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1. [Coding Help] Ascii reader String Length Comparison

So ive begun learning Java due to the fact that its mandatory for the University and ill need to learn it sooner or later to programm trading robots ;) Ive written a bit of the code myself but im kind of stuck so here is the issue: You need to programm an ASCII reader, really an elementary programm using scanner and ...

2. Comparing Strings Application

Hello everyone. I have been working on this code for a bit and I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. I am guessing that I have the right idea and am just not implementing it correctly. If anyone would care to help out it would be much appreciated. The assignment is: Write an application that that prompts a user ...

3. Comparing a String to a string

Hello, My question/issue is how to compare a string to a string from a getmethod, which is initially pulling its info from a fileparser before being called on by another class. For example: public class Order extends OrderItem { public String itemAnswer; *** //constructor here *** public String addOrderItem() { if(itemAnswer.equals(getName())) { return this.getName(); } } } in another class, getName ...

4. String comparison problem.

Ah sorry. By does nothing, I mean that it never changes the percentages or organic matter. They are initially 0's and remain 0's. In debugging I was able to see that classString is "CLAY". This is extremely puzzling because in the last one that I tried with the compareTo, the compareTo returns a 0 but never goes into the loop.

5. String comparison

Hi I m developing an application in which i want to compare a String with string[]. Means i m having array of names which i m displaying in a table..Then i m changing some names in table dynamically by some processing and adding new names to the table... While replacing i want to check weather the new name is present in ...

6. Comparing two strings

How do you check to see if two strings have dashes in the same places? For example: String one= "dfsdt-ra-s-dsfd"; String two= "dsfst-da-s-dsfd"; would return true. String one="jhsdjfk-dsf-sdf" String two="d-dsf-dfsf-f" would return false. This is what i have: if (one.indexOf("-") == two.indexOf("-")) { return true; The problem with this if statement is it only checks the first time the dash come ...

7. comparing strings

8. compare between two strings

10. Comparing Strings question

public static boolean Likhet(String tekst1, String tekst2) { boolean boolx=false; int uniCode1, uniCode2; char char1, char2; for (int i=0; i char1 = tekst1.charAt(i); uniCode1 = (int)char1; char2 = tekst2.charAt(i); uniCode2 = (int)char2; if (uniCode1 == uniCode2) { boolx = true; } else { return boolx=false; }//endif }//endfor return boolx; }//end method }//end class

11. Comparing Strings

If entry variable holds how much data is in the array then I can think of two things. 1. You data file you read from does not have as much data as you think. ie entry has 5 but in fact there is only 4 bits of data. 2. Somehow in your convoluted bubblesorts nested loops (this doesn't look right, you ...

12. String compare

Hi guys, What is the right way to compare two strings? If I want to know, if "abc" comes before or after "abd" in directory, how do I do it? if (Integer.parseInt("abc")>Integer.parseInt("abd")) { } Is this the only way to do it? What happens if the strings are really long? Is there any better way to do it? Thanks a lot, ...

13. urgentttttttt compare 3 strings

14. HSSF comparing cell value to string variable

I am iterating through an excel file using HSSF looking for a match to a string variable I've declared. Basically, if it finds a match I want the loop to stop and perform some other action. For some reason it never seems to find a match. I've debugged and placed a watch on both variables and as it loops it looks ...

15. comparing strings that are almost the same

so, I am comparing strings to see if they're equal to each other. Usually the .equals method works fine. The issue is I also want to identify 2 strings that are ALMOST equal, to a certain degree. Say that you had two strings "It is a hot day" and "It is a very hot day". I would like it to identify ...

16. Comparing String objects

What will happen if i compare two string objects using the if statement, for eg. let us consider two string objects String a = "abc"; String b = "cde"; I'd like to know how the following statement will be evaluated if ( a == b) { // block of code } please help. Thanx.

17. Comparing String objects

What will happen if i compare two string objects using the if statement, for eg. let us consider two string objects String a = "abc"; String b = "cde"; I'd like to know how the following statement will be evaluated if ( a == b) { // block of code } please help. Thanx.

18. How to compare strings ignoring accents?

19. Warning: comparing Strings with ==

I got dumped on, a bit, when I suggested the SDK come with friendlier alternatives to javac.exe and java.exe, but here's this Friday's attempt at a better world: Have javac warn you if you compare String with == instead of equals() (except for the case "s==null", etc...). Think of how many times we see this mistake in this forum!

20. comparing strings

This is destined to be too late as well... When you use == what you are testing is whether two object references, reference exactly the same object. If they do then == is true. If not, then == is false. For a lot of objects this is not what you want. It is possible that there might be two different strings ...

21. comparing elements of Strings

P is equal to P When j equals 0, isLegalWord equals true L is equal to L When j equals 1, isLegalWord equals true A is equal to A When j equals 2, isLegalWord equals true N is equal to N When j equals 3, isLegalWord equals true When j equals 0, isLegalWord equals false That word cannot be spelled with ...

22. Comparing 2 strings

23. Comparing to strings

24. Comparing Words in a User-Input String

25. Help comparing Strings

Does your program need to only count uniques matches? ie DEEP and FILE would return 1. If so then I would replace my increment of count with adding the char to a set. Then the size of the set will be how many matching letters. Sets disallow duplicates so if you add the letter e twice, the second time it will ...

26. Dymanic if statement evaluation problem with string comparison

I tried the example given in to create if statement dynamically. But it is not working fine. Instead of using "age" variable as integer, i have used string in the below example. I am getting "fail" as answer instead of "success". Can anyone help me? / To change this template, choose Tools | Templates and open the template in the ...

27. Problem with comparing two string values

29. Why does if statement fail to compare string correctly?

Are we only considering questions regarding the language? Mel's statement indicates not. If so, what about "Hi, I am new to Java. Which IDE should I use?" And what about, "I get this 'ClassNotFound' error...?" And what about, "?" And what about, "How do I get Sun Certified blah blah query dump?" And what about, "Will ...

30. String Comparison Problem

document.addKeyListener(new KeyListener() { public void keyPressed(KeyEvent e) { parseDoc(); int keyCode = e.getKeyCode(); String key = e.getKeyText(keyCode); System.out.println(keyCode); if(key == "Ctrl") { Ctrl_Pressed = true; } if(keyCode == 88) { X_Pressed = true; } if(keyCode == 78) { N_Pressed = true; } if(Ctrl_Pressed && X_Pressed) { frame.setVisible(false); System.exit(0); } if(Ctrl_Pressed && N_Pressed) { document.setText(""); name = "NoteBook - [Untitled]"; frame.setTitle(name); } ...

31. If Statement troubles - String Comparison

Oh dear... I'm sorry for wasting forum space and time. I did search before posting but didn't find an answer... It's like searching for the answer when you don't know the problem. I can't believe I've been in class for 3 weeks and never heard of the String equals method! I read on the String API and found it. Thanks for ...

34. Comparing strings in a String[]

35. String comparison

36. Comparing two strings

public class lettersnew extends Applet implements ActionListener { TextField word; String userword; Button palindrome; Label label1; int wordlength; int index; int count; char letter; String palindromestring1; String palindromestring2; public void init() { setSize(400,400); palindrome = new Button("Click if you think your word is a pallindrome"); word = new TextField(); label1 = new Label("Please enter your word"); add (label1); add (word); add ...

37. string comparison results

38. comparing strings using "=="

could it be possible that i DID go through other forum posts, and couldnt find any answers (i'll give you that i might not have looked hard enough--i probably didnt) that went beyond "you can't use ==" or "you're supposed to use String.compareTo"? and by the way, i found an answer to this question by YOU YOURSELF (which is, i assume, ...

39. Compare two String

Now, both s1 and s3 refer to the same Object ("abc"), but s1 and s3 are stored at different locations. Yet, if (s1 == s3)... will return true. This further indicates that the comparision of two references only has something to do with the actual location of the object, not the location of the reference itself. Like to get your opinion ...

40. String comparison

I know that == operator evaluates to true only when both references refer to the same object (String object in this case) and equals() method, will return true when two objects (of the same type) being compared have their contents are meaningfully equivalent(i.e., the objects themselves are equal) I would try to rephrase the question: In the context of the question, ...

41. Student- Help needed! Comparing lengths of strings

I was just wondering, could anyone help me with how I could compare the lengths of these two strings, and then increase the length of the codeword to match the length of the plain text if they are not equal? I was looking at for loops but I'm not quite sure what I should be doing. Thanks!

42. Comparing Strings With Accents

I don't know Android, but does that mean that you cannot use Java 1.6 or at least upgrade to it? Well, that's a pity then. No other way comes to mind than writing some utility method which scans every character against a collection of all possible characters with diacritical marks and replace with a normal character when needed. Maybe Apache Commons ...

44. comparing strings - not working

45. String Compare

i am reading data from file and writing it to file.while reading I want to check that for each request in the input file generates 3 different responses in the output file.Example of responses generated is shown below. example: FSDT_SI4EUPRF.GHUYRR1=3FNBIL SI4EUPRFRESP029GBHBEU1099013259CBELL 1099013259 BELLS INCORPORATED LTD 2008-07-09- 100016FCD50040051537768220 FGN DEPOSIT FSDT_SI4EUPRF.GHUYRR2=3FNBIL SI4EUPRFRESP029GBHBEU1099013259CBELL 1099013259 BELLS INCORPORATED LTD 2008-07-09- 100016FCD50040051537768221 FGN DEPOSIT ...

46. String compare

i am reading .properties file and writing to o/p .properties file.while reading I want to check that for each request 3 different responses should be there. example: *FSDT_SI4EUPRF.GBHBEU1*=3UKBIB SI4EUPRFRESP029GBHBEU1099013259CBELL 1099013259 BELLS INCORPORATED LTD 2008-07-09- 100016FCD50040051537768220 FGN DEPOSIT *FSDT_SI4EUPRF.GBHBEU2*=3UKBIB SI4EUPRFRESP029GBHBEU1099013259CBELL 1099013259 BELLS INCORPORATED LTD 2008-07-09- 100016FCD50040051537768221 FGN DEPOSIT *FSDT_SI4EUPRF.GBHBEU3*=3UKBIB SI4EUPRFRESP029GBHBEU1099013259CBELL 1099013259 BELLS INCORPORATED LTD 2008-07-09- 100016FCD50040051537768222 FGN DEPOSIT how do I compare ...

47. How come the JRE uses == to compare Strings?

48. to compare String arrys of different lengths

Hi All, Can any one please help me how to solve this problem. I have two String arrays of different lengths. For eg: String[] str1 = {"A", "B","C", "D"}; String[] str2 = { "A", "B", "C" }; Now that i need to compare these two string arrays and get the common elements. Note that these String arrays are dynamic that is ...

49. Why string compare is false?

50. string comparison

51. String compare...problem...

I want to compare to string... so I insert same string ... but resutl is not same...(NOT EQUAL) I need your helps.. what is the problem... in advance thanks ... ************************************************************************** public String get_Hotel_Name() { return this.Hotel_Name; } String search_str_content = search_tf.getText().trim(); String temp = ((One_Record)vec_record.elementAt(i)).get_Hotel_Name().trim(); if( search_str_content == temp) { System.out.println("EQUAL"); } else { System.out.println("NOT EQUAL."); }

52. sequence of string to compare

System.out.println("NODE 2 i=0 for the FOR LOOP"); testpath[t]=2; t++; for (int i = 0; i < length; i++) {System.out.println("NODE 3 DUMMY NODE "); testpath[t]=3; t++; System.out.println("NODE 4 SUM+=NUMBERS AND i++"); testpath[t]=4; t++; sum += numbers [ i ]; } System.out.println("NODE 3 DUMMY NODE "); testpath[t]=3; t++; System.out.println("NODE 5 MED,MEAN,VARSUM,i=0"); testpath[t]=5; t++; med = numbers [ length / 2 ]; mean = ...

53. compare two string in different line in textarea

In the future Swing related questions should be posted in the Swing forum. Start by reading the JTextArea API. There are methods like getLineStartOffset(...) and getLineEndOffset(...). If you know the starting and ending offsets then you can substring out the data you want to do the comparison on. If you need to compare every line, then you would need to also ...

54. cant compare strings

55. Compare these 2 string

56. string compare

57. How to compare three strings alphabetically.

58. Comparing strings, then altering one to match the other

MeTitus--see, if I had had culturalSimilarity set to .20, or 20% similarity among the 5 digits, then I would want the first number to randomly change one of its digits to match the corresponding digit of the other agent's number. First, though, is figuring out why the variable similarity isn't being incremented when there are digits that the two numbers have ...

59. comparing strings in java

Hi.. I have a basic JAVA problem..can anyone help on this. I have a constant declared in a public static String HISTORICAL = "historical"; In another java class..i need to compare 2 strings.. String statusType = req.getParameter("historical"); //this vale comes from JSP hidden parameter and the value of statusType is historical Now I want to compare with constant vale.. and ...

60. string compare between recordset...

61. String Compare

i.e 3 continuos characters should differ when compared. example if String A = abc+1234 String B = abc-1234 This doesn't satisfy our requirement if A= abc+1234 B= abc+3412 is Acceptable since 123 is replaced by 341 And A = abc+1234 B= abd-5234 is also acceptable But A=abc+1234 B=dbf+6234 is not acceptable eventhough three characters(a,c,1) are different, since they are not contiguous. ...

62. String comparison question

Hi, I was wondering if someone can explain to me this answer I got on a quiz. I don't understand why the answer is 'a'. Here's the question: The following comparison will determine that the String at s1 is greater than the String at s2. What will the actually value returned be? s1.compareTo(s2) a. a positive number b. a negative number ...

63. String comparison

64. How to compare / filter a string?

I'm kind of confused here. String.contains(s) only works if s is a CharSequence which can be a String, StringBuffer, StringBuilder, or CharBuffer. But you are using it with an array of strings.... Perhaps if you told us what the underlying goal here is. What do you want to do with this information? What do you mean by "filter out numbers"?

65. Comparing Object and String

66. Comparing Strings

== tests for Object equality, i.e. the a == b means a and b are references to the same object. Any time you specify "AAA" in your code the JVM will give you a reference to the same object. However using "new" will create a new Object each time, therefore a1 and b1 will not point to the same object, instead ...

67. best way to compare two strings in java?

68. Java String::Compare

69. String comparison

hey sorry for the late reply i have been away for a while...i managed to fix the probelm what i done was create one loop using if ( connAdd == null) { } and instead of putting in another if statement i put an else statement and it all seemed to work... thanks for your help though

70. comparing string with an element of object[]

71. comparison of string

The only thig I can say is to make sure you search for laibilty rather than lamount or the other way around, as I have no idea what you are searching for and when. You might want to at least try to implement a less complicated data structure, if at all possible (or, at least, break down the "searching" methods into ...

72. string comparison issues

73. Fast String comparing

74. Comparison of Strings

Hello: Exactly, I want mi application to know whenever is written some Strings and also to react at the time in which the latest word was typed. For example, if my Strings were: cat and dog. If I wrote "cat", my program should be ready for when I release the key "t", so the whole word(cat) can be painted with a ...

75. Comparing strings

Is it possible to use the String.contain() method in order to see if a strings contains another string within it? Also, while looking at the contain command and other API information, I saw that it requires a Char Sequence. What is the difference between a Char Sequence and a Char Array? How do you make a Char Sequence?

76. how to compare two strings

77. Compare a string

78. Comparing 2 Strings

I just have a question for anyone that i would like to know the answer or a link to where I can find it. I am trying to find java code that when ran it will compare two different strings and output html of the two strings and highlight or show me somehow what is different or the same between the ...

79. String Comparison plz help

HI, I need to create a list of files from the following 2 sources String Filelist = comma separated list of files(complete file path) File[] listOfFiles = folder.listFiles(); I use the following code for comparison if(Filelist.indexOf(listOfFiles.getName())== -1) Now if I have a file such as file.txt in and uninstall_file.txt, the indexof () method does not differentiate between the two. Is there ...

80. compare string in java

81. Need Help with a program to compare strings

I'm trying to write a program that reads 5 words that I will input (using ) and then prints the number of unique words entered and the unique words themselves. For example, If I input the word "java" 5 times, I want the program to print out the number of unique words as 1 and then unique word as "java" ...

82. Compare String

83. String Comparison

84. Comparing strings

I'm trying to compare two strings and pretty new to it all. I have a T and F sequence i.e. FFTTTTTFTT..... And then I have the submissions of different people i.e. TTTFFFTTF...... How do I begin to get the individual true or false for each person instead of comparing to entire strings to each other. Side note: later in the code ...

85. How can i compare a String with a variable name in java ?

hi friend. i have a a string with content "1200"; and i have some other variable irrespective of datatype. every variable has a name right. so i want to compare if any of my variables names has the above string some where.. suppose if i have a variable name like time1200. and the result should be like one variable found. with ...

86. Comparing two strings

EJP, Will this code be inside my Product class? I'm confused on how this will be easier to use. My problem is that I have whitespace because I am reading from a file and I used the String.substring and hardcoded the length (there's three different columns I am reading in) At this point, I just want to remove the whitespace, or ...

87. String comparison problem

I just want to know that, if you look above code, s1 is pointing to "abc" , s2 is also pointing to "abc", so "abc" must present in string pool which means that s1 and s2 must point same "abc" , as per my understanding. But when i executed above code it returned me false.I am confused on that. That's y ...

88. String reference comparison?

we make the following String objects? String str1 = new String("ABC"); String str2 = new String("ABC"); Questions on above : 1.system.out.println("valof str1 "+str1 ); //it prints str1 as ABC But when we compare if(str1==str2), it compares the refrences of string object. How does jvm know differnce? as per my understanding we write any object (str1) in sysout ,then toString method is ...

89. Newbie question about comparing strings

In the first operation you create 2 different String objects and the "==" operator looks only for the exact same string" if you would compare the 1st operation with the equals() method you would get true as this method checks only if the value looks like the other value compared to and it doesn't need to be the exact same value. ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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