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1. How can I add an underscore before each capital letter inside a Java String?    stackoverflow.com

I have a string like this "HelloWorldMyNameIsCarl" and I want it to become something like "Hello_World_My_Name_Is_Carl". How can I do this?

2. What's the best way to replace the first letter of a string in Java?    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to convert the first letter of a string to lowercase. I know there's a capitalize method, but I want to accomplish the opposite. This is the code I used:

value.substring(0,1).toLowerCase() ...

3. Write a program that allows the user to enter a string and then prints the letters of the String separated by comma    stackoverflow.com

The output is always a String, for example H,E,L,L,O,. How could I limit the commas? I want the commas only between letters, for example H,E,L,L,O.

import java.util.Scanner;

import java.lang.String;

public class forLoop 


4. How do I increment a variable to the next or previous letter in the alphabet in Java?    stackoverflow.com

I'm relatively new to Java coding, and was looking for some help. I have a capital letter defined in a variable string, and I want to output the next and previous ...

5. Java - getting rid of accents and converting them to regular letters    stackoverflow.com

Is there a better way for getting rid of accents and making those letters regular apart from using String.replaceAll() method and replacing letters one by one? Example: Input: or?pžsíáýd Output: orcpzsiayd It doesn't need ...

6. Given a string in Java, just take the first X letters    stackoverflow.com

Is there something like a C# Substring for Java? I'm creating a mobile application for Blackberry device and due to screen constraints I can only afford to show 13 letters plus ...

7. Capitalizing the first letter of a string    stackoverflow.com

if i give input as java, First letter alone should change caps. Output should be Java. I tried many functions but i am not able to do. Pls help me. I tried ...

8. Increment last letter of a string    stackoverflow.com

Here's where I wish Java's String class had a replaceLast method, bu it doesn't and I'm getting the wrong results with my code. I'm writing a program that searches a data structure ...

9. Promoting letters in a string to the next letter in java    stackoverflow.com

I'm having issues figuring out how to get my code to increment the string that is given by user input so that when a user chooses to replace a letter like ...

10. Java-toUpperCase a letter    stackoverflow.com

Enter a line of text. No punctuation please. Java is the language. I have rephrased that line to read: Is the language java. Attempt:

 int x;
 String  sentence, first;

 System.out.println("\nEnter a line of text. ...

11. Can't replace a letter in a string    stackoverflow.com

I have asked a couple of questions about this for loop:

  String[] book = new String [ISBN_NUM];
  if (bookNum.length()!=ISBN_NUM)
    throw new ISBNException ("ISBN "+ ...

12. String Alternating letters    stackoverflow.com

Im trying to write a segment of code that will request from the user two Strings. How can i write code so that forms a new String by alternating the ...

13. How to capitalize the first letter of word in a string using java?    stackoverflow.com

Example strings

one thousand only
two hundred
How do i change the first character of a string in capital letter and not change the case of any of the other letters. After change it ...

14. How to convert a string of russian cyrillic letters?    stackoverflow.com

I parsing mp3 tags. String artist - I do not know what was on the encoding Ïåñíÿ ïðî íàäåæäó - example string in russian "????? ??? ???????" I use http://code.google.com/p/juniversalchardet/ code:

String ...

15. string manipulation- middle 3 letters    stackoverflow.com

After prompting for a string, I am trying to display the middle three characters of that string. How would I do that? this is what I tried:

String middle3 = (string.length < ...

16. Generate permutations of strings with lengths 2 to N given N letters in Java    stackoverflow.com

Given the following recursive Java method:

protected static void makeStringsList(List<String> strings, List<Character> letters) {
  if (letters.size() == 2) {
    strings.add(letters.get(0) + "" + letters.get(1));
    strings.add(letters.get(1) ...

17. Search for Capital Letter in String    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to search a string for the last index of a capital letter. I don't mind using regular expressions, but I'm not too familiar with them.

int searchPattern = searchString.lastIndexOf(" ...

18. How to find index of a letter in a string?    coderanch.com

Hi this is a newbie question. I have done many searches but none quite fit what I am looking for. I have a string of some length that I do not know and will change during searches. I want to search a string and have application tell me what letter if any is in postion 4. For example : String names ...

19. Capitalize first letter in string    coderanch.com

20. Strip Letters From End of String    coderanch.com

Strings are immutable, so you can't. You can, however, create a new string that is what you want, but you have to define your conditions better. Can there be letters in the middle of the string? will there always be exactly 2 letters? Will the string always be the same length? How you answer these would effect how I would approach ...

21. increment letters from a string    java-forums.org

Hi all, i need help with this code im trying to produce. I've been searching google for days without finding any answers so please youve got to help me understand. The idea is to encrypt a string inputted by the user I wish to increment the letters at odd positions by 5 in a string (only the letters..the other characters must ...

22. Shifting String Letters    java-forums.org

Hello, I was wondering if somone could steer me in the right direction with shifting each letter in a string over n times (in the alphabet) without using an array. I was looking at the substring method, but im not quite sure on how to utilize it to perform this operation. Any help is appreciated thanks

23. Preventing errors when typing a letter into a String    java-forums.org

I would like general guidance on how to avoid an error when someone tries to type a letter into an integer from the scanner class. My program asks for a number, but if someone types a letter in it gives multiple errors and I would like to know how to avoid this. I think I would use a try, catch, but ...

24. changing letters in strings    java-forums.org

27. Hastable with String with Capitl Letter words    forums.oracle.com

28. Convert First Letter of String to Uppercase for each word.    forums.oracle.com

I thought about taking a String instead of a TextField but I think I already tried something like that and it didn't work. I need to get input from a text box that is in another class and convert the first letter every word to uppercase. It is quite possible that I made a stupid mistake so I'll try it again. ...

29. How to sort letters in String (Minimum Code)?    forums.oracle.com

You can make it with a simple algorithm but you need to show a little effort and try to get it done by yourself. Maybe a using the string.toCharArray() method and from this with any sorting algorithm (you can find them on google) and compareTo() method. Try to figure it out and then ask for specific help, if you bring some ...

31. How to figure out the alphabetically first letter of a string?    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I need to make a program that figures out the alphabetically first letter of a string recursively. I just wanted to know if somebody could give me a head start. The programs example is: Input: hello Output: The alpabetically first letter of your input is "e" I would like to know how to compare a character's alphabetical value with another ...

32. Incrementing every letter in a string that occupies an odd position.    forums.oracle.com

I don't think String.replace will do what you want. What happens when a single letter appears in an even-numbered position and then in a later odd-numbered position? Can you use StringBuilder? Or you can do a bunch of String appends (i.e., use StringBuilder implicitly), one character at a time, in a loop. By the way you haven't done the part where ...

33. Hot to replace a letter in String once (replaceAll)??    forums.oracle.com

Yeap this is it, but could you explain to me the following: if (ch < ' || ch > 'z') sb.append(ch); else if (ch <= 'e') sb.append((char) (ch - 5 + 26)); else sb.append((char) (ch - 5)); Whats is this append for? and why are you asking if ch if equal or smaller than 'e'??

34. String made up of only letters?    forums.oracle.com

35. Get Ascii value of a string letter    forums.oracle.com

Hi all, I want to make sure a password is (semi)secure. This means I have to check that the password contains at least one lower case, one uppercase and one number. I have the ascii codes and I loop through the password, taking out each letter in it using substring. How can I now compare each letter to the ascii ranges ...