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1. In Java, for a string x, what is the runtime cost of s.length()? Is it O(1) or O(n)?    stackoverflow.com

I've been told that code such as:

for (int i=0; i<x.length(); i++) {
    // blah
is actually O(n^2) because of the repeated calls to x.length(). Instead I should use:
int ...

2. String length differs from Javascript to Java code    stackoverflow.com

I've got a JSP page with a piece of Javascript validation code which limits to a certain amount of characters on submit. I'm using a <textarea> so I can't simply use ...

3. String's Maximum length in Java - calling length() method    stackoverflow.com

My question is very basic, but I didn't find an answer on a Google search. In Java, what is the maximum size a String object may have, referring to the length() method ...

4. How to replace elements of unknown content and length in strings in Java?    stackoverflow.com

I need help with replacing segments of a string in Java. I have tried both the String method 'replace' and StringTokenizer. As the segments of my strings is of unknown length I ...

5. Does Java's toLowerCase() preserve original string length?    stackoverflow.com

Assume two Java String objects:

String str = "<my string>";
String strLower = str.toLowerCase();
Is it then true that for every value of <my string> the expression
str.length() == strLower.length()
evaluates to true? So, does String.toLowerCase() preserve ...

6. String length without using length() method in java    stackoverflow.com

How can i find the string length without using the length() method in java

7. String parsing with different length    stackoverflow.com

i need to parse SWIFT message which looks like: :15A: :20:REFERENCE :21:NEW :15B: :30T: I need to parse it by :...: symbols. The problem is that between : can be 3 and 2 characters. Is that possible? ...

8. How can I get a string's length in Java without String API methods?    stackoverflow.com

Possible Duplicate:
String length without using length() method in java
I need to get the length of a string (no of characters present) in Java using ...

9. Negative String Length    stackoverflow.com

Can you have a negative string length? If so, is it the same as null?

10. Is it possible to rename a Java class with a string of different length?    stackoverflow.com

I am able to rename a compiled java class with any string that has the same length of the previous class name, but when the length is different the .class file ...

11. help with process method to find the length of a string    stackoverflow.com

This is my song application


public class SongApp{
  public static void main(String[] args){
  Song song1 = new Song();
  song1.setsongLine("While my guitar gently weeps.");

12. Java application that uses a string method and length    stackoverflow.com

How do I design and implement a Java application that reads a string from the user and prints it one character per line from right to left?

13. Excluding max length, what limitations does a string in java have?    stackoverflow.com

Excluding max length, what limitations does a string in java have? Are there things I cant put in one? Characters they wont accept? Any would be a great help :)

14. Get longest of two string s    stackoverflow.com

Is there a quick way to select the longer of two strings? I want to circumvent having to do

if(string1 > string2)
  do a;
else if(string2 > string1)
  do b;

15. Is there any limit on the length of Strings...    coderanch.com

Is there any limit on the length of Strings that may be used as a key value into a Map? I would to like to cache some data based on a complex SQL where clause criteria using the where clause as the key. The where clause may exceed 1000 characters but I don't expect it to get much larger than that. ...

17. get string length    coderanch.com

array.length will return the length of an array. string.length() is a method that returns the length of a string. Every array inherently knows its own length. It's a property of an array and can be shown with the array.length . I know it's a bit confusing, but just remember that's how it is.

18. UTF-8 string length    coderanch.com

the length method on String returns the number of characters. Luckily, Java treats all Strings as 16bit Unicode, so the memory space occupied is trivial to calculate (multiply the number of characters by 2). This is only really relevent when using a UTF IO stream . If you really wanted, you can use public byte[] getBytes(Stringenc) and then inspect the bytes ...

19. What's the maximum length of a string?    coderanch.com

You might as well just go for the string. A string can be pretty big. They're basically just over-glorified char[]'s. Since an array's size is of the type int, I'm guessing the maximum size of String is 2,147,483,647 characters. That should be enough to hold 5,000 characters with room to spare. With the POST http method, a large amount of information ...

20. Length of a String    coderanch.com

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21. maximum length of String = 32k ?    coderanch.com

Java has no limit - the JLS does not specify a limit. There is an implicit limitation if one presumes that a String must be implemented as a single array. Because of the way the JVM spec is laid out there are limits on the constant length and how it is specified. There is a limit for each object based on ...

22. string length, exponent problems    coderanch.com

I just started using Java, I completed my homework assignment in VB, but now I want to do it in java. Problem: What is the largest value of n for which 2to the nth power has fewer than 100 decimal digits. Also, fewer than 1000 decimal digits? I don't know how to tell the length of a string, or a double, ...

23. String separator by fixed length    coderanch.com

public class StringBreak { public static void main(String[] args) { String theString = "asldfjasldfjalsdjfalsdjfasd907453745083405ujl470df" + "uabasdfjaksdflasdjfalsdkjfalsdkjfalsdjfalsdkjfladd" + "u34023u0ejfldsjfadsfjalseurwoeru230udofjaldfjalerw" + "eoudfjwelfjasodfuweoaldfjasledifu043034285-230485-" + "234djfladjfasdfuwer82034850245ulkdejfasdfjwoeur023" + "48-238adkfajdiqewkcvnaldfjeoijdlnafdlnvlaksdjlfend" + "helloWorld"; int stringCount = theString.length(); int numberOf50s = stringCount / 50; int loopCount = 0; for (int i = 0; i < (numberOf50s + 1); i++) { for (int j = loopCount; j < (loopCount + ...

24. is there a maximum length for java.lang.String?    coderanch.com

There is one other limitation, though it would only come up rarely in practice: current Sun compilers don't like literal strings (like String s = "foo") over 65535 characters long. This was discussed somewhere on JavaRanch a month or two back, I remember writing a quick program to confirm it. In practical terms, RAM limitations crop up before int overflow errors. ...

25. Max length for a String?    coderanch.com

The length() method returns a signed integer, so that the largest length() value is 2GB. Internally, all the implementations of String I've looked at use an int to keep track of the number of characters, meaning that 2GB is a hard limit. Given that many Java implementations have a heap-size limit somewhat less that 2GB, this is not really a problem! ...

26. get the length of the string    coderanch.com

Originally posted by Stan James: My dad gave me that, and I got credit in HS science calculating the area of an irregular shape. It's right up there with ways to determine the height of a building using a barometer. From this parible/ article: Take a barometer to the top of the building, attach a long rope to it, lower the ...

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29. generate unique fixed length code from a string    coderanch.com

Back to the original question... I don't think that this is possible. If one of the inputs is a variable length string, that can be any size, then there are unlimited number of possibilities. Now, if you want your code to be unique, then this also needs to be an unlimited number of possibilities -- which isn't possible if the code ...

30. O(n) of string.length()    coderanch.com

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32. String length without using String.length() method    coderanch.com

Yes Rob, in the production the best practice is to use available APIs. But still these kind of cheeky questions will arise in the interviews which are unavoidable. Anyhow, I even tried checking the actual API implementation of length() method which just returns private count of String object. My first thought was to convert the string to StringBuilder or to char ...

33. maximum length of a string?    coderanch.com

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37. Understanding String.length() with \n    java-forums.org

38. How Iterate through a String composed of multiple Strings of unknown length    java-forums.org

I am making modifications to a previous program to prevent the client class from having direct access to the data file. I want to send the data file to the client class in a giant String. Since the file is going to be of varying lengths, I am having trouble coming up with a strategy in order to iterate through the ...

39. String length    forums.oracle.com

40. Objects first with java - String length method    forums.oracle.com

I have tried to do exercise 2.79 but to no avail. basically it states, 'Modify your printDetails method to include printing the reference number. However, the method should print the reference number only if it has been set - taht is, the refNumber string has a non-zero length. If it has not been set, then print the string "ZZZ" instead. Hint: ...

41. String length help    forums.oracle.com

42. String length    forums.oracle.com

43. Simple String Length    forums.oracle.com

Ok im new to java, i have written this to determine string length but when compiling with bluej i get an error message that im missing an identifier. class MyString { String aString = "abc"; int length = aString.length(); System.out.println (aString); System.out.println (length); } please could someone explain what im doing wong and what im missing? Thanks

44. finding the length of a string    forums.oracle.com

45. string.length()    forums.oracle.com

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46. String length with new line    forums.oracle.com

Hello I post this in jsp but I think this one is more suitable: I have a Form that allows user to fill in. In that form, I have an address field (textarea). Now I want to know the length of this address. I uses String size = addressField.length(); The size is correct if I have only one line in the ...

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49. String length optimization question    forums.oracle.com

Hi all! I'm new to Java forums (though not to Java itself). I hope I'm not about to be told that my question has already been answered 50 times... I don't see very well what keywords I could use to search for it. Thanks anyway for answers. My question: If I write: n += "---".length(); is it slower at runtime than: ...

50. Finding out pixel length of a string?    forums.oracle.com

I have a portion of a school app, where Strings are displayed in a JList. The string contains a students name, plus their scores in certain subjects. Like this: Dave Example 97 89 78 Andrew Fake-Person 98 99 83 but I would like the scores to line up, like this: Dave Example 97 89 78 Andrew Fake-Person 98 99 83 I ...

52. length of string    forums.oracle.com

i want to delete this line and replace it with some code that will cut the length of the string down to 7 characters? i didnt get the whole substring thing...so, any other ideas/ Yes but it's very, very important that you cease from putting forth any effort of your own into solving this problem. What you should do is whine ...

53. How to find string length in pixels    forums.oracle.com

in that case you can't possibly tell. You can't know, in fact have no control over, the font size the end user will display the text at. In fact he can change it almost at will even after the text appears on his screen. He can even have defined a global overriding stylesheet which replaces your chosen font with a completely ...

54. calculate length of a string    forums.oracle.com

Hello. I have written a function to calculate the length of a string, it gives the wrong length can you help me fix the codes? public int GetStringLength(String z) { int y = 1; int x = 0; while (1 > 0) { try { char m = z.charAt(y); x = x + 1; y = y + 1; } catch ...

55. Small Length string compression    forums.oracle.com

56. String length question    forums.oracle.com

57. Pixel Length of a String    forums.oracle.com

Even a standard Graphics object can do the getFontMetrics() thing, you don't need to cast it as a Graphics2D. Although the Graphics2D class is useful, casting to it here might not be necessary, and it might cause an error under some circumstances. Also you are creating a Font object and then not using it. Message was edited by: Aken_Bosch

59. regarding maximum string length    forums.oracle.com

some guy said this - "As far as I'm aware Java does not set limitations on the maximum size of any object as long as their is enough free memory. The only time you might have problems in this regard is if you try to return your large String as the result of a remote method invocation -- it'll probably complain ...

60. Finding the key according to string length in java.util.Properties    forums.oracle.com

i need to retrieve the values from the java.util.properties. we know that we need to give the key value in order to retrieve the datas. but my problem is i will give the length of the key instead of giving the key value but i need to retrieve the datas according to the length of the key.

61. Is the length of String object restricted?    forums.oracle.com

Hi Friends, I want to clarify one concept. As you know, String is not the basic data type in Java language. But, I am not sure if there is some restriction about the length of String object. Can I assign arbitrary length of characters surrounded by quotation marks to one String object? Thanks in advance!