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1. String Comparison : individual comparison Vs appended string comparison

I have six string variables say str11, str12, str13, str21, str21 and str23. I need to compare combination of these variables. The combinations I have to check is str11 -- str12 -- str13 ...

2. In java, how to append string ignoring duplicates

I have string say "ABC,D" , now I wish to write a method append(initialStr, currStr ) which appends currStr to initailStr only if currstr is not already present in initialStr. ...

3. How do I clear a String local to a method? My text gets appended everytime the method is run

I have a local String in a method like so:

String jString = new String();
String jString = "";
The result is the same. Later in the method I append:
for(int i = 0; i != ...

4. Appending text in string

I want to append a string at runtime but this code again add the previous word not to append new word.

public String getCustomerQuestion() {
  return CustomerQuestion;
public void setCustomerQuestion(String customerQuestion) ...

5. Pre-pending / Appending pairs of strings in a list

I have a list of pairs of strings such as:

I would like to loop through the list so that I will get a string as follows:
A C ...

6. How to append a backslash in a string in java

I want to add a '\' character to every string in a list of strings... I m doing something like this but it adds 2 backslashes instead. feedbackMsgs.add(behaviorName+"\\"+fbCode); result is like: "abc\\def" how to ...

7. how to append two string ararys?

8. How to append to start of String?

Strings are immutable - once you create one, you can't change it. Now, that's not to say you can't create a new one like you want. The simplest way would be to just 'add' them together: String aString = "hello"; String anotherString = "[" + aString + "]"; If this is all you're doing, and you're not doing it a lot, ...

9. problem in appending spaces to string

Swapneel: what you want is "left justification", pushing the string contents up against the left side of the field you've allocated for them. Which means you add spaces on the right side, which is to say, the end of the string. This is achieved in Java string formatting using a '-' flag. Try something like String.format("%-32s", "jack").

10. IF strings are immutable why is the variable s appending and changing its obect

try this program. public class StringConstruction { static String str1 = "You cannot change me!"; // Interned public static void main(String[] args) { String emptyStr = new String(); // "" System.out.println("emptyStr: " + emptyStr); String str2 = "You cannot change me!"; // Interned String str3 = "You cannot" + " change me!"; // Interned String str4 = new String("You cannot change ...

12. Append another string at 150th location of current String.

Thanks for your reply. My code is the starting point. My requirement is if the string is longer than 150 characters, check for the last occurencec of ',' from character 0 to 150 and then append 'break' at that location. Then select the next 150 chars , search for ',' then do the same thing. Eg of the String is PI ...

13. Appending a superscript Ordinal Indicator to a String

uncle_alice wrote: I don't think the glyphs you're looking for exist, and even if they did, they would only work if the font you're using supported them. That's not something you can control from within your program. If you really have to exercise that kind of control over the appearance of the output, you should be outputting HTML or PDF. Yeah ...

14. How do i append a string value to an existing string

0.) Please use the code-tags, as described in the Formatting tips, it makes your code more readable. 1.) You'll get a NullPointerException at the line in your loop, as strNoOfZeroes is null at the beginning, so you'll try to call .concat() on a null-value, which doesn't work. To fix this, initialize strNoOfZeroes to "" instead of null. 2.) instead of .concat("0") ...

15. problem appending a String

Hi all! I want to read an input stream from a buffer and put it in a String. I use this code : BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(method.getResponseBodyAsStream())); StringBuilder result = new StringBuilder(); char[] buffer = new char[1024]; int charsRead; while ((charsRead = != -1) { result.append(buffer, 0, charsRead); } br.close(); But The problem is the StringBuilder stops appending ...

16. How to append strings

Hi, I am trying to append three strings, My middle string will vary upon condition. start+middle+end, if middle is "not" I need string to be empty, I tried with ? operator but it is not working. Can you please suggest a simple method and other than using if operator. Regards, Basil Abraham

17. Append String to Scanner?

18. Appending Strings

19. String append problem

21. append strings

hello, what is the best way to append strings (some of them as parameters)? i know i can use StringBuilder but it seems to me a little bit clumsy to append strings like this- StringBuilder sb=new StringBuilder(); sb.append("x"); sb.append(Param); sb.append("y"); and so coult take a lot of lines here... is there a shorter possibility which is as effective as StringBuilder? ...