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1. Is the Contains Method in java.lang.String Case-sensitive?

Say I have 2 strings,

String s1 = "AbBaCca";
String s2 = "bac";
I want to preform a check returning that s2 is contained within s1. I can do this with:
return s1.contains(s2);
I am pretty ...

2. Java String contains only

I'm new to Java and I'm trying to achieve something pretty simple but I am not allowed to use regex... Which is my favorite tool to do that type of task. ...

3. String.contains in Java

String s1 = "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog";
String s2 = "";
boolean b = s1.contains(s2);
I run the Java code above, the b return true. Since s2 is empty, why ...

4. Java String contain function?

from the following strings:

Is this possible in String str.contains(strcase) where strcase="details.php", "news_id" can both be checked at the same time. Not like: str.contains("details.php")&&str.contains("news_id"). both cases should be taken to the strcase="details.php ** ...

5. "contains(CharSequence s)" method in String class in JDK 1.4.2

With Java 1.5, the contains(CharSequence s) method was added to the String class. This method

Returns true if and only if this string contains the specified sequence ...

6. How to know if a string contains accents

How to know if a string contains accents?

7. Produce a String that contains alphabetic symbols only, (52 for English, 60 for German etc)

is there a library that can return strings like that

       Lib.Alpha.FOR_LATIN = 'abcd...zABCD..XYZ'
       Lib.Alpha.FOR_GERMAN = 'aäbcd..oö..uü...'

8. Can a valid Unicode string contain FFFF? Is Java/CharacterIterator broken?

Here's an excerpt from java.text.CharacterIterator documentation:

  • This interface defines a protocol for bidirectional iteration over text. The iterator iterates over a bounded sequence of characters. [...] ...

9. Best method to replace a string with a string containing backslashes (\)

I'm trying to update a stored NT account (Domain\user) with a new account. The new account comes as a String object. I call my replaceAccount method to perform this, by running this ...

10. Check if the inputted string contains something on my list

Let's say i input "i love you". If you have typed a statement that contains a "love" word then it will do something.

11. What is the Big-O of String.contains() in Java?

I'm working on a project, and need to optimize the running time. Is String.contains() runtime the same as TreeSet.contains(), which is O(logN)? The reason I'm asking is I'm building a TreeMap<String, ...

12. Sorting objects within a Set by a String value that all objects contain

Ok this is a tricky one. I have a list of Sets. I would like to sort the objects in the Sets in an order. Imagine each set as repressenting a class ...

13. Find string section that contains another String, with possible intervening words

For the last project of the semester, the goal is to run searches of a particular phrase on a lyric String inside an Song object, then rank the results based on ...

14. Check if string contains \n Java

How do I check if string contains \n or new line character ?


15. Why won't the java String "contains" method return found?

Here is the input to my function

"<div class=\"xbox\">TESTING<span class=\"newbox\"><a href=\"javascript:void(0);\" id=\"btnbox\">Use a new box</a></span></div><div class=\"cardnumber\">***-1111</div></div>"
When I do the below it never returns anything but -1
Any reason this isn't working? when ...

16. match large String against a few hundred small phrases

I have thousands of large strings that I need to compare / match against another set of hundreds of smaller phrases and words, to see if the phrases are contained in ...

17. Why doesn't Java's class library contain a string-join method?

Java's string class has a split method, but no join method. I've hand-written many a join method over the years. Apache has StringUtils. Google has Joiner. Why isn't ...

18. Using contains on a String in Java

I have a string called trips. In this string there are 3 values chosen by the enemy player. I want the buttons which equals one of those values to change their color. ...

19. getParameter return null if query string contains %26

I work with MVC model implementation recomended by IBM where I submit from a JSP to a controller servlet which redirect the request to whatever handler, I found the following behaviour, which occured on a single machine with IBM WepSphere AppServer 3.5.5 and doesn't occur on others: I printed the following with the java APIs for getting the request string, servlet ...

21. BJO - String literal pool contains object ???

Hi Jacquie, This discussion has happened many times here that, Whether String literal pool contains object or reference??? String s = "hello"; According to me, one object get created ("Hello") and that is on String literal pool. String s1 = new String("Hi"); Now, 2 objects get created, one is on heap that has internally reference of another object "Hi" and this ...

22. Can you simulate String.replace(...) & String.contains(...)

Hi All, As you know jdk1.5 String class provides *** replace(String,String) and *** contains(String) I have developed an app that uses those methods to discover that I need to compile my app using jdk1.4 because of some restrictions on the production environment. I am thinking of making and make the method as follows: public static String replace(String str, String s1, ...

23. returning a String containing the code from a class

Hi - Does anyone know how I can create a method which returns a String or StringBuilder object containing the code from a class? For example: class ReturnCode { public static void main (String[] args) { System.out.println(returnCode(this)); } static String returnCode(Class class) { String codeOfClass; codeOfClass = [WHAT CAN I DO HERE TO GET codeOfClass TO EQUAL ALL OF THE TEXT ...

24. How to get a String contain ""?

To include a double quote inside a String, use the escape sequence for the double quote; i.e. wherever you want a double quote to appear, use a backslash/quote pair like this: \" Try it out with this: public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("Say, \"Hello World\""); } Here are some other escape sequences you may need in the future: Backslash \\ ...

25. String Contains

26. String contains !

28. String contains problem

29. List String Contains Method

30. [newbie] how to work with java.lang.String.contains(..)

package; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.lang.reflect.*; public class EmployeeTest { public static void main(String[] args) { boolean debug = true; //Reading the class Employee and getting methodNames Method[] _methods = null; ArrayList _methodsFilter1 = new ArrayList(); final String _PACKAGENAME = ""; //TODO retrieve dynamically final short _MAX_METHODS_TO_RUN = 2; final CharSequence[] _methodsToRun = new CharSequence[_MAX_METHODS_TO_RUN]; _methodsToRun[0] = (CharSequence) "Salary()".toString(); [b]//I'm ...

32. String.contains() vs String.indexOf()

33. If String Contains (symbols) then call main method

Ok so basically I have an output from a file that needs shortening down and specifying as there is too much irrelevant data. To do this I've done a bit of research and have come out with something along the following lines. Please can someone help kind regards S //If resource line contains the following symbols, execute the main method, i.e. ...

34. Is it possible to get variable value using a string containing variable name?

Hi, Try this code. package src.javaranch; import java.lang.reflect.Field; public class Test { public String variable1 ="purple"; /** * @param args */ public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception{ // TODO Auto-generated method stub Test s1 = new Test(); //Field[] f1 = s1.getClass().getDeclaredFields(); Field f1 = s1.getClass().getField("variable1"); String str1 = ""; System.out.println(f1.get(s1)); // this prints purple } } The variable in your ...

35. String contains function problem

37. Checking if string contains only tabs/spaces/newlines/carriage returns

I've been struggling with this one, supposedly simple, method for over an hour now, and I just dont get it. I'm trying to check if a String contains no visible content... e.g. it is like "\t \n \t\r", but nothing I do works. Could anyone give me a regex or something to call matches(regex) with? I cant seem to find one, ...

38. String.contains works in jdk 6, not in 1.4.2

. . . Class.forName ("oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver"); // Enable logging // DriverManager.setLogStream(System.err); System.out.println("Getting Connection"); Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection ( "jdbc:oracle:thin:@", "user", "passwd"); // Any warnings generated by the connect? checkForWarning(conn.getWarnings()); System.out.println("Creating Statement"); Statement stmt = conn.createStatement(); ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM TABLE_NAME"); System.out.println("Retrieving Results"); int i = 0; while ( { System.out.println("Retrieving ID"); int iID = rs.getInt("ID"); System.out.println("Retrieving Name"); String sName = ...

39. Checking If A String Contains Symbols

Hi guys, I am trying to find out how to check if a string (with a constantly changing value) contains symbols. I'd like to say If my string (resourceline) contains any of the values ("$, =, ", >, :") || if the resourceline's value already exists within the array then loop back to the main method and continue reading next line. ...

40. Method that contains a string?

41. String.contains

43. Best way to find a string contains a list of keywords

Well! It looks that in my context the method needs to return FALSE if test string does not have ALL the items in the key word line. In my context, if keyword line = "", I run into trouble. So I am still wondering if I can get away with not using a counter.

44. .contains(String)

45. Is there any way to have a string containing operators, methods and there g

Thanks a lot, a quick question though: 1. when I use the following: 1+2-3*4/5.0, it gives me 0.6000000000000001, it seams strange that even primitives should give errors from so simple an equation, I guess I will definitely need to utilize the BigDouble methods I had created... how do BigDouble classes accurately calculate equations and primitives do not? Thanks a lot.

46. String[] contains?

48. Problems with a string containing a '\'.

Hi, I have a string that is of the following format "Domain\UserdID". My problem is that when I try to display the string (System.out.println(userIdSting + "\n"), the '\' is never shown and sometimes the next character is not too. I understand the reasons behind this since the '\' has special significance. My query is how can I output this string? I ...

49. how to do string contains in drools.

hi everyone i'm using drools for a project and have come to a problem. in two of my rules i need to check if a string contains some characters but can't seem to do get the rules to be excepted. if anyone could help me i would be very grateful. thanks in advance mike

50. making sure a string only contains charecters

Im making a function witch will check if the string in put in only contains charecters like A B C etc. But I have been looking trough the api but could not find anything the only thing I could think of is taking every letter and taking it trough a loop to check if it is equal with ?a? || ?b? ...

52. how to print string containing \123

Output sdfS dfsf sdfsdf%sdfsf as u can see \xxx it takes the octal representation of characters like you can see \123 is replaces by S but i don't want out put to be like that i just want it to be as sdf\123 dfsf\3 sdfsdf\45sdfsf\6 only I hope this explains my problem. Here i can not control on what end user ...

53. check if string contains specified sequence

I'd like to check whether some input string is monsyllabic or not. Easiest way to go would be to check if the sequence 'vowel-consonant-vowel' is in the string. Since there of course can be multiple consonants in between, this has to be taken into account. I could imagine doing this by first specifiying what a vowel and a cons. is, then ...

55. How to check if a string contains multiple lines?

But what if that second line had no contents but still existed as a newline character? Would your file then have two newlines or one? Note that I'm not asking you to tell me - I'm asking you to think about this because without defining what you mean by "lines" there is no answer to the question "How many?" that you're ...

56. String contains() method

57. replace string which contains square brackets

59. How to execute a string that contains an if statement

Is there a way to execute a string instead of it having it just print the contents.. For example. String Test = "if(Test.equals(\"\")){System.out.println(\"hi\");}"; Now , instead of that string printing the if statement, it should execute it as code and print Hi. I want to do this so I can create an xml file with rules for a dynamic application. I'm ...

60. Check String contains a word or not?

61. replaceAll the String contains '

63. is string.contains() case-sensitive????

64. String contains & and < convert it to & <

65. String.contains(String) not working, what am I doing wrong?

Ok, the above works now but that was actually a test I was trying to do for my true problem, which is the replace method. My code: String example = "Bob Dole"; String seq = "Dole"; String replace = "D"; example.replace(seq, replace); System.out.println(example); The output should be "Bob D". But it's not. It's still "Bob Dole" like the replace didn't happen. ...

66. how to check whether a string containing some word

The latest version of Java, 1.5 (also known as 5.0), has a String method called contains(). This method will check to see if a String contains a given CharSequence. In other words you can check for a String, a StringBuilder etc. My point was that earlier versions of Java did not have this method. If you use contains() with earlier versions ...

67. String contains unicode escape sequence literally when reading .properties

Well if it's a feature of JDevelopper, and performed during that latter's build process, I wouldn't try to code something in Java to workaround it. I'm not pushing you to abandon your IDE, but if it's for anything other than a hobby, your official build process should not rely on the IDE, and be scriptable instead. The leading build engines for ...