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" and return this string it actually contains "> <". The return string is going into anXSL which is processing this. Let me know any workaround to show <> Thanks D

1. Removing HTML from a Java String

Is there a good way to remove HTML from a Java string? A simple regex like

will work, but things like
wont be converted correctly and non-HTML between the two ...

2. How to strip HTML attributes except "src" and "alt" in JAVA

How do I strip all attributes from HTML tags in a string, except "alt" and "src" using Java? And further.. how do I get the content from all "src" attributes in the ...

3. java convert string to HTML string

Is there a way to convert a string to a string that will display properly in a web document? For example, changing the string


4. Simplest way to correctly load html from web page into a string in Java

Just what the title says. Help greatly appreciated!

5. How can I parse a HTML string in Java?

Given the string "<table><tr><td>Hello World!</td></tr></table>", what is the (easiest) way to get a DOM Element representing it?

6. Tagsoup fails to parse html document from a StringReader ( java )

I have this function:

private Node getDOM(String str) throws SearchEngineException {

                DOMResult result = new DOMResult();


7. Encoding strings into HTML in Java

I need to encode a Java String to display properly as part of an HTML document, e.g. all new lines or tab characters. So I have e.g. "one\ntwo", and I want ...

8. Java escape HTML - string replace slow?

I have a Java application that makes heavy use of a large file, to read, process and give through to SolrEmbeddedServer ( One of the functions does basic HTML escaping:

private String htmlEscape(String ...

9. Simple/Direct/Heredoc way of constructing a HTML string in Java

In python I can construct a HTML string without worrying about escaping special characters like < or " by simply enclosing the string in triple quotes like:

html_string = """
<p>My text with ...

10. How to parse out html links from a huge string with html links and other text (Java)

my question is how would i be able to go through a string and take out only the links and erase all the rest? I thought about using some type ...

11. Flex/Flash 4 - trying to get a string from HTML to Actionscript

I need to obtain a string from HTML and put it into Actionscript. the actionscript:

import flash.external.ExternalInterface;
protected function getUserName():void{
            var isAvailable:Boolean = ...

12. How to remove html tag in a string?

when i search keyword "data ", i get abtract of paper in digital library :

Many organizations often underutilize their existing <span class='snippet'>data</span> warehouses. In this paper, we suggest a way ...

13. String length in twips java

Is there a way to get the string length in twips? java implementation would be good. thank you.

14. remove html tags from string using java

I am writing one program which reads and separate spam and ham emails. Now I am reading it using bufferedreader class of java. I am able to remove any unwanted characters ...

15. Why does an apostophe in my Java String appear as `'` in my HTML?

Why does the Java string:

"God's wrath"
appear in HTML as
God&#039;s wrath
How to avoid this?

16. Replacing keyword in string that is HTML page using Java

I have following string:

   <div id="foo">
     Text I want to search & replace occurrences
     of keywords such as Foo or foo ...

17. HTML type string parsing question!

<a href="" class="more-link">look at the Google map</a> 
Is there any parser to get the link( from the <a> tag? or the best way just to write a custom one~

18. I want stop < being converted to < in Java when I save it as part of a String

I am storing some HTML as a String which I want to output to a JSP. Is there a simply utility function that I should use for this, or should I write ...

19. HTML String Inside Nested String

I have a long very long html which needs to be enclosed in Javascript string which in turn is enclosed in Java string as follows:

String html = "javascript:var html='...all goes here...';void(0);";
Now ...

20. in order to parse html to string I used tika parser but i faced some problems such as libraries and errors in jdeveloper

Firstly, I have to download tika-bundle-0.9.jar but I cannot find it. Seconly,I wrote these

 try {
        URL itemURL = new URL("");

21. How can I put a string containing html text to be displayed in a javascript function?

How can I put a string containing html text to be displayed in a javascript function?

String test = "DisplayNext(\"String containing html tags\")";

String NextLink = "<br><a href='#' onclick="+test+"> Next</a>";
Javascript function:
function DisplayNext(Next){

22. How to escape JavaScript in an HTML String while keeping the HTML unescaped?

We have a webapplication. At some points there is a JavaScript based WSIWYG / RichText Editor. It filters some JavaScript but uses HTML text to format it's content. Unfortunately it does ...

23. java/html form submission -> request.getParameter("..."); only returns the first portion of a string?

i'm unsure how to phrase my question. but I've got an html form submitting data to a java backend which handles the data and submits it to the database. the java form ...

24. replacing a string with an HTML element

I have a string that I want to replace the 'xx' with a line break. I am writing this in a jsp page, just fyi. So for instance:

tmpString1 = "hello, how ...

25. Creating an HTMLDocument from a String of HTML (in Java)

I'm working on a method that takes a String of HTML and returns an analogous

What is the most efficient way of doing this? The way I'm currently doing this is ...

26. Removing Html tags except few specific ones from String in java

My input is plain text string and requirement is to remove all html tags except few specific tags like:

If these specific tags have attributes like class or id, I want to ...

27. Extracting contents from HTML represented as a String

I have a Big html in String variable and I want to get contents of a div. I can not rely on regular expression because it can have nested div's. So, ...

28. Capturing HTML output in a String

29. passing html text in a java String object

Hi , I am doing a project which requires me to email a text to the user. In that email, I wish to provide hyperlinks to the request ids generated for the requests that the user makes. I am using the javax.mail package for the email. I am passing the body of the email as a String object in java. I ...

30. parsing HTML from a String

31. Stripping out HTML from String

32. Removing html tags from a string

You will definitely have to describe what you are trying to do more clearly. Otherwise, the only answer I can give is not put HTML tags that you don't want there in the first place! Are you talking about conditionally not including them based upon some server-side condition? Some client-side activity? If the earth starts revolving in the other direction? Other? ...

33. How to replace a string in a HTML string

Hi All, I have HTML string, for instance Testingfg/i> There could be some more tags present and also the string could be anything. Now i have to write a java code to replace the string(Testingfg in this case) with another string like Testing. One way to solve this is by using pattern match and then replace. Please let me know how ...

34. How to create the PDF in java from the String(containing HTML tags basically HTML string ) in java

I have the HTML of some page in the String format for example :- String sPDFContent="

"; This String i want to convert in the PDF format . This all i m doing because i want to send the PDF file which will generated dynamically, as an attachment in the e-mail. If someone having more easy and better answer,suggest. Thanks to everyone ...

35. Pattern matcher for a string containing html

I have a string text which is nothing but html codes. I need to search words in the string and highlight them before rendering as a html page. I have the following code . Pattern p = Pattern.compile(keyword, Pattern.CASE_INSENSITIVE); Matcher m = p.matcher(text); while (m.find()) { String beforeReplacement =; m.appendReplacement(sb, "" + beforeReplacement + ""); } m.appendTail(sb); It was ...

36. HTML and Strings

37. Remove HTML tags from String

38. HTML codes and Strings

I submitted the code: t = "" + s + ""; But it said: Your code does not set t to "crossed" when s is "crossed" and h is "strike". String h can mean b, em, or strike though, depending on which one you pick. So what should i fix in my code?

39. how to parse select lines in an html string?

hmm, is there a way to do it without an external API? looks like i have to download the API and the idea behind the program is to make it so multiple people running only java can run the program, without having to download APIs, ect, to make it run. Not sure if that is what JTidy entails, but is that ...

41. make String with HTML content

42. replace frist in html string

It didn't work because that method takes a regular expression as its first parameter. (The API documentation does mention that fact.) The regular expression you passed it ("$1") does not match the string you expected it to match ("$1"). So, time to learn about regular expressions. The API documentation has a link you could follow to get started or you could ...

44. display html contents from the string

45. String having having HTML does not show properly

hi, I m trying to output a html from java. When i try to store in string some value like String S="

46. HTML > String

Hi All, Im attempting to write a small Java program whereby from a HTML form i have 2 input fields which then get passed into my servlet program. Now my servlet is running and brings up the results of the entered data within the servlet - im now wandering how i go about taking the entered data from my HTML form ...

47. Regarding conversion of html to strings

Hi All, I need a small help. I have a requirement to ignore html tags in strings. suppose if i have a string in that there are some html tags i want to ignore that html tag and print the result string. String a=;    Need dog training ignore all the html tags in the string and the resultant string must ...

48. Passing username/password string to html input

Hey, I'm somewhat new to programming in Java and am teaching myself how to program. At the moment I'm working on a chunks of code to connect to a URL and then pass on strings to a web page. This will be part of a program which is run from a user's computer. At the moment I've coded the URL connection, ...

50. OutOfMemory - because set lots of html code to string?

PreparedStatement st = conn.prepareStatement(sql.toString()); st.setInt(1, orderID); ResultSet rs = st.executeQuery(); EmailProfile profile = null; InputStream in = null; ByteArrayOutputStream out = null; int c; int count = 0; while ( { profile = new EmailProfile(); profile.setAgentID(rs.getInt(1)); ............ in = rs.getBinaryStream(16); out = new ByteArrayOutputStream(); while ((c = != -1){ out.write(c); } profile.setHTML(out.toString());