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1. Java sort strings in codepoint (UTF-32) order    stackoverflow.com

Other than to convert to UTF-8 bytes, or write a compare function that iterates and compares, is there some method I'm missing in JDK 1.6 that compares two strings in full ...

2. Java UUID string representation natural ordering    stackoverflow.com

Say I have two UUID instances:

uuid1 = UUID.randomUUID();
uuid2 = UUID.randomUUID();
If those two compare such that uuid1 is less than uuid2 i.e.,
uuid1.compareTo(uuid2) // -1
is it always true that their string representations will ...

3. Sort String "13,5,8,4,2,1,9" in ascending order 1,2,4,5,8,9,13 in Java    stackoverflow.com

How can I sort a string "13,5,8,4,2,1,9" in ascending order, to get 1,2,4,5,8,9,13?

4. Get the next string, according to its natural ordering    stackoverflow.com

In Java, the class String implements Comparable, which means there's a total ordering on the String objects. This ordering is referred to as the class's natural ordering, and the class's ...

5. String comparison order in Java    stackoverflow.com

Are both the String comparison methods below considered to be equal

public class TestString {
    public static final String CONSTVAL="foo";

    public boolean testString1(String testVal) {

6. Comparing strings by their alphabetical order    stackoverflow.com

Good afternoon

String s1 = "Project";
String s2 = "Sunject";
I want to compare above string by their alphabetic order which in this case "Project" will be true as "P" comes before "S" ...

7. Storing Strings in Order    coderanch.com

I have a requirement to read data from a database and store the data in POJO instances. Each iteration of the resultset, i will instantiate a pojo and populate its attributes with the database data. I will then put the pojo into a list. One of the fields I am reading from the database and populating the POJO with is called ...

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9. String in alphabatic order    coderanch.com

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I have a string called schedule, for example: schedule = "^14%Paul's house?Group Meeting\n^9%Nutty Professor's Office?Office Hours\n^12%MegaBits?Lunch" After breaking it up using StringTokenizer, how do I return it into chronological order? Return the schedule for each day of the week as a String with the appointments listed in chronological order, starting with those for the first day of the week and ending ...

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14. Comparing two string in java regardless of length and order    forums.oracle.com

Hello all, I am working in a project right now and I wish to know how to compare 2 Strings regardless of length and order. For example: I want to compare Bodied and Bed and return true (as if it were a boolean). I just wish for advise on how to do it, and guidance on what methods I could use. ...

15. inserting string in ascending order    forums.oracle.com

i am sending snippet of my code please help me if(rs.last()) { rs_id=rs.getString("complain_id"); System.out.println(rs_id); if(tmp1.length()<2) { tmp1=rs_id.substring(5).trim(); System.out.println(tmp1); tmp1=rs_id.substring(4).trim(); System.out.println(tmp1); incmt=Integer.parseInt(tmp1); incmt=incmt+1; System.out.println(incmt); cf=rs_id.substring(0, 4).trim(); System.out.println(cf); } else if(tmp1.length()>2) { tmp1=rs_id.substring(4).trim(); System.out.println(tmp1); incmt=Integer.parseInt(tmp1); incmt=incmt+1; System.out.println(incmt); cf=rs_id.substring(0, 3).trim(); System.out.println(cf); } } else { cf="Prc001"; } cf=cf+incmt; System.out.println("Complain id to be inserted" + cf); psmt=con.prepareStatement("insert into problem_description values(?,?)"); psmt.setString(1, cf); psmt.setString(2, Problem_Description); psmt.addBatch(); ...

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17. Ordering a string and then working out its length    forums.oracle.com

Okay, I can see that for each character in the string, you're converting it to its hex representation. So for example if there was a "B" you would convert that to "42". That part looks okay. But now I'm stuck on your terminology. I don't know what it means to "order" a String or to "multiply" it. Maybe those are standard ...

19. Shorting My String Words in Alpabetic Order    forums.oracle.com

Sorry for my rude behaviour. But i believe in tit for tat @Neeraj.tcs: What didn't you understand about using the code tags? OK I guess you need it spelled out for you. your last statement of spelling the Code word distracted me and it appeared to me thatt it was rudely written, I thought that u r giving undue importance to ...

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21. program that asks for two strings and reports their lexicographical order    forums.oracle.com

I need some help with this program. I use compareto in my program, but my teacher does not want us to use that. So how do I do this program using CharAt and length string class. Can somebody get me started. Thanks A program that asks for two strings and reports their lexicographical ordering, i.e. as they would appear in a ...