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1. Convert a base25 String to binary String in Java

So I have a set of base digits like "BCDFGHJKLMNPQRSTVWXZ34679" how do I convert a value say "D6CN96W6WT" to binary string in Java?

2. How to convert a binary representation of a string back into a string?

I have a string that was converted to binary with Integer.toBinaryString() on each of its characters. The binary string was then mangled a bit (random bit flips) and I'd like ...

3. String to binary output in Java

I want to get binary (011001..) from a String but instead i get [B@addbf1 , there must be an easy transformation to do this but I don't see it.

public static String ...

4. Binary to text in Java

I have a String with binary data in it (1110100) I want to get the text out so I can print it (1110100 would print "t"). I'm pretty sure it's really ...

5. Convert binary string to ascii text?

I was wondering if it is possible to enter in binary numbers and have them translated back into text. For example I would enter "01101000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111" and it ...

6. Binary to String trouble

Hi I'm trying to write a program that coverts a binary entered by the user into a string of text. I have hit a roadblock of sorts i can get my program ...

7. Parsing a string of binary into text/characters

I am probably overlooking something silly, but I've never had to deal with binary in code and thought it'd be a good idea to practice it in an encryption program, for ...

8. Binary to string conversion

i tried to insert the image into mysql and retrive it into the borwser in java servlet using resin web server. i can successfully insert the image into the datbase. but i faced some difficulties when i tried to retrive the image from mysql database to the browser. i used the blob datatype for storing images. i can able to retrieve ...

9. Building C language's binary protocol strings in Java

Hello, One of my fellow researchers (a C/C++ developer) was assigned to design a protocol and because he is a C programmer he designed something which is hard to implement in other languages which we need (VB, php, Java, C#). If it had built something like SMTP and HTTP protocol (where even numbers are transferred in string format) it could be ...

10. String to Binary?

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12. Hi, I need Help to convert String to Binary

You should change your code like this : ... while ( a > 0) { y = a & 1; a = a >> 1; z = y + z; // Change line and (z = z + y[Old Version] ) ... } Change code in line of z = z + y; to z = y + z; And Move ...

13. Conversion of String to binary ?

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16. converting binary to string

17. How To change String to binary.

I mean if you have string " Hello How are you" how do I change this to binary. my code is like import*; public class Stringtobinary{ Public static void main(Strings[] ars) { String s= "Hello" System.out.prinln(s.getBytes(s); But I cant se result in 0 and 1. I want to print 0 and 1

18. Convert binary String to One Complement.

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20. string to binary and binary to string convertion

Hi Friends i have some problem i wnt some code from u friends i am developing a web application and i am using the backend as sqlserver2000 and whts my problem actually i am inputing some special keys for example ... in to the database but the ... is becoming like ? whn i see the database its is storing the ...

21. Problem with Binary Search using strings

22. Comparing a charactor in a Binary String to a Binary digit ("1" or "0")

Hello, a newcomer here I'm trying to make an if statement inside a for statement something like ///// 01 for (int s=0; s< BinaryString.length; s++){ // The binary string is something like "00010" 02 if (BinaryString.charAt(s) == "1") // gives me error "Incompatible operand types char and String" 03 Line.getCellAt(StringCharCountB).setValue(Value.BLACK); //works fine 04 else 05 Line.getCellAt(StringCharCountB).setValue(Value.WHITE);} //works fine ///// the actual ...

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27. String or Binary

Hi, Thanks for your valid thoughts. This is what I exactly want to do. I'm trying to represent a 'Message' object in XML form. A message object has a number of fields each of which is a key-value pair. The key is always a String whereas the value could be either a String or binary. The API I'm using to handle ...

28. compare a string and a binary value

Hi! I would like to compare two passwords encoded into two different's LDAP directory. For these two directories, I have not the same libraries, so that the encoded value of the first password returned is a String, and the second one is a binary. Could you tell me if it is possible to compare them? Thanks a lot! Best regards

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