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1. String extraction/manipulation in Java

String url = "http://someurl/"
I would like to scrape the above string from the first character upto Meaning, the resulting String would look like so:
String scrapedUrl = "http://someurl/"
Is there a String ...

2. Chaining Strings in Java

let's say that I want to create a new string during a "for" loop, The new string will be a change of an exsist string that will be change depanding a conditions ...

3. java string-manipulations

Ok, so I tried with your help to learn a little bit more about strings and Chaining Strings in Java. now I know that strings are immutable, but I'm having ...

4. Need help with String Java

I need help with getting the number of strings whose length is >= to a minlength given by the user. ex: the string input "this is a game" minlength = 2. the ...

5. Euro symbols JNA convertion issue

I'm traing to put euro symbol in a Java string that is passed to a native function(using JNA) in this way:

String s= new String("Euro symbol=€");


void nativefunction(char *s)
native ...

6. How to hijack the String.class

So basically I just want to debug a couple of simple scripts by trying a new method, I have been successful in the past by hooking the URL.class (using the source ...

7. How can I add another to a string?

whats wrong with my code, i want it so if the string you input is 33*10= it outputs the correct answer, but it outputs 0.0 in this case and if the ...

8. In Java what is the best way to ensure that I'm getting UTF-8 strings?

When collecting query parameters from a beaconing system in a servlet, what is the best method in java to ensure that I'm properly converting all input coming in from 3rd party ...

9. Java String usage

Possible Duplicate:
What is the purpose of the expression “new String(…)” in Java?
When should I use new String() and when should I use ""

10. Null Pointer Exception calling String[] from another class

My problem is just that. I've tried to declare the string as a specific size, I sort and everything, but the only thing that's worked is putting the string in the ...

11. Java, Get MD5 String from Message Digest

I have the code below... I understand how it works but if I want to print out the MD5 as String how would I do that, I can't find any examples, ...

12. Help in Java program

import java.util.Scanner;
public class Mal {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Scanner myinput ...

13. Tagging strings in Java

How can i tag an array of string in java ? I want to make an array of strings and tag them like :

m funny
s funny 
t boring
k boring
Then if the user ...

14. how to write a parsePolynomial in Java?

parsePolynomial -- this method takes one parameter (a String) and returns a new Polynomial. The parameter is a String that represents a polynomial of the form similar to 2x^2+5.You must ...

15. How can i rearrange the contents within a string? Java

I was wondering how I can rearrange the contents within a string. For example, if it was String s = "Stack,over,flow"; How can I change the position of flow with stack or ...

16. How to get Xcell address in string

I'm newby openoffice uno java api user, I want to get cell range address into a string expression, something like 'A1:B2' can anyone help me?!

17. How can I compress a string in java?

I want to send any image as a message that is converted into text. But that text is too long . I want to compress that text as much as possible. ...

18. Creating an object by String in java

Possible Duplicate:
Dynamically loading a class in Java
hi i am trying to create a method that gets a String argument, and returns a new Object of ...

19. Combine two strings to a single string representing a path

I want to combine the strings "test/" and "/go" as "test/go". How can I do that?

20. getting a section of a string

lets say i have a email address string such as "John Smith" <> and all i want is to get the email address inside the <> How would I do that ...

21. Java String attribute

I came across this statement and i have never seen it before:

String caseTag = tag.toLowerCase(), attrib;
I see that there is an Attribute class but i don't understand what the above statement ...

22. NekoHTML: how to write contents of Document Object to String

I am using NekoHTML to parse contents of some HTML file.. Everything goes Ok except for extracting the contents of the Document Object to some string.. I've tried uses

TransformerFactory transformerFactory = TransformerFactory.newInstance();
Transformer transformer ...

23. Processing a string of information

I have a text file that holds baseball teams as YEAR:TEAM1:POINTS1:TEAM2:POINTS2 on each line. How can I process it so that I wind up with the year, 1st team's name, and if ...

24. Java Parentheses Flip in String

How can I do a replace on a string so that "(" becomes ")" and ")" becomes "("?

25. String datatype in java

I was wondering, why is it "String" and not "string" when all other primitive data types are lowercase?

26. Compact a string into a smaller string?

This may sound foolish, but I'm wondering all the same... Is it possible to take a string composed of a given character set and compress it by using a bigger character ...

27. how can i get an http response body as a string?

I know there used to be a way to get it with apache commons as documented here: and an example here: but i believe this is deprecated. Is there any ...

28. Java: How to keep raw UTF-8 data of string?

I'm working on XMPP (Jabber) client in Java and I want to connect to server via SASL. After some research I found this site that explains whole authentication mechanism. Problem ...

29. executing Runtime.getRuntime.exec(String cmd)

Hi I am trying to execute the command string with Runtime.getRuntime.exec(String cmd).What i'm actually trying to extract the I frames from video using the MPlayer and it is installed in the different ...

30. How to generate String "elegantly" in Java?

I want to generate a string such as sql command:

currently I use StringBuilder and some String constant like "INSERT INTO" to concatenate ...

31. UTF-8 to String in Java

i am having a little problem with the UTF-8 charset. I have a UTF-8 encoded file witch i want to load and analyze. I am using BufferedReader to read the file ...

32. having issue with string in java

hi I have input as follows:

"Java technology's versatility, efficiency, <br/> <br/> platform portability, and security make it the ideal technology for network computing. ...

33. How to save String data in RRD4J?

Hello I want to save a String data in a RRD4J.This is the code of my Program but it doesn't work!!


 import org.rrd4j.ConsolFun;
 import org.rrd4j.DsType;
 import org.rrd4j.core.FetchData;
 import org.rrd4j.core.FetchRequest;

34. Java generating a Blanks String

is there a more efficient way to generate a String full of blanks with a customizable size like the following:

private String getBlanks (int numberOfBlanks)

35. How do you get AttributedCharacterIterator to return a run for a given Attribute?

Suppose you assign a custom CharacterIterator.Attribute to the first five characters of a ten-character string. Suppose further you assign a different CharacterIterator.Attribute to the remaining characters. Why then, when I call AttributedString.getRunStart(firstAttribute) do ...

36. problems getting string Bounds in Java Graphics2D

I want to draw a string. at first, I get the string bounds using getStringBounds: getStringBounds(String, FontRenderContext) and then, I use DrawString to draw the string. I do not know what the ...

37. How to avoid string repetition

I have two different string String A="example"; String B="example"; if concat both the string i am getting examplexample. Is there any possibility to avoid repetition of string with same name..??

38. Plain English Calculator

I need to write a program that takes in a string of a mathematical equation and convert it into plain english. The program only accepts single digit numbers and uses addition, ...

39. Could these "if statements" be simplified?

I have the following method:

public static String format_String(int hours, int minutes, int seconds)
    if(hours > 0 && minutes > 0 && seconds > 0) return ...

40. How to change a string in Set during foreach iteration?

I have a set of strings that I'd like to iterate over, and change all of those who equal something, to equal something else:

// Set<String> strings = new HashSet()
for (String str ...

41. Java string align to right

I have an array of these numbers

I use a DecimalFormat object like this
DecimalFormat formatter = new DecimalFormat("###,### bytes");
to get these results
61,672 bytes
8,414,449 bytes
264,957 bytes
but I need the results to be ...

42. Jumble String - Java Method

I am a beginner in Java and am doing an exercise from a book. The task is to write a static method which takes as an argument a string array and ...

43. How can I iterate over a string in Java?

public static Boolean cmprStr( String s1, String s2 )
    // STUFF
I want to iterate through s1 to make sure that every character in s1 is included in s2. ...

44. Fill strings with 0's using formatter

I know I can fill with spaces using :

String.format("%6s", "abc"); // ___abc ( three spaces before abc
But I can't seem to find how to produce:
Edit: I tried %06s prior to ...

45. Simple string mistake

I am trying to create a string method in java where it prompts someone to enter a string longer than three characters. Once entered, I want to display the middle three ...

46. Diff bet new String("xyz") and "xyz" in Java

Possible Duplicate:
difference between string object and string literal
Hello, Foremost, let’s come up with Java facts with String Strings are immutable My Question - If ...

47. java string function need help

i am downloading file from android application..
i need to name them as 1 2 3 like that.. so.. i'll need to do is increment the max size of it so i've done ...

48. BaseCertLoginModule Don't know how to obtain X509Certificate from: class java.lang.String

I seem to run into this error every time I try and get certificate logins working in JBoss, at work or at home I always run into it. Any advice appreciated. Added ...

49. Does Java optimize the creation of strings at runtime?

Let's assume I create the following two strings at runtime (from user input for example):

public void someMethod(String input) {

   if ( input == null ) return;

   String ...

50. How to store a simple key string inside Java KeyStore?

I have a file on my FS (a S3 AWS key) that contains a string that is a key I use for encryption process. I would like to move it a Java ...

51. Scanning a String with a comma

I have created a Scanner with How do I allow an input to be able to have commas in it without going to the next input? For example:

System.out.print("Enter City, State.");
String location = ...

52. Taking a String and making an object from a class that String represents in Java


  • I have two classes named ListLayout and GridLayout which both implement CustomLayout.
  • The user enters a String representing the layout they wish to use ("ListLayout" for example)
How can I create a ListLayout ...

53. How can I set a specific positon in a String in Java?

I have a String with name str.

str = "hi john";
Now I want to set j char to g. How can I do that?

54. How can I capture the output of a command as a String with Commons Exec?

Commons exec provides a PumpStreamHandler which redirects standard output to the Java process' standard output. How can I capture the output of the command into a String?

55. Shortening a string in Java

I have a requirement to shorten a 6 character string like "ABC123" into a unique 4 character string. It has to be repeatable so that the input string will always ...

56. String reference?

we make the following String objects?

String str1 = new String("ABC");
String str2 = new String("ABC");
String str3 = "ABC";
String str4 = "ABC";
Two questions on above :
  1. system.out.println("valof str1 "+str1 ); -- it prints str1 ...

57. How do I get an ID or String which is unique for every user/pc in Java?

As you can read in the title, I'm looking for a unique ID or String to identify users or PC's. I'm creating a Java script with a security method which uses a ...

58. what is the best way to manipulate the following string?

I have strings like:

and i need to convert these strings to
what is the best way to do this?

59. Java Using Strings as Code

Okay, so, here's what I have in code:

public void makeObject(int i){
    String s = getString(i); //This returns the name of a class
    new s(); //This ...

60. about String a= "hello"; String b= "hello" a==b , in java

check the following program: Run it in sun java hostspot jvm, everything will be "true". --------updated: got the answer by Stephen and Danie,changed the program to add string intern method----------- how ...

61. How to limit the amount of a string printed out (JAVA)

I have a question on how i can limit the amount of a string that is printed out in java. For instance i want something like this: Orignal String:

"In ...

62. how many java String objects will be created in the statement String s="abc"+"xyz"; I guess three?

How many java String objects will be created in the statement?

String s="abc"+"xyz"; 
I guess three?

63. creating a string attribute in weka java API

so I'm trying to create a new string Attribute using weka's java API... reading through the API javadocs, it appears that the way to do so is to use this constructor:


public ...

64. confusion about the results of java String

class Test{
       public static void main(String s[]){
              String s1="welcome",s2="come";    ...

65. Cleaning the String in java

Is there any function or library which can be used to clean the user input. Like for example if the user input a text called baily's then i should escape the ...

66. Objects matrix of Strings to matrix strings in java

I'm new in java programming and of an Objects matrix that I can cast easily using two for loops in this way

String[][] data = new String[objData.length][objData[0].length];
for (int nRow = 0; ...

67. Java: How to get a bi-directional numeric representation of a string?

I need to compute a numeric representation of a string which is bi-direction. For example, If I have a string "US" I would like an algorithm which when applied to "US" ...

68. Modifying / Setting a String returned from an Accessor Method

I'm using a specific API which has a method "getName()". getName() returns a string. Is it possible to modify that String? There is no modifier method included in the API, and ...

69. Java Set + Strings

I have to write a public class method called getWordsInString() for WebPageData. The method takes a single argument called text which should be of type String. The purpose of getWordsInString() is ...

70. Java String vs. Command Line Argument

Why does it happen that a command line argument passed to a Java class seems to be automagically escaped while in an instantiated String object the escape character () is seemingly ...

71. Why only String type arguments in java main method

I want to know the reason behind allowing only String type arguments and not other primitive types. Why the developers have created it in that way

72. What's the Java feature that lets you write into a String?

I've done this in Java before but I can't remember how exactly. You create a String:

String foo = "She %s sea shells by the seashore.";
Then you can write into the String the ...

73. return String from a callback - Java

does anyone know how I can solve the following problem. I want to return a String from a callback, but I get only "The final local variable s cannot be assigned, ...

74. Elegant Solutions to the Fencepost Problem (with Strings)

What I'm referring to is concatenating Strings with a certain String in the middle, such as concatenating sentences separated by a period, or parameter lists with a comma. I know you ...

75. Java String to Type

I have an XML defined which provides a payload path to a serialized XML. I would like to take these parameters and create an object and call a method in a ...

76. Why i can't put string into a field which is something that extends Object

I have a map like the one below

final Map<String, ? extends Object> map
Can anyone tell me why this operation is not possible..?
productMap.put("min", String.valueof(34));
What should be the turnaround...

77. Where to place i18n key strings in Java

When doing internationalization in Java, you assign a string key to each message. What's the best practice, on where to place those string keys. Goal is to allow easy refactoring (eg. ...

78. Initializing a String in Java

Is there any difference when we initialize a String by using:

  1. java.lang.String
  2. String (only)
Why do we write name of the complete package ?

79. Storeing a users input as a string in JAVA

Firstly I am very new to JAVA, so I apoligise if I am not quick to pickup on something. In the example below how could I store the user's input to a ...

80. Delete one part of the String

I have this String :

String myStr = ""
I want to get just the "something.bad" from myStr ?

81. Redirect slf4j to string

How can I configure slf4j to redirect all logged information to a Java string? This is sometimes useful in unit tests, e.g. to test no warnings are printed when loading a servlet, ...

82. What happens to LOST String objects

Line 1: String x = "Java";
Line 2: x.concat(" Rules!");
Line 3: System.out.println("x = " + x);
Output is "x= Java" Line 1:creates a new String object, gives the value "Java", and refer x ...

83. Java Strings- How do they work

How do String objects work in java ? How does term "immutable" exactly apply to string objects ? Why don't we see modified string after passing through some method, though we ...

84. Ascii Art - Java

I want to make a program, where the user enters their name and the program generates an ascii picture of their name. Is it possible to do that without using 3rd ...

85. How I can create a complex string in Java efficiently?

I want to create a string which will look like the following:

I have the product_id and name in two arrays. How can I create the above type of string ...

86. If statement with String comparisson never runs?

import java.util.Scanner;

class Test6
    public static void main (String[] args)
        int z = 0;

87. Implementing ClassLoader.getResource(String) without a protocol handler

My class loader resolves resources to a source that does not have a url handler eg it gets resources from a database. This of course poses a problem for ClassLoader.getResource(String) which ...

88. What's the most concise way in Java to get the "Alpha" out of "AlphaSuffix"?

If I have a string such as one of the following:

What is the most concise Java syntax to transform AlphaSuffix into Alpha into BravoSuffix into Bravo?

89. Locale dependent string sorting/comparison in JavaScript

Is there any way through which we can sort/compare string in JavaSciprt that are locale-dependent? Like java provides us, "java.text.Collator" class.

90. Java string: classes or packages with advanced functions?

I'm new to Java so please excuse the naivety. I am doing string manipulations and I need more advanced functions than the original ones provided in Java. For example, I'd like to return ...

91. String Cutting Problem in Java

I have one String which is like

My Name is:-A,My Name is:-B,My Name is:-C,My Name is:-D
from here I need to put all the elements in a ArrayList like
ArrayList l=new ArrayList();
please help ...

92. Java String.subsequence() method

Say, String str = "hello world" ; To, get hello, we can use str.subSequence(0, 5). If it's a 0-based indexed string, then why we don't write str.subSequence(0.4) as 'o' has the index ...

93. Are there any disadvantages of writing !string.isEmpty()?

In if-statements in Java code i often read something like if(string != null && string.isEmpty() == false). I was used to write if(string != null && !string.isEmpty()) Are there any disadvantages of ...

94. Sign string using given Public Key

how can I get the signature of a String using SHA1withRSA if I already have the Public Key as byte[] or String ? Thanks.

95. How to build SPARQL queries in java?

Is there a library, which is able to build SPARQL queries programmatically like the CriteriaBuilder in JPA or to build the queries like with a PreparedStatement for SQL? Similar (for SQL):

96. how can i get the address of an instance of a string class using java?is there any way to obtain this?

I would like others to explain that how can i get the address of an instance of string class in java?Is there any way to obtain this?I tried this but not ...

97. How many String objects will be created

I have the following Java code:

public String makinStrings() {
  String s = "Fred";
  s = s + "47";
  s = s.substring(2, 5);
  s = s.toUpperCase();
  return ...

98. Huge String Table in Java

I've got a quesion about storing huge amount of Strings in application memory. I need to load from file and store about 5 milions lines, each of them max 255 chars ...

99. How I can get the 2 first charcaters of String in JAVA

how I can get the 2 first characters of a String in Java. Thanks

100. Can one function of java return two types in different condition?

public String[] getValue(String keyName) {

    ArrayList arraylist = (ArrayList) value.get(getKey(keyName));

    String[] valueArray = new String[arraylist.size()];

    for (int i = 0; i < ...