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12"); StringTokenizer ...

1. Bizarre problem with Strings obtained from readLine

15.21.3 Reference Equality Operators == and != If the operands of an equality operator are both of either reference type or the null type, then the operation is object equality. A compile-time error occurs if it is impossible to convert the type of either operand to the type of the other by a casting conversion (5.5). The run-time values of the ...

2. String comparsion

My rule of thumb is to always compare objects (not just Strings!) with equals, not ==. If you are worried about NPE, you could always write a utility method: [code] public static boolean equals(Object x, Object y) { return x==null ? y==null : x.equals(y); /code] An exception to the rule of thumb will be clear to you as you code it. ...

3. Problem in retrieving Chinese strings stored in Resource Bundle fiels

Source code : ResourceBundle messages; Locale currentLocale = new Locale("zh", "CN"); messages = ResourceBundle.getBundle("MessagesBundle", currentLocale); try { String greetings = new String(messages.getString ("greetings").getBytes("GB2312")); System.out.println("gr :: " +greetings); } catch (UnsupportedEncodingException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } My problem is : When I execute this program 1st of all it's not finding the required "". It's taking values from base "". And showing "??" ...

4. String

The first one refers to a String object that's in the constant pool. All occurences of that line will refer to the same object. The second one creates a new String object that's a copy of the one in the constant pool. Multiple occurences of this line will create multiple String objects. The only reason I know of to ever use ...

6. String declarations

7. problem with String.toCharArray ()

8. receiving strings from other applications...

i am trying to create a program which takes input for anything typed on a keyboard no matter what application has precedence at the time. For example, if the program is running and a word document is open and " is typed in, then the program can use those characters. Is this possible. Any help is greatly appreciated.

9. String lenth problem

10. adding a string on a label in runtime

11. Manipulating a String

12. String Function

13. Using String method- help

14. String

15. String class

String str = "helloworld"; with out creating object we can use this reference variable. thought String can also be used as wrapper class. here we are using reference variable to access the value of string instead of instance (ofcourse we can create object even). for StringBuffer we need create object , so is there any difference using this String and StringBuffer ...

16. String

17. Making Spreadsheet cells String cells

18. String handling

We know that a String object is immutable. But if we write something like this String obj = "abc"; obj = obj + "def"; System.out.println(obj); The output is : abcdef Shouldn't it throw a compilation error or print only "abc". again if we use obj.concat("def"); The output is : abc Then whats the use of concat()?

19. How do I create a String class from scratch?

"special" != "unique" Though actually... the compiler knows about Integers, inasmuch as it knows to map ints to them sometimes. But that's during the code generation stage. What other object types have a special meaning during just the parsing stage? Offhand I can't think of any, but I'll bet someone else will... [added] Arguably null... Message was edited by: paulcw

20. String program

You can use regular expressions, or regular String or StringBuilder methods, if you just want to stick hyphens in there. But if the string represents a date, then a better approach is probably to use java.text.SimpleDateFormat to parse the String into a Date object, and keep use that. If you need a different String output, create a different SimpleDateFormat with a ...

21. Why String class was declared as final.

22. how to comapare 2 strings

23. Evaluate string as a condition

24. string program

25. Doubt with String

26. string writing


28. how to XOR two strings?

29. String maniplulation

30. formatiing a String !!

Now then! I am new to all this JAVA programming so please be gentle with me!! I am trying to do something what I think should be easy but I am having huge difficulty with it and I dont know where to look now! I am trying to combine several string and text fields into one text field, move the resulting ...

31. Handling CRLF in String

Hey guys, I read the forums alot, love them but this is my first post. I have a string and I am replacing every space with a '+' but does anyone know how I can detect a carriage return and line feed (CRLF) within the string so I can replace this with a '+' much like the spaces? Here's the code ...

32. trouble with string modifications

33. drop non-letters from string

35. public string Instr { get {return instr; } whats this mean

/** Creates a new instance of InstructionStatus */ public InstructionStatus() { } public class instructionstatus { private string instr; //instruction private int index; //instruction pointer private int opcode; // instruction opcode private int immediate; //needed for displacement in memory instructions private int[] FP; //floating point (what floating point regs ins. uses) private int issue; // denotes whether the instruction is issued ...

36. String and grid woes

That doesn't even compile, right? (It does help if you describe the problem, and that includes telling us what the symptoms of the problem are.) That's because you have to add components to the GUI, not just strings. I would suggest you read the Swing tutorial. (Or the AWT tutorial, if you're only using that.)

37. How to create a String with comma ?

You are new and have directly gone digging into servlets? And JDBC? For this particular problem - you can add comma before appending the next name, but only when there already is a name appended at least once. And then add . after the loop if needed. But please do yourself the favour and go back to the basics before delving ...

38. Possible to invoke a method from string

I was just wondering if it is possible to have some sort of method that takes as its parameters a string ie: invokeStringMethod(strMethod); when String strMethod = "public void doSomething(){}"; If it is possible to do something like this, could someone please lead me in the right direction, and if its not, well that kinda stinks, but thanks for the help. ...

39. return string of a for-iteration

40. Row from .txt to String

41. String to Object re-construction

You might be able to convert Color's toString() value back to a Color object, but you aren't going to be able to do that in general. Why do you have to use a String to transfer your data? At least on Windows the clipboard supports all kinds of data, not just text.

42. Undo Camel Casing on a String

43. How do i hide query string

44. About String

45. Problem with String...

46. String

47. Table to String?

48. About String

49. unable to highlight a string

50. String problem

i save this whole this as a string..... Senior Project Manager-1,Assistant Manager-1,Chainmen-2,Clerk Of Work-1 Asistant Manager-1,Chainmen-2,Clerk Of Work-1 for example i have this 2 data......i using StringTokenizer to separate it and how do i want to get one by one.......because every line of data it have different total of the do i check whether it is end of string...... Thanks ...

51. Why would you ever use new String("")?

There are acutally times when you want to invoke the constructor that takes a string as argument, but doing so with a string literal is rather pointless. The method String.substring returns a new string which is a view into the original string. They share the same data array. The original string might be very large (an xml document), and the data ...

52. Strings

53. Filtering Strings

54. Strange issue with string tokenization

EvalRetVal is a record I defined to keep track of the answer and error messages as return type of my evaluation method IMPORTANT** ALL of my code works, the problem is the use of "*". I dont know why, but if I use something else, say "x" to isolate multiplication, all works well, even the command line mode. I am using ...

55. Leading 0's in a string output

I know in C, you can just output %02d for instance if you always wanted atleast 2 digits there, im not sure how to do this in java. I tried the string formater without any luck because it doesn't seem to be compatable between the different classes in my project. For instance heres one of my methods: public String convertToRealTime() { ...

56. how to implement it about String?

Suppose that, there is a String text "The project manager defines [1][0.400][+goals] for iterations with the support of the management group and the date of the first status meeting." What I need to do is as follow: pick up the '1' from first[ ], and convert it to integer value; pick up the '0.400' from the second [ ], and convert ...

57. Why does BufferedStream return String(

58. String to String[] problems..

Ok so I've made a program for my class that creates an array (100 element int array) then saves it to a file, well to do that I had to convert the array to string, with the Arrays.toString() thing added in java 5. But my problem is, I have to then read the file and save the array back to an ...

59. writing ascii to strings

You mean control characters not ASCII. You can set them as unicode e.g. String sS ="\u000a \u000d \u0007"; Thanks for your suggestion. I tried that but it won't compile due to 'unclosed string literal'. (Even when I copied and pasted it. It also complained that: 'illegal character: \7.) Do you have any other ideas? If I view it in watch mode, ...

60. Create String Objects

Can we create string Objects with same name as the string. For ex. String java=new String("java"); suppose I have a file with 10 words paris london delhi etc... now I read a string and create an object by the same name, so I go on creating objects of name paris, london etc... Is it feasible? This is an interesting problem, but ...

61. String Escap

Hi I am trying to form query in JAVA code and the query is as below: alter type der_document add ("comments",char(1024)); Howerver I am not able to escape " in the string which is the part of the string.Is there any way I can take " as the part of the string for the above query. Regards Deepak

62. Defining a string with "

63. String?

64. Complicated string problem

I need to get the 8 last digits of a cell phone number from a string that may contain some random text as well. The string might i.e. look like this: String senderName = "asd5fa 9 as9df asdf 5599999999sd asdf 3as4df"; How can I extract only the 8 last digits of the phone number from this string (99999999)?

65. Dynamically Create Object Based on String

So, like the title implies, I'm looking for a way to dynamically create an object based on a String (i.e. taking the String "ArrayList," create an ArrayList). I do not want to have a Map of strings to objects or anything like that, because the plan is to have a file be read in that maps this for me, making it ...

66. Instance an Object which name is in a string

67. String programming project

oh c'mon, are you still mad at me for calling you a Pussi? It was just so convenient since your name is Jussi lol No, surprisingly enough I learned to tolerate that over 15 years ago in elementary school. And I don't get mad when teenagers call me names. It's just a shame that you are solving people's problems when they ...

68. A freshman asking help about string

I am a freshman in Java programing. I have a problem about string in Java programing. Could you let me know how to randomly generate a string? For example, when I input a string "abcde", then the output could be "acdeb", or "bdace", and so on. In one word, the output should be a random string which are formed by the ...

69. why is String method called not Object method

70. How to get a property of a class through string

private String name; public String getName() { return name; } public void setName(String name) { = name; } } at runtime i have an instance of this class 'example' and i want to get the content of the variable name, but i have just a string "name". i want to do it like this way: Example example = new Example(); ...

71. changing a primative datatype to a string??

72. Input String

73. Tabulator in Button(String Label)

74. Strings

75. Working with String need some Tips

If you spend enough time on this, it will work eventually. I really doubt it's what your tutor wants though. I recommend that you learn about arrays. Specifically about arrays of Strings. Then learn about the Arrays utility class. The "natural ordering" is the one dictated by the compareTo method. You've clearly put enough effort in, and I'll give you the ...

76. How to get previous String

77. Stripping Comments and Strings from a Code in String

Quite simply, I have a string that contains code of another language. By the way -- that's not all that shocking. I want to strip all the comments and strings from that code. Don't ask why - rest assured that I have a reason, and know for a fact that I want to strip them. My guess is that it's a ...

78. String Object Creation

Hmm, not sure about first answer. Both are the same. A string is an Object like any other. Going String x = "ldskjfglkdsjfg"; is only allowed by the compiler for your convienence. It's not strictly a part of the java language. It's so a String can be treated like an int or char or any premitive as strings are so common. ...

79. Taking input in a string

80. Breaking String.

hi all, I am having a string as:

asdf asdf
I need to get the cell content. Can you please suggest which will be the most feasible method in Java API to use? I have thought of StringTokenizer and wrote something like this String str = new String("

81. Determine string type

82. Editing strings?

84. Help with mutation. (String Class)

hey guys, im a computer science student and I'm having hard time dealing with this homework they gave us. it says: Write a Java application which instantiates a string literal containing the sentence This is my first CMPS200 assignment and does the following: Prints the mutated sentence which replaces all empty space in the given sentence by a backslash. Prints the ...

85. Convertion of SOAPMessage to String

Hi All I have a SOPAMessage, need to convert to XMLString so for that I am using DOMResult as follow /**** import javax.xml.transform.*; import*; import javax.xml.parsers.*; import javax.xml.transform.dom.*; ......... TransformerFactory transformerFactory = TransformerFactory.newInstance(); Transformer transformer = transformerFactory.newTransformer(); //Extract the content of the reply Source sourceContent = soapMessage.getSOAPPart().getContent(); //Create a DOMRepresentation of SOAPMessage DOMResult domResult = new DOMResult(); transformer.transform(sourceContent, domResult); org.w3c.dom.Node ...

86. Java String handling.

String object can be created with out using new operator. You have created null refence to str before try.As you are creating string object in try block, it get expired out of the try block. Instead if you create a str, before the try blok it will alive line 1 and line2.

87. Using Wild Cards in-between Java String

Hi, I have to search a Java String object, by ignoring some part of it. Ex: String value = "This is a link which consists of this" I have to search the entire String & replace the link alone(only if the link has in tht begining and /JAVA/ before file name in it) to something like this "" Blah/ ...

88. How to put a string comment into a screen text box

Where you start with numeric information you always have to convert to a String before displaying in a screen component. Most of the screen components that display text have a setText() method which takes a String as an argument. Some of them also take a String as a constructor parameter. So you're doing stuff like:

89. Still Need Help with this String Problem

ok, i don't need this code adjusted, the code i i have up there works fine, i just put it up to show you what the end result is of the program, i need a code that does the same thing, but doesn't use complex java functions, one that only uses strings, arrays, loops, and if clauses.....i can repost code if ...

90. String offset problem

Hi, I'm using 1.4.2 at the moment. I got the problem below and have no idea how to solve it. The program portion is: String x = node.getText(); The node.getText() should contain value = "\n\r" However, it always return me "\r" only. I checked with the debugger and found that when I change the offset value of x to 0, it ...

91. Getting string from a string

92. " inside a String

93. Ljava.lang.String?

94. how to return 2d string

95. Please, help .. return not working. string can not be resolved to a variabl

Next time, paste in the exact, complete error message and indicate clearly exactly which line is causing it. Your problem is that you declare cardNoString inside the try block, but you try to return it outside. Local variables only exist in the narrowest block in which they're declared. Once you exit try, that variable does not exist. You also have a ...

96. String placeholders

Hi, I have placeholders in my string. The placeholders may vary. In some strings there can be 2 placeholders and other it can be 1 or 3 etc. So, it is not constant number. I need to replace these placeholders with different values. For ex: Replace $1 $2 with "Test1" "Test2". How can i do this?

97. String to CLOB

99. Separating An Input String

I need to separate a user-input string so that the characters in the string simply have a tab between them. So, if the user inputs 12345, the output would be 1 2 3 4 5 I am very new to Java and I know this is a simple operation, but I just need to know the easiest way to do this. ...

100. Strings

Hi, I have doubts with respect to String constant pool in heap memory. Scenairo 1: String s = "abc"; String s1= "abc"; In this case as per my understanding only one string will be generated in the string constant pool in the heap and s==s1 returns true. So ideally both are referring the same object. (Only one object will be created ...