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1. replace the string by position

I am having difficulty in understanding you. Are you saying that regardless of how many times the method is called and how many of the conditions hold true, you only want to replace the letter E? If so then add a nested if statement to check if the letter at that location is an E before replacing it.

2. string replace

3. help with String replace method

4. converting document into string and replacing a string

1. "My output is not what I want," doesn't really contain any useful information. Exactly what output did you expect and exactly what did you get? 2. Read the docs for replaceAll very carefully. And keep in mind that strings are immutable. 3. FileWriter does not override toString. You can't just print a FileWriter and expect it to dump out the ...

5. How to do replace operations on string.

6. Replace String with another String

Hello can anyone help me. I want to replace a string with another string Example 1: String str1 = "cook"; String str2 = "goat"; str1 = str2 Example 2: String strReplace = rowData.get(y).replaceAll(rowData.get(y), "--"); rowData.get(y) = strReplace; I already used replace() method of string but it only replaces 1 character. I want to replace all the String to another String value. ...

7. Replacing pieces of a String from a configuration

And it goes on and on. So what I had so far was to actually open the file, bring it in line by line and search each line for the phrases to look for, which works but I just don't know how to replace the text after the phrase, such as the info after the 5 in the example above.

8. replace ever "anArray[1]" in a String...

9. String Replace

10. Problem with String replace

11. unable to replace String using Matcher...

would you kindly explain why lookahead and -behind is necessary in this case, respectively why the percent sign is included in the original attempts' match? It is a non-alphanumeric character after all. Or is % used as a special character in the source string similar to the $ sign for group denomination?

12. Replace one Strig for another string

Hello, I have one String and I want to replace for another. The problem is that I want to replace only if the String have some character. Here one example: String1 = "This is a text \"Hello I'm new in Java\" that I have" String2 = "Hello" newString = "This is a text \"The new String\" that I have"; Does not ...

14. Replacing a String

15. replace a string

16. To replace commas in a string at a given condition

Thanks for the reply. I have a string like xyz,ffg,jhjhjh,,,,fg, Means i am getting some values which i have to set in a text area But i dont want to replace all , by \n . If i am doing this i am replacing each comma by a new line So it will be shown like: xyz ffg jhjhjh fg Means ...

17. How to replace \ with \\ in java String?

18. String replace

Hi I just want to replace a line with a word irrespective of its case. For Example: String line="Have A Nice Day"; if i replace "a" with "aaaa"; i want the output as, Haaaave aaaa Nice Daaaay; so that lower case "a" and upper case "a" is replaced with "aaaa". And all other characters must remain in the same case. i ...

19. String replace (first occurence)

20. String Replace string in between

21. why does this string replace all not work?

22. String replace with varargs

23. how to replace string

24. Replacing string '\' with '/'

Hi thanks for your suggestions... It is really helpful and it works..i have done in the following way. StringBuffer env = new StringBuffer(System.getenv("configpath")); String repla="/"; System.out.println("before the env is" + env); for(int i=0; i< env.length();i++){ if(env.charAt(i)==' ') { String b =new Character(env.charAt(i)).toString(); env.replace(i,i+1,repla); } } Edited by: fdfddf on Apr 13, 2008 12:32 AM Edited by: fdfddf on Apr 13, 2008 ...

25. Probelm with String replace !

As said before, there doesn't seem to be any regex special characters in your pattern (if there were, you could just put \Q and \E around it); so I am guessing that there are special characters in your replacement string. In the replacement string, the backslash (\) and dollar sign ($) are special (they indicate capturing groups), so make sure to ...

26. I have a String can I replace them?

I see your point. You want recognition. Your last posts dont seem to be very helpful. Neither do they benifit you of any positve reward since your motives are clearly visible. Those posts reveal so much with what you are after. Even if I will reward you the smallests of rewards you desire, the actual result of your willingness to help ...

27. String replace function not working?

28. string replace problem

29. Error with string.replace

30. How do i do a Advance replace string logic?

31. querry..about replacing the string in arraystring object

This is what iam trying to do Iam trying to write a function which expands the template string say "||noun|| is a man with great ||adjective||" u can c there are words 'noun' and 'adjective' within the template..Iam given seperate functions called nounGenerator() and adjectiveGenerator() to generate random word into that template..I THINK SO FAR Iam clear iam given a class ...

32. how to use replace(CharacterSequence, CharacterSequence) in String class

replace public String replace(CharSequence target, CharSequence replacement)Replaces each substring of this string that matches the literal target sequence with the specified literal replacement sequence. The replacement proceeds from the beginning of the string to the end, for example, replacing "aa" with "b" in the string "aaa" will result in "ba" rather than "ab". Parameters: target - The sequence of char values ...

33. Regarding String Replacing ....

34. Error replacing strings with \ in them

The string in replace is a regular expression. The "\" is a special character in regex. The "\" is a also a special (escape) character in Java. To put a "\" in a string in Java you need " ". To put a "\" in a regex you also need " ". "\n" means new line in Java. I believe "\n" ...

35. replace string

Hi All, I have one String str1 = "123 678 8910"; I have another String str2 = "000 111 0000 0000"; I am looking for the way and if possible sample code to replace value of str2 with str1 based on byte position. How can I replace value of postion 2-5 from str1 with value of 3-6 from str2.

36. how to replace \t\t in a String?

38. replacing string block with another string

If it really has a complete XML structure, I would actually advocate an XML Parser (the JKD includes a SAX and a DOM parser). If it is not complete (i.e. missing a few closing tags, whatever) then read the String API doc for the replaceFirst and replaceAll methods, and the API doc for the Pattern and/or Matcher Classes to get the ...

39. Replace n:th string

Anyone have a nice suggestion for how to replace the n:th string in a string. Example lets say we have text = "wooho wooho wooho". And i want to call text.replace("wooho", "blaha", 2); Which would replace the second occurence in the string so that it would return "wooho blaha wooho". Any suggestions?

40. Replacing data within a string

41. Replace a string

42. replace all in a string

43. String replacement

Hello; i want to replace the < and > char's with & gt ; and & lt ; to prevent html tag injection....but the function below returns me the same thing... incoming.replaceAll("<"& gt ;"); incoming.replaceAll(">","& lt ;"); return incoming; incoming return value is same with does not replace anything...where is the mistake; please help thanks Message was edited by: netsonicc ...

44. Replace Single Backward Slash in Java String

If I understand well, the javacript frontend is broken and you cannot do anything about it. You only control the java code. If this is the case, you never receive the backslash in java. Check this by System.out.println() every single character from the strings you receive. If so, I have no idea what you can do.

45. Problem in replacing the String in a Fille.

Hi, Thanx for ur rly.. Ur suggestion is helpful, but I am reading the big file and the replacement will be done within first 10 lines. Thats why I didnt preferred the method which you suggested. Is it possible to do using the RandomAccessFile class or not?? can you answer this one...