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1. What is the best way to parse strings in Java

I have some friends making a text-based game in Java (what the hell?), and they're looking for the best way to parse strings for commands. They've come across many methods and ...

2. how to parse this string in java?

"prefix/dir1/dir2/dir3/dir4/.." how to parse the dir1,dir2 .. value out of the above string in JAVA? The prefix here can be : /usr/local/apache2/resumes

3. Java - Parse a Multi-delimited/dimensional String

I have the following string with separate delimiters that needs to be parsed out and I am running into a bit of a wall at the moment. example: category 1---category 2;subgroup 1||subgroup 2---subgroup ...

4. Looking for a Java User Agent String Parser

Does anyone know of a great library in java for parsing user agent strings? We have written a custom one, but this seems like a common problem for many people. ...

5. Java String parsing - {k1=v1,k2=v2,...}

I have the following string which will probably contain ~100 entries:

String foo = "{k1=v1,k2=v2,...}"
and am looking to write the following function:
String getValue(String key){
    // return the ...

6. Parsing an Object into a String

Hi there I am looking to parse an Object I have into a String so that I can enter it's value into a textfield. Here is a little snippet. TFname is the ...

7. string parsing in java

What is the best way to do the following in Java. I have two input strings

this is a good example with 234 songs
this is %%type%% example with %%number%% songs
I need to ...

8. Java: Parse Australian Street Addresses

Looking for a quick and dirty way to parse Australian street addresses into its parts:
3A/45 Jindabyne Rd, Oakleigh, VIC 3166 should split into:
"3A", 45, "Jindabyne Rd" "Oakleigh", "VIC", 3166 Suburb names can have ...

9. Parsing String to Time makes 01:00:00

When I do the following:

String start = request.getParameter("startp");
SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("hh:mm:ss");  
long ms=0;
try {
    ms = sdf.parse(start).getTime();
} catch (ParseException e1) {
Time ts ...

10. The String source is unknown while using the parse methode!

to parse a string to a date sql valid:

SimpleDateFormat df = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd");            
    java.util.Date date = ...

11. Need some ideas on how to acomplish this in Java (parsing strings)

Sorry I couldn't think of a better title, but thanks for reading! My ultimate goal is to read a .java file, parse it, and pull out every identifier. Then store them all ...

12. Parsing Java String with SGML

I have a Java String with SGML, something like this...

<misspell></misspell><plain>I</plain> <plain>know</plain> <plain>you</plain> <suggestion>ducky</suggestion> <plain>suck</plain> <plain>and</plain> <plain>I</plain> <plain>rocky</plain> <plain>rock</plain>
How do I parse it to get for instance say the text inside <suggestion> ...

13. java string parsing

I am trying to parse the client request and based on strucure trying to form a jTree.Sample request is below-

 ^class^="Voucher" MSISDN="566773" TopupValue="500" Tax="56"

14. Parsing information from Dentrix desktop application

My company wants me to parse information stored in Dentrix software and import it into our database. I want to extract appointments information (which I believe reside in APPT.DAT file) through java ...

15. Need help parsing strings in Java

I am reading in a csv file in Java and, depending on the format of the string on a given line, I have to do something different with it. The three ...

16. Parse string as if it was a command with params and options

I have this Java enum:

public enum Commands
    RESIZE_WINDOW("size -size"),
    CREATE_CHARACTER("create-char -name"),
    NEW_SCENE("scene -image"),
    DIALOG("d -who -words"),

17. String parsing in java

If I have a long string, say:

"blah blah blah blah blah .............. <ns:return>72.5</ns:return>......abcdejijalskjd;a;l&*^@#()&...."
and I want to extract the value in between the tag, how can I do that?

18. String Parsing in Java - how can I do this?

I have the following data:

Maths abc10 4 def08 6 ;  
English hrd45 3 ngh05 10 ; .  
The word at the beginning is a keyword which is also in ...

19. java parsing a string like "0:ADD(10)"

i am having a string array like this {"0:ADD(10)","1:ADD(20)"} how can i parse this and get the value '10','20' from this string , Scenario is : i am trying to write ...

20. How to parse ant like path

How do I parse paths such as /aaa/bbb/**/*.java as used in ant. I guess I could have looked into the source code. Is there is simple solution.

21. Java parsing string

I'm looking to parse the following string in java

<some lines here>
<(possibly) more lines here>
All lines end with a newline (\n) character. I'm looking to store the value pair once I find ...

22. Parsing HTTP query string in Java

Possible Duplicates:
Query String Manipulation in Java
Parsing query strings in Java
I have a string similar to name1=value&name2=value&name3=value. I need to parse ...

23. parse String into tokens based on the positions

I have this string "Name, Show starts on 14/08/09, your ticket is booked on 14/08/09" In this string i want to get the value StartDate, bookedDate and nameofthePerson as a individual tokens.This ...

24. java - how to make decision based on string

If you have a string like this volume-7,notcontact-xxxx,not_lightlevel-1280.0, and this string could vary with other options, like vibrate, light level, screen brightness etc...but the formatting would be the same...(setting-value,setting-value...) What would be ...

25. Parse GMT string to local

I've a date = 2011-04-17T22:02:00.001-07:00 that I'm parsing using SDF

SimpleDateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZ");
I It doesnt support -07:00 but -0700 works. What should change in the format?

26. Java - Need Parse Help for dollar amounts

I'm trying to figure out a way to parse the "$" and "," out of a dollar amount. For example, say I have a String that is $5,600. I need to ...

27. How to use String object to parse input in Java

I'm creating a command line utility in Java as an experiment, and I need to parse a string of input from the user. The string needs to be separated into components ...

28. Parsing a currency String in java

Suppose I'm supplied with a String which is like "$123,456,56.25" or "123'456.67" or something similar to this (with digits and a decimal point and some seperator like , or ' or ...

29. parse inputs in a string table

Hi i have this part of code, I want to make a string table with some inputs but i get this error

 Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NumberFormatException: null

30. String Parsing in Java

I am trying to parse a string something like this: Input "20:00" - output would be "20" Input "02:30" - output would be "2" Input "00:30" - output would be "". This is how I ...

31. parsing a string

I have string which will be in the format of <!-- accountId="123" activity="add" request="add user" --> Number of parameters and the order is random. I need to get the value of request, ...

32. Parsing repeating groups from a string

I'm currently taking in a string which is being dividing

The makeup of the string is such that ~^ divides attributes and ~! marks groups. Groups have an attribute preceding them ...

33. JAVA - Parsing into 2 strings total

I have a string which I want to split using a certain set of delimiters, but I would like to split it into 2 strings exactly. This means that if the ...

34. Java String Parsing and Evaluating

All, I am in the process or rewriting some code that I wrote a while back. The objective of the code was to calcualte a date and time based on a ...

35. An efficient way to parse the following string?

I'm getting the following response from a server in the form of a String... value_one=3342342&value_two=456344445&value_three=235333223 What would be an efficient way to parse this? Everything I can come up with is pretty messy. ...

36. Parsing specific elements of a String in Java

I want to read Object from string expression. eg: I have following string:

now I want to read Object1=3; Object2=2; Object3=1 or Object1=3; Object2=null; Object3=1. How can I read it in Java. ...

37. How to parse Java code stored in a string

How can I parse Java code stored in a String? Example:

String s = "int i = 2; System.out.println(\"the number is: \" + i);";

38. Parse this string in Java

i'm new to Java . How can i obtain right values of each line (second value of the dash separated pair)

Autorul-Stefan DenumireaCartii-Popovici CuloareaCartii-Verde ...

39. Is there a good method for parsing the user-agent string?

I have a Java module that receives the User-Agent string from an end user's browser needs to behave slightly differently depending on the type of browser, the version of the browser ...

40. Parse string starting from the end

I want to split string around only the last _ character , example:some_string_foo_bar into two substrings some_string_foo bar. I tried to use Pattern and StringTokenizer, but they always start from the beginning ...

41. Parse a string in Java

I have strings formatted similar to the one below in a Java program. I need to get the number out.

Host is up (0.0020s latency).
I need the number between the '(' ...

42. What is the best approach to parse a String type to other numeric types available in Java?

Let's consider the following code snippet in Java. There are some of possible approaches (that I know) to parse a String value to other numeric types (Let's say for the sake ...

43. Parse string with delimiter ";" (java)

I have a string = "1.515 53.11 612.1 95.1 ; 0 0 0 0" I'm tring to parse it via this code:

public class SendThread implements Runnable {
    public void ...

44. String converting to Stack/ Parsing

Do you know what a Stack is? If I were you I would start by researching what a Stack data structure is. For example a quick google search came up with ...

45. how to parse an address string

P: 4 pranyht given an address in a string, i need to parse the address from the string and return the structure Address. Signature: Address parseAddress(String address) Input: String with address(e.g. ...

46. Parsing Strings in Java

47. string parsing

ok i got a big problem , but i think , someone has alredy found a solution to it, so i thought to search for it, but i didnt find any, so i m posting it here, Problem 1: String st="my name is [*name*] [*surname*]. " Hashtable ht=new Hashtable(); ht.add("name","Jigar"); ht.add("surname","Gosar"); now i call a method, String processString(String st,hashTable ht); now ...

48. String parsing

Show us what you did with split (some code) and what you got. I like to use delimited strings like this one, with the delimiter first. When you make the string you can choose any delimiter you like. When you parse the string you take the first character for the delimiter. So much cooler than trying to hard code a delimiter ...

49. string parsing

You should look at the String and StringTokenizer classes. You may also want to look at the classes available in the java.util.regex package. There are plenty of examples available in the Java Tutorial, API docs, and elsewhere online so we shouldn't need to repeat them here. Try using Google if you don't know how to find them. Layne

50. parsing string in java

hi i am currently facing one problem i have one string like this "23-aug-2004" other string is like "25-aug-2005" i need to parse these srtings and get the difference between them in no of days. i have used parse function DateFormat df = new SimpleDateFormat("dd-MM-yyyy"); Date d22 = df.parse(d1); Date d23 = df.parse(d2); but using this i can only compre strings ...

51. String parsing

Hi I was wandering if i could receive soem assistance with th following problem: I need to parse a string(like this example): "This will be a @@test@@ string" and basically extract the word between the @@'s and replace it with a value from a properties file. My problem is developing an algorithm to do this. I have the following constraints: cannot ...

52. String Parsing Help

Hi All, I am getting a string from database of type varchar(998) , what i want to do is to break this string up into different tokens based on its length. Lets say for example i am having 10 fields on my screen, then i want to assign the first two chracters of the String to the first field, next 10 ...

53. String parsing

54. java class to parse a command line string

I don't understand how to go about coding this: write a java class (console application) to parse a command line string and evaluate it (only + and - operators allowed). The string may or may not contain spaces. I don't understand what this means, is this the output: java ParseEval 3.5 - 7.0 + 8.1 how would one code this....

55. Parsing Strings

Hi there! I am working on parsing some strings and cannot figure out how to do something. Say I have the following String: FC5_P1595_PBUF0034_P1595_FC6 I know I can use the split method to get the following: FC5 P1595 PBUF0034 P1595 FC6 However, is there some way of only returning the text in between the token like this: P1595 PBUF0034 P1595 I ...

57. Parsing a String

Hi all, Let me first say that I have posted this in sun forums and it didnt work out for me. I am reframing my question here for your valuable suggestions and comments. This is the general format in which I get data from database(This is an example where the group names and user names are variables and the other syntax ...

58. Stupid question: parsing a string

I know, I know. But it just seemed like the sort of thing I should already know. There are just some things that you feel a little silly when you realize you don't know how to do, or at least not what you consider a good way. Thanks for the tip, btw, it's exactly what I was looking for.

59. Parsing of String

Tokenizing is the only way to go, however if you insist on doing it yourself. . . . Well you can use indexOf(String str, int pos); If you look for the delimiter (in this case ":") starting at 0, using a variable for pos. Each time you get a hit output the characters from the last hit to this hit using ...

60. parsing strings

62. Another method of parsing a command line string

I would like to thank the previous person who helped me with this. I am writing a java application to parse a command line string such as java ParseEval 3.5 - 7.0 + 8.1. Only + and - operations are allowed. The string can contain spaces. I am at the point where I can find the position of the + or ...

63. parsing comma delimited string

64. parse String

indexOf looks like it is teh way to go. I am familiar with the javadoc. I was just looking for advice on which particular String method to use. The javadoc did not provide enough information for me to make the best decision on which of the many methods to use. Thanks for the comments.

65. Better way to string parse ?

Andrew, I believe that your solution is better. I can glance at your code and see exactly what you are trying to do. Yes, you have 4 lines of code that look the same, but so what. "hi me"'s code is very obfuscated and will be difficult to maintain. The programmers that have to review or maintain the code will thank ...

66. Help with parse string into object

67. Java String parsing help

Hi All, i have been struck on String parsing. i have a string like this given bellow. String s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it will changed according to the data. but some values will changes this values will be add to the string like 0104,0204,0304,0404 these will be present in the string. the length also will be changes. i ...

68. Parse * delimited string

69. Parsing out names from String

Hi Jehan, I guess an even simpler way to do this is to use the split() method of class String. You can call with a space character as delimiter (for the parsing) and it will return an array Strings which are in your case the parts of a name: String result[] = "John B. Doe".split(" ") After that you will of ...

70. Parse String

I am taking a string input from the command line using a buffered reader and storing in a string. This specific string is in the form USE ON where an item can be one or more words. I am trying to store these two specified items in two separate strings, I have had trouble with both the string tokenizer ...

71. how to parse this string ?

72. String parsing

There are several ways to do it, depending on what exactly you need to get. As Sebastian said, if you know you always need characters x through y, you'd go about it one way. if you know you need everything after "F:" and everything before ":IS-NR", you'd do something else. It really all depends on HOW you can determine what you ...

73. parse a string

How can i parse an expression of the type(8+9*7/9) which i input as a string.I want every number as well as symbol seperated.This cannot be done directly by using split() function as for using it i will have to reformat the expression as(8 + 9 * 7 / 9) which is not possible to do.I was using split(" ").Please help.Thanks

74. Help With Parsing a String Please

Okay, thanks for the explanation. I need to pull the dates as whole dates (not seperating out month or day or year). There will never be a comma inside a single field. The format will always be the 4 values in this comma-seperated format: "IBM",123.65,+0.84,"2/11/2010" I've been playing with the split() method and it seems to be doing the job. Thank ...

75. How to parse the hours and mins string?

That doesn't support using words like "hours" and "minutes". I think regular expressions can help you out. You want the following: 1) a number, any number of spaces, the word "hours" - the number is the number of hours 2) a number, any number of spaces, the word "minutes" - the number is the number of minutes 3) a combination of ...

76. Parsing time string

Hi, I'm in a need of an advice for parsing specific time strings (duration) to get the number of seconds. The time string can be either X,Y - number, one or two digit "Xh Ymn" or "Xmn Ys" or "Xs Yms" (output of mediainfo command line interface) and I need a way of converting it into seconds or milliseconds. I though ...

77. String Parsing

78. String parse

write down how you'd tell me to do the same thing, in english. That is the hard part. Giving an example isn't enough. You need to spell out step by step how it should be handled, and what assumptions you are making. Is the pattern always "letter, digit, comma" repeated some number of times? is the ellipses actually in your string, ...

79. parse string to time

80. Parse large String data

There may be more optimized ways... One I can think off -> StringBuffer result = new StringBuffer("iojsdfgs|o9df^u7389rurnw$8er7|h9weu"); //Using buffer because the string length can grow to be a large string for (String token : result.toString().split("[|^$]")) { System.out.println(token); } Leave the String array and String creations on java, but only if you are certain that the sockets will return you the string ...

81. Problem with string parsing.

Hello, I am working on a project for school where we need to open zip file, read content of each file within zip (which are all text files) and parse string from those files. I need to isolate name and integer corresponding to each name. I will paste code now here, and then tell you what is the problem. Java Code: ...

82. String Parsing Problem

Here's the code Java Code: import java.util.Scanner; public class Statistics { public enum Courses {Programming, Logic, Hardware, DiscreteMathematics, MathematicalMethods, ComputerSystems, Graphics}; public static void main(String[] args) { Statistics stats = new Statistics(); stats.parseInput(); } private void parseInput(){ Course cs = new Course(); Scanner sc = new Scanner(; String token; int index = 0; while (sc.hasNext()) { token =; if (isCourseToken(token)) ...

83. String Parsing

A little bit of (hopefully helpful advice): 1) Don't do this: String name = new String(); Strings are immutable. Why create an object just to destroy it? 2) Look into using the split(" ") method of String. This will create a String array that can be easily manipulated. You can read about it in the String API. Good luck.

84. Parse an object in to a string

Hi everyone!!! I would like to help me parsing an object (class object) into a string, I know that Class object has a method called toString( ), but this method return a reference of the object. I want get the information inside the object parse in to a string.... Any help!!!! Thanks!!!

85. Slightly confused with string parsing problem

Given: possibly infinite stream of characters from stdin. If it detects the pattern "xxx" it outputs a "0". If it detects the pattern "xyx" it outputs a "1". Example : xxyxyxxxyxxx will produce 100 Limitation(strange job assignment) : 1) Do not detect pattern inside patterns ( i think this means no more FSA-like algorithms(look ahead); example if you ...

86. string parse

3. you could find the position of the last "-" and do a substring() call from that position + 1 to obtain the trimmed string Really, when you say last, you mean the last of the leading hyphens, because the actual last hyphen is in the middle of 058-JLP3, which you don't want to remove. So really, this boils down to ...

87. Parsing strings for variables

I'm still rather new to Java and I'm attempting to write a program that reads a file and counts the number of times numbers appear. I've been able to read/write whole strings/lines but have been unable to parse the string into separate variables. I know that I need to set up some type of pattern matching, but haven't been able to ...

88. string parse

str = "xyz, jfu, iop, kli" //final string str = "'xyz','jfu','iop',kli" need to parse the above str to final string. str= str.replaceAll(", ", ","); str= "'" + str.replaceAll(",", "','") + "'"; I tried the above but it'll remove spaces only after , character. How to trim before and after spaces entered and also put single quotes for each string in str. ...

89. Parsing a string

90. string parsing

91. Parsing Strings

92. Parse the String

if (lString.length() > 0) { if (lString.startsWith("d")) { dirs.append(sString.trim() + lineTerm); debugPrint("Dir: " + sString); } else if (lString.startsWith("-")) { files.append(sString.trim() + lineTerm); debugPrint("File: " + sString); } else { // actually, symbolic links will start with an "l" // (lowercase L), but we're not going to mess with // those debugPrint("Unknown: " + lString); } } }

93. String parse

94. parsing strings -beginer question

95. Parsing strings - baffling problem

It appears that you have some characters there which look like digits but aren't really digits. The obvious culprit would be capital-letter-O instead of digit-0 but what you posted (did you copy and paste?) doesn't look like that's the case. Anyway print out the Unicode values of the 4 characters which look like "1000" and see what you get. (Cast each ...

96. Challenging String parsing problem...

I have an interesting problem. I currently have a String Vector with 3 long String elements in it: (1)(1)(2)(2) (1)(1)(2)(2) (1)(1)(2)(2) I need to look in each string for "test1" and "test2" in each enclosed number (Pass if both found, Fail otherwize), and then display it next to the "buttonid." For example I would want my program to output the following ...

97. string parsing not working in Java

hi I am using the following code to construct a string and i see that it seems that the correct string is made but the application does not run if i just cut n paste the same string into command prompt it works fine . please advise : also note iam costructing string in two way , but using stringbuffer and ...

98. Parsing Input Strings

EDIT: My bad. Didn't see the "I want to get the first number out of the string" at first. However, that's still a bit vague. "abc-123.4e5" Do you want only positive integers, that is, 123? Do you want only integers, that is, -123? Do you want only positive numbers, that is, 123.4? Do you want any floating point number, not counting ...

99. Parsing a string

I know its crazy..I cant change the schema...Im coverting legacy Pro*C code to java...and I ran into a road block.. ('MCKINNEY','TX'),('ALLEN','TX'),('ANNA','TX') what I get back from the database...the form takes up to five textarea boxes and puts them in a string and VOILA if they were individual wouldnt even be a problem

100. String parsing quetion