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1. Java: system.out.println concatenating something within a string (really easy question)

I want my output to be Candy[1]. counterInt = 1 But my compiler isn't taking this code:

What can I do to have this variable appear within the string Candy[]? Candy[] is ...

2. How do I concatenate two strings in Java?

I am trying to concatenate strings in Java. Why isn't this working?

public class StackOverflowTest {  
    public static void main(String args[]) {

3. Is it always a bad idea to use + to concatenate strings

I have code as follows :

String s = "";
for (My my : myList) {
    s += my.getX();
Findbugs always reports error when I do this.

4. java concatenate two strings error

I have one function that returns me String :

public String getString(String password){


    try {

5. Java. Concatenate String. Micro Benchmark

At first step I run this code:

public class Demo  {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        String x = "x";

7. Concatenate 0 before a string

Hi, i?m new to Java. I would like to have a function that concatenate 0s in a string. For example I have a char variable called A lenght 12 A = '10001340' and i want to have B = '000010001340' I know this is really easy, but i?m really new one to Java. thanks in advance.

8. string concatenate

9. concatenate into string

I have trouble with concatenation of tokens. I had to write a program that inputs a string, then with an object class StringTokenizer I was able to obtain the tokens, but I do not know how to concatenate it back into one string, Please help, I been trying to figure this out all day and got nowhere .

10. Concatenating strings

Hi I know that concatenating strings using the '+' operator is a expensive operation -if your application is big- so I want to do it using string buffers but I would like to do the building of the string in a new method so I can control the logging better and do another common tasks if neccesary but I do this ...

11. how to concatenate two different strings?

... or you could use StringBuilder... or you could use the formatting functionality of java.util.Formatter ... You need to be more specific about your problem. Concatenating string is the one of the simplest things one can do in Java. If you really are having a problem with it, you should be clearer about your problem. Post a [SSCCE|].