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I need to use a name of file as an argument in linux shell command. The problem is, java gives me that name as it is, saving all that spaces and ...

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How to encode some string with sha256 in Java ? Does anybody know any free library for this ?

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I have a String with a "ñ" character and I have some problems with it. I need to encode this String to UTF-8 encoding. I have tried it by this way, ...

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I am creating a web service in Java and I want to clean up my strings so they are valid xHTML. I'd also like to preserve line breaks. So for example, ...

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Hi, I have problems encoding Strings ,actually i am not good in encoding concept. Actually what my requirement is to save exact file path of file something like E:\temp in my sql database .Everything is fine except "\t" is saving like "E: emp" "E:\temp " .please give me some idea to solve this problem. Regarding Sandeep

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7. Encode string to UTF-8    forums.oracle.com

There is no such thing as a "UTF-8 String" in Java. Whenever you handle Strings only, then you don't get to choose the encoding. In fact, you can ignore encodings, because there's only one available and that has been pre-decided for you (it's UTF-16, in case you're wondering). But as I said, most of the time you need not worry. The ...

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Hi all, I tried to read HTML file in this way: URL url = new URL("http://address"); InputStream is = url.openStream(); BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(is)); //in a loop: String str=br.readLine(); One of the str returned is "mnOG_i{NOIt]", this str actually is in Chinese, how can I parse this str into its right format? Thanks a lot.

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Actually, the situation is that I hav data in database that contains invalid XML characters & i'm creating JDOM tree using that data. But doing this ths code raises IllegalDataException. Are you sure the data was stored in the database as UTF-8? So,I want to UTF-8 encode String/CLOB data that comes out of the database directly at the point the data ...