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1. java String concatenation

I'm curious and wasn't sure, so i thought id ask: assuming String a and b.

Under the hood are they the same thing? Edit: Here is concat decompiled as reference, I'd like to be able ...

2. Is there an elegant work around to concatenation?

I am writing a mad libs program for fun and to just program something. The program itself is pretty straight forward, but I find myself resorting to several concatenations due to ...

3. Slow string concatenation over large input

I've written an n-ary tree ADT which works fine. However, I need to store its serialization in a variable a calling class. eg.

 DomTree<String> a = Data.createTreeInstance("very_large_file.xml");
 String x ...

4. Benefits of MessageFormat in Java

In a certain Java class for a Struts2 web application, I have this line of code:

try {
    user = findByUsername(username);
} catch (NoResultException e) {
    throw ...

5. Method to concatenate 2 Strings in Java

I have a method in Java that concatenates 2 Strings. It currently works correctly, but I think it can be written better.

public static String concat(String str1, String str2) {

6. Help in debugging the string concatenation code

I have a code to concatenate strings. However, for some reason, the final string is not a combination of the required strings. Consider the following code :

//cusEmail is of type String[]
String ...

7. How Java do the string concatenation using "+"?

I read about the way Java works with += operator, using StringBuilder. Is it the same with a ("a" + "b") operation?

8. Can I specify what class to use for string concatenation when using a java compiler?

I have a java 1.5 compiler, and I'd prefer not to also have a 1.4 compiler, but I need to use it because, apart from string concatenation, everything built using the ...

9. String Usage in java

Consider am assigning the URL in the code below to a string, say

String link = "";
How should I use the string in the below code instead of the URL itself. Note: ...

10. Java String Concatenation

I have a issue with my java code. i asked the same question yesterday. I got answer but sorry it was my fault. My question is not clear. I have code ...

11. String concatenation in java

I have output from an old terminal system that needs to be concatenated. Here is an example of the output.

output1 = 

12. String Concatenation Finally

13. string concatenation

14. String Concatenation Finally

Hi All, This has probably been discussed many times. But I have categorised my doubts. I have lots of old servlets in which "+" operator has been used thousand times. On the profile it shows that string objects are the highest in number. They have been used like this: out.println("My Test Info "+info+" Is Not Recent. "+testNumber"+ Is Wrong. This needs ...

15. string concatenation in java : how come ??

When u say string 1 = string2 + String 3; It does not append characters to the string referenced by string1. That's because Java strings are immutable, they don't change after they're created. What actually happens is that: 1 .StringBuffer is set up 2. string1 is copied to it 3. string 2 and string 3 are appended to the buffer The ...

16. String concatenation

17. string concatenation

Strings are indeed immutable, but "s" is not a String - it is a reference to a String object. As such, it can point to different objects over time. If you want "s" to be immutable, declare it "final" (which you can't do in this case because s is a local variable, but which would be possible if s was an ...

18. concatenation of Unicode strings

19. Concatenation with strings

I am trying to perform a concatenation of seven strings to form a sentence but the Java compiler says cannot be applied to... here is my code public class StringSentence { public static void main(String[] args) { String str1 = "This"; String str2 = " sentence"; String str3 = " is"; String str4 = " written"; String str5 = " using"; ...

20. String concatenation

21. String concatenation with place holders

22. String concatenation

23. Optimizing String Concatenation

24. String concatenation