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1. How to know if string is UTF-8 encoded?

Now what I am thinking is when that string is coming, I would like sender to send me that string with appending some specific stream of characters. So when I am trying to get that string and the string is not ending with this specific stream then I can understand that what I have got is encoded and not pure and ...

2. Verify a String is a String

This may appear to be a trivial question. I want to ascertain a String is a String. I thought of using a string method on a variable passed into a function and catch the exception. I have done quite a bit of searching around Java Platform SE 7. This seems like a strange thing to do and I have thought of ...

3. No. of String Objects ??

4. How do I use the string sequence "\u00e5" from myfile.txt converted to unic

You're saying that somebody created a file with the type of Unicode escaping used in Java source code, and now you want to interpret that in the same way that a Java compiler would? That was surely not what I would call a good idea. In fact I would prefer to go all Terry Pratchett on that idea. So if you ...

5. why String class is there in java and why is it made final?

The String class exists to allow strings to be represented, manipulated and passed around in Java. If it weren't there, then there would be no way to represent the string "Hello World!". It is made final to ensure that some basic attributes of the String implementation can be guaranteed for every object of type String. Most importantly: a String object is ...

6. Regarding String builder....

What is wrong with above code? After each replace statement. if i check the length of the it is increased by 1, when i created string builder the length was defined as 1150, after 1st replace it becomes 1151, after 2nd replace it becomes 1152 and so on .... Please let me know the error in the code. (My purpose is ...

7. best way of compaing strings

8. string.getBytes() method

9. How do I decompress a string in java?

10. String handling problem

1) When posting code, use code tags so it will be readable: 2) "I am getting an error" means nothing. Do you think there's only one possible error that can occur in Java code, and only one possible thing that can cause it? If not--that is, if you're aware that there can be different errors and different causes--then why did ...

11. Strings

12. String question

13. Another string question

14. getting a specific string from webpage

i have this code to get the ip address import*; import*; public class mk { public static void main(String [] args) { try { URL whatismyip = new URL(""); BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader( whatismyip.openStream())); String ip = in.readLine(); //you get the IP as a String System.out.println(ip); } catch(Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } } ======================== that is ...

15. String s = 1+2+"3";

The lines marked with "*" (0 and 2 under main's Code section) say: 0: Get a copy of the reference in constant slot #2 and push it onto the stack. (That references points to the String "33", but our code doesn't know or care that, and executing our code didn't create that String object.) 1: Pop the top of the stack ...

16. String Class?

Hi guys, i dont know this question is logic or not but i wonder why the String Class is not mutable?why java doesnt provide a way to change String variables after they are created(however there are StringBuffer etc But i am talking about String class)?is there a special purpose of this? and which Method would you recommend to use String or ...

17. String Class

Yes EJP "String interning has nothing to do with this question."i have readed the artichle but there is no relation between my question and this artichle.But thanks for trying to help. and YoungWinston i have basic knowledge about GB but in this example i am talking about size of 2 variables(name and name1). As you see name variable holds bigger memory(because ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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