats does String... mean

Im trying to figure out some java code. I came across something I have not seen before in a method header

private static object [] methodName(NodeList nodes, String... Names)
Whats is the operator ...? Thanks ...

69. how many string objects get created

how many string objects get created for the following code

String s1 = "spring ";
String s2 = s1 + "summer ";
s1.concat("fall ");
s1 += "winter ";
System.out.println(s1 + " " + s2);
In the following ...

70. How to store printStackTrace into a string

How can I get the e.printStackTrace() and store it into a String variable? I want to use the string generated by e.printStackTrace() later in my program. I'm still new to Java so I'm ...

71. strEnglishPhrase is already defined in main(java.lang.String[])?

I cant seem to get this to work, this is my first java class so any help is much appreciated: heres what i have so far:

import java.util.Scanner;

public class Pig extends Object{


72. java condition using strings not working

This is a program when i type "kutty" it should say me "Hello kutty" but this code is not working.

import java.util.*;
public class Kutty
    public static void main(String args[])

73. What does mean?

So I'm sure this is a noob question, but while reading a post on Android programing I came across a line like so:

List<Map<String, String>> groupData = new ArrayList<Map<String, String>>();
My question is ...

74. Java - tell if a String is interned?

So the question here is pretty simple: is there a way to tell if a String in Java is interned? My guess is no, but I'm wondering if anyone knows better. ...

75. Java String to SHA1

I'm trying to make a simple String to SHA1 converter in Java and this is what I've got...

public static String toSHA1(byte[] convertme) {
    MessageDigest md = null;

76. Syntactical meaning of putting strings in parentheses

I like to confuse myself with syntactical things and not to concentrate on really doing stuff. :) I know what I can do with this thing but I still want to know ...

77. Another question, this time regarding breaking a string down for validity

Thanks a bunch for the tip on the static to all of you folks who answered! Feeling a little less frustrated now. I am not going to ask questions step by ...

78. How to apply a mask to a String?

Hi I have a credit card number as a String. I need to apply a mask to hide the CC number: I have "123-123-123" and I need to get something like "123-XXX-123" Is ...

79. Is there a general string substitution function similar to sl4fj?

With sl4fj if I want to construct a string message there is a nice approach which makes use of substitutions. For instance, it might be something like:"Action {} occured on ...

80. String class source behavior inconsistent between types

When the Java developers make design decisions, they usually follow 'best practices' about code maintainability and what not. So I was surprised to find the following situation in the String class ...

81. What string methods would I need to make it look Javaish?

I'm a C programmer and not Java programmer. I don't know what methods are available in Java and what not. I've been struggling with this for hours. Its part of a ...

82. how to get last string '22' using java

this is my code :

 public class a {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        String a = "12345aaaa##22";

83. Avoid duplicate Strings in Java

I want to ask a question about avoiding String duplicates in Java. The context is: an XML with tags and attributes like this one:

<product id="PROD" name="My Product"...></product>
With JibX, this XML is marshalled/unmarshalled ...

84. So Trivial: Write "" in Java

This is the most trivial question but I cannot figure out how to solve this. In a String I want to relace all the occurences of this string " with this "" My ...

85. Get instanced object by String

Is it possible to get a Object that is instanced in the Code by a String at Runtime? Somthing like that:

public String xyz = "aaaa_bbb";

getObject("xyz").some function of String (e.g.: .split("_"))

86. I having trouble assigning strings in an if else statement

Right now I have a programming assignment to calculate bmi(body mass index) and assign it to a classificaiton. Depending on the bmi it assigns it as follows. I am ...

87. Call String from one method to another in Java

sorry if this is a simple question but I have been trying for quite a while now is it possible to call a string from one method to another... Below I want ...

88. Same string but not the same at all

I'm programming both in JAVA and PHP. I got one problem with string comparison. Actually two strings that are the same(in my perspective) is not the same according to JAVA. Background ...

89. Java instantiate class from string

I have the following,

public interface SuperbInterface
public class A implements SuperbInterface
public class B extends A
public class C extends B
I want to instantiate C but I seems to be getting B, what did ...

90. How many java objects generated by this code? and why?

String s = new String("abcd");

91. Strange behavior of Java String

I came across this program and its not behaving in expected way.

public class StringTest
      public static void main(String[] args)

92. java programing: adding strings

how can i add two strings before and after single char?

93. How can I ensure the destruction of a String object in Java?

An empoyee at my company needs to modify data from a SQL Server database through a program I made. The program used Windows authentication at first, and I asked the DBAs ...

94. How to put string in bundle

I have in my code this piece of code

ResourceBundle resbundle=ResourceBundle.getBundle("test", Locale.getDefault());
How to put another string in this bundle ?

95. Subtracting internal Strings within external String in Java

I'm wondering if there is any way to subtract Strings that are contained within another String in Java based on the selection of a user. This is the code that I have: ...

96. Java: howto write i18n string shorter

In Python/C++, I normally use _("string") for i18n string text. for Java, I use bundle.getString("string"). Obviously, it is uglier than Python/C++. How to write such code shorter?

97. Have a lot final strings, what do you recommend to place them in java?

Want to create a seperate class and store all the strings inside it. Is this a way good or there is better way?

98. input string problem

System.out.println("Please enter the required word  :");
    Scanner scan2 = new Scanner(;
    String word2 = scan2.nextLine();
    String[] array2 = word2.split(" ");


99. could only process first string

// Calculating term frequency
int filename = 11;
String[] fileName = new String[filename];
int a = 0;
int totalCount = 0;
int wordCount = 0;

// Count inverse document frequency

System.out.println("Please enter the required word  :");
Scanner scan2 ...

100. Runtime.getRuntime().exec(String[]) safety

I'm using Runtime.getRuntime().exec(String[]) to run processes where some of the elements of the String array are defined by the user. Is this safe? Or will it allow to inject code into the ...