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1. Java: Finding matches between Strings

Given 2 strings, I want to find the first match of at least four characters. This is the code I currently have to do it. It works correctly, but I'm thinking there ...

2. java string matching problem

I am facing a very basic problem. Some time small things can take your whole day :( but thank to stackoverflow memebers who always try to help :) I am trying to match ...

3. What's the difference between String.matches and Matcher.matches?

What's the difference between String.matches and Matcher.matches? Is there any difference in terms of performance or other things?

4. Java: method to get position of a match in a String?

String match = "hello";
String text = "0123456789hello0123456789";

int position = getPosition(match, text); // should be 10, is there such a method?

5. Java Quotation Matching

I'm not sure if this is a regex question, but i need to be able to grab whats inside single qoutes, and surround them with something. For example:

this is a 'test' ...

6. Matching Subset in a String

Let's say I have-

String x = "ab";
String y = "xypa";
If I want to see if any subset of x exists in y, what would be the fastest way? Looping is time ...

7. Why two same strings not matched under if condition....?

Can you tell me where i have done mistake in this program .

import java.awt.*;
import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
/*<Applet code="kk" height=400 width=400></applet>*/
public class kk extends Applet implements ActionListener
    Button b;

8. string matching problem?

i want to parse a textfile. if ":" occurs then i want to split the array in two pieces. the second piece gets investigated further: if it contains "in " (note ...

9. In Java, is it required a Collator for exact utf-8 string matching?

When comparing two utf-8 strings (one being the text and the other being the pattern to find) in java for an exact match, is it required to use a Collator or ...

10. string matching operation in java

string matching not being done properly in the code below when connected with database.Both values are same but corresponding operations are n0t performed.Can anyone help me rectifying this? Thanks in advance!

import ...

11. Java quick string matching (to associate a text to a category)

Suppose i have a post which is something like

  • TITLE: "WEB: SEO in 2011"
  • DESCRIPTION: "A conference talking about SEO in the web of the 2011"
also, i have a list of categories with ...

12. Return a list of suggested words if two strings match

I have class called ItemList, which is used to provide a list of suggested words for an auto-complete textfield. So as the user types a letter, a dropdown menu appears with ...

13. String Match How to implement

I have a class Matcher() as follows. find method accepts two strings: pattern (string to be looked for) and source (string where to look for). Example if pattern = "abc" and ...

14. Find first occurrence of any symbol of string in other string

I have a problem: I need to find first occurrence of any symbol from string s2 (or array of char) in string s1. Is there standard function for this purpose? If there ...

15. Maximum match for String

I am trying to write a method which will return me a code corresponding to a bank product which I need to pass to a web service. I have an array ...

16. Match a part of String using Reg Exp

Interesting. I've never seen that before. Are you using capturing parentheses to get part of the match? Assuming you wanted .* as opposed to .+

18. matching a string in a line

Hi, I am trying to read a file and looking for a specific word "drugs" in a line and trying to replace the word by "medicine" ------------------------------------------------------------------------- try { BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(objTemplateFile)); String str; while ((str = in.readLine()) != null) { System.out.println(str); if (str.matches("DQLString")) { System.out.println("we have a match"); } } in.close(); } catch (IOException e) {} -------------------------------------------------------------------- ...

19. String matching issue.

Given 2 String objects I need to determine at what charcater they differ. It's not a string regex. Oh java 5 solutions are possible. String 1) Foobar String 2) Foodoo would differ at character 4 String 1) Foobar String 2) Belair would differ at charater ZERO. Any suggestions on how to determine where 2 strings start differeing?

20. Matching a string with a list of values

Hi, I am in the midst of writing a validator. Basically, there are different tokens, each with multiple values. (For eg: HJ^23^SDF) with "^" being a delimiter separating the values inside a token. I need to ensure that each of these values falls within an accepted set of values, i.e For Token HJ, the first value can be <23,45,24,76> etc. I ...

21. best string matching algo...?

22. String. match functionality

Hi! I am using match functionality of String. I have written regex for indentifying following format data. (A or B) and (C or D) or (a OR b) and (c OR w) and (d OR m) but it does not work. Can any one suggest why it does not work ? if(!expression.matches(" \\s? [\\(\\w\\W\\s]+ [or|OR] [\\)\\w\\W\\s]+ [and|AND] [\\(\\w\\W\\s]+ [or|OR] [\\)\\w\\W\\s]+ \\s?")){ ...

23. Matching a String with a certain record

Thanks for the help! But here's another question along the same lines. Why does it have to be in a loop to work. I have tried this: while({ id = myResultSet.getInt("id"); firstname = myResultSet.getString("firstname"); lastname = myResultSet.getString("lastname"); System.out.println(this); }//end while loop //this pulls the last record from the while loop "John" why? if (firstname.equals("Chris")){ System.out.println("Chris is cool"); } //I tried this ...

24. retrieve a variable that matches a string?

The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts. Think only on those things that are in line with your principles and can bear the light of day. The content of your character is your choice. Day by day, what you do is who you become. Your integrity is your destiny - it is the light that guides your way. - ...

25. String matches

27. A beginner's question on String matching

Hello everyone, as you might see, I'm new here, and in general pretty much a newbie when it comes to Java. I'm working on a school assignment, and was wondering if anyone could help me find a simple solution to a problem that seems complicated at first sight. What I'm aiming to do is find the fastest way to match a ...

28. Problem matching two strings

29. Partial String match question

30. Cannot get Strings to Match

31. Match first word in a String

I'm writing a program to reorganize some music. And I have a special case where bands that begin with 'The' need to be organized differently. So I'm writing a method to rename the music directories, but I am having trouble figuring out how to determine if the artist name begins with 'The'. Can someone point me in the right direction as ...

32. word matching - String class

Hi. I've got array with few words in it for example: "Black cat", "White dog". I would like to search it nomater how i write words order and char sensitivity. If I write: "CAT black" it shows me that I got it in my array in first record as: "Black cat". I'm using char lowwer and upper case to ignore char ...

33. Using .matches() for visibly the same string returns False.

Question mark has a special meaning in regular expressions. A string containing question marks will not work as a pattern matching itself (except in specially crafted strings, perhaps). If you have two strings and you want to see whether they're identical, just use .equals(). Regular expressions are used for more complicated matching.

34. String.matches

35. Fastest way to ensure a String value matches "G", "N", "b" or any perm. of

I have an extremely time sensitive application ( microsecond to millisecond response time required ). Millions of transactions per second. One part of logic must ensure a user input of "XXX" where X can be any char "G", "N", "b". I am looking for something that would be faster than StringTokenizer("XXX") and comparing to "C", "F", "b". I created this static ...

36. String matching

37. How to search for Partially Matching strings.

the part that you want to be the same do you want to type it or do you want the program to do it for you automatically? if you want to do it automatically for you,i'm sorry but i cannot help you. but, if you want to give the part manually i suggest to take a look at the following classes:Pattern ...

38. Match string

39. Search String for exact match (a GREP program)

Hi all, i'm having some problems with creating a Grep clone. The only problem is, checking if a string has the exact match inside. I've already tried indexOf, but it returns a substring (for an example if we search the word program and the string has a word programming, it will not be right). I've googled out the Matcher methods, but ...

40. How to match the wrong string to the closes correct string and display it?

Good luck. Took me a month to come up with a halfway suitable solution. Do you want to optimize for spelling mistakes (you could use the Soundex algorithm then, though it's highly inefficient IMO) or typos (in which case I used an implementation of the Wagner-Fisher algorithm for measuring the Levenshtein String distance. I modified it to also evaluate the chance ...

41. Help with String.matches() method

42. cleaning words with string match

I have to clean a string based upon a list found on the set of stopwords (about 200 rows) I parsed the string and i filled a hashtable with each word. Now i want to delete the words which match from a given set. What kind of structure should i use to store these wors? and how can i compare without ...

43. Search for a matching String

Ooops..ok well what i want to do is in my jsp page i've got a text box which i can type values that i want to search . say i have following values in my db table 3500 6250 on my report i am getting these values and formatting like $3,500.00 , $6,250.00 So when i type in 3500 (searchword)in the ...

44. String.matches