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1. SWT Image to/from String

I am trying to convert an SWT Image to String and vice versa: To String:

Display display = new Display();
final Image image = new Image(display, "c:\test.png");
 // Looks good
showImage(image ,600,400);
ImageData imageData = testImage.getImageData();
byte[] ...

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I am trying to write a watermarking program with java , So I found this piece of code for the same. I made my own adaptation for my purposes like ...

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Okay, let's take your original code. What's it supposed to be doing? Reading HTML from a web page? And you want to extract all the references to images in that HTML and do something with each of them? Okay. Then you need to parse the HTML and look for tags and other HTML elements that refer to images. Extract the ...

9. Attaching a String to an image

Okay, what i've got going on is a tile array. The array is based on loading a 25x25 image, tiling it according to the array's length, and then drawing each tile to the screen. What I want, is to be able to move my mouse over the top of a tile and have it display a String, because I plan on ...