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1. Remove leading zero's from alphanumeic text

I've seen questions to prefix zeros here in SO. But not the other way !! Can you guys suggest me how to remove the leading zeros in alphanumeric text. Are there any ...

2. How to remove " " from java string

I have a java string with " " from a text file the program accesses with a Buffered Reader object. I have tried string.replaceAll(" ","") and it doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?

cleaned ...

3. Remove last set of value from a comma separated string in java

I wan to remove the last set of data from string using java. For example I have a string like A,B,C, and I want to remove ,C, and want to get the ...

4. Removing strings from another string in java

Lets say I have this list of words:

 String[] stopWords = new String[]{"i","a","and","about","an","are","as","at","be","by","com","for","from","how","in","is","it","not","of","on","or","that","the","this","to","was","what","when","where","who","will","with","the","www"};
Than I have text
 String text = "I would like to do a nice novel about nature AND people"
Is ...

5. Removing duplicates from a string in java

I am trying to iterate through a string in order to remove the duplicates characters. For example the string aabbccdef would become abcdef It is just a string, not a string array and ...

6. How can I remove the last 2 words in a string?

I have got a string containing an address and I want to remove the post code which is the last 2 words. eg 21 Lane Street London W10 2GH I want 'W10 2GH' ...

7. Removing backslash in string object

I have a URL like this: http:\/\/\/example in a string object. Can somebody tell me, how to remove the backslashs? I am programming for an blackberry system, in case that is of ...

8. Remove web address from string

Input is

Catch up on all episodes and series at ChannelChooser. - Cached - Similar  
I want to the remove web address and terms like cached,similar.I need ...

9. remove the last part of a string in java

String Y="part1 part2 part3",X="part1";

boolean foundMatch = false;
while(!foundMatch) {
    foundMatch = Y.equals(X);
    if(foundMatch) {

10. Removing whitespace from strings in Java

I have a string like this:

mysz = "name=john age=13 year=2001";
I want to remove the whitespaces in the string. I tried trim() but this removes only whitespaces before and after the ...

11. How to remove string "\u001b[1m" in java

After I receive a content response of the server, and print the content to console and I realize existing of the string "\u001b[1m", and I think it's the reason I can't ...

12. how to remove   in a String in java

Possible Duplicate:
How to remove “ ” from java string
I copy a part of a string which includes &nbsp also from a webpage and paste it. ...

13. Remove div tag from string

I have a string as follows:

This is a sample <b>String</b> I want to <div style="font-size:22px"> replace it fast </div>
How can I remove <div> start and </div> end tag from ...

14. Remove duplicate values from a string in java

Can anyone please let me know how to remove duplicate values from

String s="Bangalore-Chennai-NewYork-Bangalore-Chennai"; 
and output should be like
String s="Bangalore-Chennai-NewYork-";
using Java.. Any help would be appreciated.

15. Removing redundant string in paths

I would like to modify a path such that if the subsequent name starts with (not equals) a preceding name then only the name difference is used. Examples:

/a/a     ...

16. Remove duplicates from String

Here is my code,

   public static String set_x_dates()
    int noRecords = GlobalData.getNoRecords();
    int n;
    String date = ...

17. How to remove the degrees celsius symbol from a string (java)

I've been trying to remove the degree Celsius symbol from the following string for a few hours now. I've looked at prior posts and I see that /u2103 is the unicode ...

18. How to remove large if-else-if chain

Possible Duplicate:
Long list of if statements in Java
I was tasked to work with some code, and there is a giant if-else-if chain (100+ else-ifs) ...

19. How to remove a new line of a string (Java)?

I have a string and it has the text and then a new blank line after it. How do I get rid of the blank line?

20. Removing part of a String

I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out to to remove part of a string. I am using the java.util.TimeZone to retrieve time zone "ids" but I want to ...

21. Java Annotations removing string literals from them?

Not sure if this is a decent question or not but here it goes. We are trying to implement a UI testing framework (selenium web-driver) and want to use a ...

22. How do I remove all punctuation that follows a single word in Java?

I need to remove punctuation following a word. For example, word?! should be changed to word and string: should be changed to string. Edit: The algorithm should only remove punctuation at ...

23. How to remove a Colon inside a String at a Specific Position

String text= "2011-11-19T00:00:00.000-05:00";
I have the above String . As the date above is not in RFC format , i want to remove the colons in the string at 05:00 So taht ...

24. Remove last element of string

25. Removing zeros in front of a string

I guess he means only to suppress some of the Zeros: 000000042 ....00042 (x=4). printf or regexp could help: public void printfTrim (String number, int x) { int len = number.length () - x; String formatString = "Number %1$s with %2$d 0s suppressed: %3$0" + len + "d\n"; int value = Integer.parseInt (number); System.out.printf (formatString, number, x, value); } public void ...

26. Removing or replacing a enter key chararcter from a string??

Enter key could be a character sequence of \n\r or just \n. So first obtain the index of the character sequence i.e. \n\r or \n, using the indexOf() method on your string. Then create a string buffer StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer(String str); After this use the delete function on the string ubffer to delete the character sequence and the convert ...

27. How to remove \ from a String

28. How to remove Numeric values from a String

Hi, I have a requirement where i get values such as db1,tl1,pm100,dev78 from the databse into a drop down box but while taking the value i need to take it as only db,tl,pm,dev. Can anyone give me a java method to remove the numeric values in the String obtained, so that only string data is taken from it. Please send your ...

29. remove " from String

30. Removing Padding of a string

Dale If the underscores are at the same place all the time you can use the StringBuffer delete() method. it takes two arguments (both ints) the index to start at he index +1 to end at. If the strings are always the same length you can just use constant ints or use the length() method to determine the length and get ...

31. Removing ' from string.

32. removing a sequence from ANY string

hi, wondering if anyone could help me out here. I have HTML source code in a string called urlString. In the code, there is a sequence: How do I find this in the string? I want to be able to do this for any HTML source code I have. So basically I want: aString = "key,HTML,cat,dog" But in ...

33. remove "." from string

Originally posted by Nee Kat: I am getting an IPaddress in this form: String ip_address = "172.17.91"; I want to remove the "." and convert this to an integer e.g. (Convert "172.17.91" to 1721791) But replaceAll() is not working and if I use replace() then I am unable to substitute "." with blank spaces. And if I substitute with a blank ...

35. Removing linefeed from String.

If the newline(s) are on the end, the normal trim() will remove whitespace, including line feeds and tabs. If they are in the middle you can use String.replace("\n", " ") to convert them to blanks, which avoids running words together that used to be on different lines. See if either of those do what you need.

36. removing last occurence from string

37. Removing a word from a String

Originally posted by Ben Wong: Hi I am trying to remove a word from a String. I was using the replaceAll("theword", "") method but it can sometimes affect the other words in the String. e.g. if im trying to remove "oil" the words containing that will be affected such as "foil" or "boil". Any solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

38. removing multiple ocurences in a string

39. remove carriage return from string

Hi All, I need to remove all "ENTERs" present from a string, may that be \n or \r or anything. I did search this forum but could not find a suitable answer. I even googled but to no avail. In the code, I have used System.getParameter("line.separator") to find the line separator and remove the same from the string. The problem is ...

40. which string function to remove whitespace between two strings

hello , i want to remove spaces between 2 strings . the trim function in string will remove only leading and trailing whitespaces. but is there any string function in java such that the for example str=" javahorn forum" i want to remove the whitespace between javahorn and forum such that it displays as str=" javahornforum"

41. String - Remove dashes from text

42. Removing dahes out of string

43. remove comma separator from a string of values

I am appending four values in a string. If four values are available the comma separator shows like test1, test2, test3, test4 which is fine. But if the last value is not available it shows like test1, test2, test3, which does not look good. I want to remove this comma(,) separator from test1, test2, test3, string if the last value(test4) is ...

44. remove duplicate word in the string

import java.util.HashSet; import java.util.Set; public class StringTest { public static void main(String[] args) { String s= "I came I saw I left"; Set s = new HashSet(); for (String a : args) if (!s.add(a)) System.out.println("Duplicate detected: " + a); System.out.println(s.size() + " distinct words: " + s); } } i am getting complier error..please help i am trying to remove duplicate ...

45. Removing words from a String

46. Removing All Commas from a String

47. How to remove comma before an String?

What determines which comma is to be removed? Is it always the last comma? Have you read the API doc for the String class? There are methods that will find the location of Strings and methods that will get parts of a String. Find the location of the last comma, get the String before it and the String after it and ...

48. Remove part of a string

49. How to remove text up to second full stop in a string

Hi, Good afternoon to every one. I want to know the java syntax to remove text up to second full stop in a string. For example, a string "Behav.Skills.Discipline" is there. Here i want to remove the text up to the second full stop and store in another variable. According to the above example, i want only "Discipline" as the result. ...

50. Efficient way to remove parts of strings

I'm parsing logs from a game server as well as handling some messages received directly from it. If the data received is from the log, it has certain characters at the beginning of the string I read in, otherwise it doesn't. However, I want to remove those "junk" characters at the beginning of the string that I get from the logs ...

51. Removing special charecter from string

52. How to remove string?

First do a String.contains() to make sure the string you're looking for exists in the sentence. If it does, then look through the sentence in chunks that are the size of the target string using String.substring(). When you find the starting and ending index where the match occurs, create a new String based on the remaining sections.

53. how to remove new line from string

54. removing speech marks from a String?

55. remove leading zeros from string

56. Removing String inside String

Hi guys... i am not new to java... however I am encountering a problem which i could not solve... here is the problem... I have string characters collected from the database. I am suppose to compare the string in the database with regular expression that i had created. If some part of the database matches the regular expression that i had ...

57. Removing square brackets from a String

Hi everyone, i am using this code to clean from stirng unwanted characters. String str; // using regular expression to eliminate disallowed characters such as (!,",;... Global.disAllowedCharacter) // from incoming string str = text.replaceAll("[*\"'^+%&/()=?!_#{}\\|-~`;,.:\\n r ]+", Global.replacer); But I cannot remove [] characters from a string. How can i remove "[","]" square brackets and "$" characters from string? Thanks for responses. ...

59. How to remove end of line from string?

60. To remove empty lines from string

Hi, In my application, when I open a paeg, am getting the javascript werror such as " Run time error. do you wish to debug? Unterminated String constant" . I understood that, the textarea had blank lines in between. The solution I got from net was to Disable script chacking in Tools->Advanced tab. But I would like to fix it from ...

61. remove tabs from string

62. URGENT!!!...How would you remove part of a string and print it again???

Hi, i have the following in an input file: 123456789, ahmed, esha, history, 008, 90 123456789, ahmed, esha, english, 208, 88 123456789, ahmed, esha, calculus, 933, 99 123455555, kim, daniel, calculus, 999, 80 123455555, kim, daniel, english, 333, 98 ........................................................etc I have to print out the the following in the output file: 123456789, ahmed, esha, history, 008, 90, english, 208, 88, ...

63. Help! Removing all punctuation from a string

hmm don't see anything wrong with it. How would you suggest a better solution, a case statement for punctations would work I guess, I don't know what he might consider punctuations. this function would remove everything thats not a letter space or number, so the user may still want certain symbols in wich case I would suggest a switch statement.

64. Removing punctuation from the beginning and end of a string

I am working on a project for a "spell checking" program. So far the StringHash class is made, and the dictionary is read into a hash table. Then the document to be checked is specified via command line, the document scans through each word and checks to see if it is in the dictionary, if it is do nothing, if it ...

65. removing Enter or new line from the string.

66. Remove unicode from a string

I have one string description, which contains the description from an rss feed, and I have another string content, which contains the content of a HTML page with out the tags. I am using the description string to locate the start of a news story within the content string. However the description string gets its content from the xml file and ...

67. Remove String in a String

68. Removing text out of a string variable...

69. remove some portion of the String

Hi, My problem is String contains data is artist1 title1 -1 artist2 title2 2 artist3 title3 -1 artist4 title4 2 i want to remove some portion of the string like artist2, title2, 2 so my updated string should be like artist1 title1 -1 artist3 title3 -1 artist4 title4 2 Here i am using [code]String.replaceAll("artist2",""); String.replaceAll("title3",""); String.replaceAll("2","")("[\code] its deleting whole data in ...

70. Q: remove whitespace from a String

71. Removing part of a String

73. removing parts of a string

75. how to remove words from string

Backslashes within string literals in Java source code are interpreted as required by the Java Language Specification as either Unicode escapes or other character escapes. It is therefore necessary to double backslashes in string literals that represent regular expressions to protect them from interpretation by the Java bytecode compiler. The string literal "\b", for example, matches a single backspace character when ...