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1. java replaceAll()

What is the regular expression for replaceAll() function to replace "N/A" with "0" ? input : "N/A" output : "0" thanx

2. Java: str.replaceAll() not working

I'm trying to cleanse one String from another.

before = before.replaceAll(Constants.GENE_START_SEQUENCE, "");
And yet, the following assertion sometimes fails:
assert before.indexOf(Constants.GENE_START_SEQUENCE) == -1 : before;
This is what the assert spits out:

3. String replaceAll method (Java)

I have following problem, Code:

String a="Yeahh, I have no a idea what's happening now!";
a=a.replaceAll("a", "");
Before removing 'a', result: Yeahh, I have no a idea what's happening now! Actual Result: After removing 'a', result: Yehh, I hve ...

4. Why does this Java String.replaceAll() code not work?

I have used string.replaceAll() in Java before with no trouble, but I am stumped on this one. I thought it would simply just work since there are no "/" or "$" ...

5. Java logic code - Delete some text from a String

I want to remove any occurence of "is happy" sentence from a very large text ignoring case sensitivity. Here are some of that large text sentences :

  1. "She is happy. I like ...

6. Wrong output using replaceall

Why do i get "AAAAAAAAA" instead of "1A234A567" from following Code:

String myst = "1.234.567";

String test = myst.replaceAll(".", "A");

Any Idea?

7. Java String replaceAll

How to replace " with a? I am trying the following:

s.replaceAll("\"", "a");
This is not working.

8. String replace a Backslash

How can I do a string replace of a back slash. Input Source String:

sSource = "\/value";
In the above String I want to replace "\/" with a "/"; Expected ouput after replace:
sSource = "";
I ...

9. Replacing string contents without using replace or replaceAll

I have a String variable:

String str = " abc boy abc funny os abc abcifff abc abc boy abc";
I want to replace "abc" as "the", which would result in:
the boy the ...

10. ReplaceAll and " doesn't replace

Can anyone point me out how the first if works and the second doesn't? I'm puzzled why the second if-clause isn't working. I'd like to get a hint, thanks.

String msg = ...

11. java replaceAll function of string have a problem

Possible Duplicate:
Wrong output using replaceall
Hi, If I have string:
String test = "replace()thisquotes";

test = test.replaceAll("()", "");
the test result is still: test = "replace()thisquotes" so () is not ...

12. What's the most terse way to write a bunch of String.replaceAll("thing1", "thing2"); statements?

I feel like I could do something with linked lists, but I'm not quite sure how to implement it. ~Sigh~ I would love this in python. Would just use dictionaries. Thanks a ...

13. Strange Behaviour of replaceAll method of String

I am facing strange behaviour of replaceAll method of String class. I have a string buffer which contain below data

i write below code to replace the "keyRPT11=08|keyRPT19=01" with "keyRPT11=08|keyRPT19=2" i am using below ...

14. String replaceAll

The easy way is to just use the String replace method that replaces a char sequence with another char sequence: str.replace("||", "| |"); If you want to "do it yourself," you'll probably want to use a StringBuffer since you'll be "mutating." You can use a loop to find the index of the first "||", then replace that substring (from index to ...

15. String replaceAll()

I am using the following code to replace String str = str.replaceAll("",""); The str i get after running this has the not replaced. But if give some simple string like str = str.replaceAll("xml",""); it works. Here the xml is replaced by blank. Why is this happening? How do i get it working, is there ...

16. String replaceAll () method

I have a string, and I want to replace all the underscore characters with pound sign and underscore I want to do something like this value.replaceAll("_","#_") and it is not working. Can you tell me why this is not working? I tried to see if there are other methods that do it, but when i read the descriptions, this method's description ...

17. $ in String.replaceAll() problem

18. String replaceAll() problem

Remember that the second parameter of the replaceAll() method is not just a string. It is also a regex replacement string. The easiest way to figure out the correct number of backslashes is to deal with the regex first, and then the java string second. What you want is........ \" First, in regex (replacement string), the backslash has special meaning, so ...

19. String replaceAll problem with $

... which means you have to use the "escape character" to tell the regular expression compiler to ignore the "$". You have to use a backslash, but since in a Java String a backslash is special, too, you have to use two backslashes to get a literal backslash into the String: String y = "xy\\$z";

20. String replaceAll method removes backslashes in replacement string

When I use String replaceAll() method, it removes all the backslashes in my replacement string. The matcher class in jdk explicity removes all the backslashes. Is there any way to avoid this? when I do str.replaceAll("xyz", "c:\\temp\\xyz"); it replaces xyz with ctempxyz instead of c:\temp\xyz. Does anyone know how to replace the string without replacing slashes? Any help is greatly appreciated. ...

21. method (replaceAll) of String

23. ReplaceAll punctuation in a string....

Hi, I've got a problem with a string For example if I have a string s1 = "There w@s a b1g monster!!"; I want to remove everything, and end up with the following string: s2 = "There ws a bg monster" So I want to remove all the punctuation and numbers I think I could do the following, but I dont ...

24. The strange String.replaceAll()

Originally posted by Albert Gan: String s = "test'cumi"; System.out.println("test\\\'cumi"); System.out.println(s.replaceAll("'", "\\\\'")); Why does it has to be 4 blackslashes instead of 3 ? =p Let's number num: \\\\' 4321 Here come the convulated logic: - You want to escape the ', so you have \#1 - But \ is special char, so you have to escape \#1 with \#2 - ...

25. String.replaceAll

Good Day ! I got around using replaceAll (by using replaceFirst), but now I'm just wondering why it didn't work (and just in case I wish to use it) Here's the code (with the replaceAll): String patternURL = "\"{0}\""; String stringURL = ""; String stringBody = ""; StringBuffer buildURL = new StringBuffer(); String theBody = getBodyContent().getString(); JspWriter bodyWrite = null; //-- ...

26. duplicating String's replaceAll() method in 1.3

Unfortunately, I don't think implementing an outside package will be an option. (Our data security dept. is extremely anal, and it would likely take an act of Congress to get this done.) I was hoping to somehow duplicate this functionality in 1.3.x using the existing API. Are regular expressions not supported until 1.4? If this is the case, maybe I am ...

27. Strings replaceAll()

Sun has a tutorial on regular expressions, which I believe started either with Perl or C. Usually, the double slash as you've shown is really a single slash; the first slash is "escaping" the second one. This is done because a single slash indicates an escape sequence, which is a special series of characters. For example, "\n" indicates a new line, ...

28. String replaceAll function error

29. String.replaceAll("\","/") proper syntax

Dear Reader, I guess it will be this: replaceAll("\\", "/"); Backslash has a special meaning in Java such that "\n" means a new line and "\t" means a tab space. Similarly, if you typed reaplceAll("\", "/") in this way, then the backslash is ignored and the character immediately following it (in this case ") is taken as a String literal. Umm, ...

30. Messy Problem - String.replaceAll()

31. String replaceAll Function

I have a String bo"ttle created using String a = new String("bo\"ttle"); I want to replace the double quotes in the string with \" so that I get the output as bo\"ttle . I used the following function to do the same. a = a.replaceAll("\"","\\\""); But the String does not change and I still get the output as bo"ttle. However, when ...

32. String ReplaceAll

33. String replaceAll problem

Correct: the second parameter is not an ordinary String, but it's not a regex String. The only thing special with it, is that variables are interpolated in it. In other words, the dollar sign is the only special character in the second parameter. The dollar sign followed by a number denotes the N-th match from the regex pattern (from the first ...

34. Issues while using String.replaceAll method

Hi, While getting the output from a input stream, I am getting a host of garbage character sequences:  These are probably escape sequences for a VT100 terminal emulator. I am trying to use the String.replaceAll method to get rid of these sequences. tmpString = tmpString.replaceAll("", ""); However, when I try to run this, I get an exception: java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException: Unclosed character ...

36. String replaceAll()

37. can string replaceall work for window path?

Hi, It is just a simple task, but I hv already spent whole day working on it, really appriciate if you can help me. I want to replace a window path "C:\work\projects" to another window path "C:\work\temp\diff" For example, String str = "C:\\work\\projects\\cws\\src\\web\\com\\pru\\cws\\club\\service" str = str.replaceAll("C:\\work projects", "C:\\work\\temp diff"); The above cannot work however. I hv try many combination (include ...

38. String.replaceAll backslash issue

The backslash character isn't just special to the regular expression compiler, it is also special to javac the java compiler in String literals. You have to escape the backslash twice, once for javac and once for the regular expression compiler, so you have to give a replacement String like this: "\\\\'ab" kind regards, Jos Edited: I'm a slow old sod ... ...

39. String replaceAll() Help

40. Trouble with String.replaceAll( )

Hi, I have a string which contains instances of the backslash character followed by the double quote character and I'd like to replace those two characters with just a double quote. Or to put it slightly differently, I'd like to remove all backslash characters which precede double quotes. It seems like this should be straight-forward, but for some reason, I'm not ...

41. String replaceall problem

Well I can't a method in the java api that can do what I want. I know that in PHP you can do it with chunk_split, but I don't have anything to that in java. I also googled and could find a answer because they always talk about breaking a string into pieces by split (with delimiters), but here I want ...

42. String.replaceAll strange behavior...

43. PatternSyntaxException with replaceAll(String, String);

The problem is that backslash is an escape both in Java string literals and also in regular expressions. To place a literal backslash in a regular expression you have to double it for the regexp escape, then double it again for the Java literal. So a single literal slash has to be typed as four. And I hope you aren't forgetting ...

45. String - replaceAll / with // 's

hello fellow java developers! Im having some trouble, and it seems retarded. I have a String in the format "aaa/bbb/ccc/ddd" and I want to convert it to the format "aaa//bbb//ccc//ddd" I tried strPath = strPath.replace(" ", "\\\\"); - but its giving me an error! java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException: Unexpected internal error near index 1 \ ^ huh? why doesnt this work? the slashes are ...

46. String replaceAll

47. java.lang.String replaceAll method

I heard Batman upgraded the Bat Signal once to better reflect actual conditions. After all, even in Gotham City it isn't always dark and cloudy. Plus, it's kinda hard to see a light in the sky from inside an enormous bat-filled cave. Unfortunately, the first time he left the Signal on vibrate, it registered 7.6 on the Richter scale and, um, ...

48. String.replaceALL acting oddly

49. how to replace <, > (but ignore ) by using String.replaceAll

Hi, Is there a way to use String.replaceAll(req exp, string) to replace < and > but ignore ? I am trying to replace < and > such as String,replaceAll("<"& l t ;").replaceAll(">","& g t ;") However, should be ignore since new line is still required. Edited by: sum98044 on Aug 6, 2008 11:06 AM Edited by: sum98044 on Aug 6, 2008 ...

51. string.replaceAll Issue

52. has String.replaceAll() changed from JDK 1.5.X to 1.6? (back slashes gone)

ok, I see it. so we double backslashes only for regex. Where in a normal string two backslashes would have represented one escaped backslash, now it is four in a regex. from java.util.regex.Pattern: " Backslashes within string literals in Java source code are interpreted as required by the Java Language Specification as either Unicode escapes or other character escapes. It is ...

53. String.replaceAll

54. Help with replaceAll method in String

Hi, I want to replace all occurences of a substring in a String. But, if the substring is surrounded by double-quotes, I want to keep the substring. Example: the actual String: testingtesting2"testing3"testing4 here I want to replace all occurences of except for the one occurence found in the "testing3" substring. Additionally, I want to be able to use the exact ...

55. String.replaceAll problem

56. replaceAll string

57. String replaceAll() question!

58. replaceAll method (of String) error?

Hello, While using replaceAll method of String class to replace all "(" to some other string, s.replaceAll("(", "-RBR-"); I got the following exception. Is this known error in java (1.5) or is there another way I should do? java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException: Unclosed group near index 1 ( ^ at java.util.regex.Pattern.error(Unknown Source) at java.util.regex.Pattern.accept(Unknown Source) at java.util.regex.Pattern.group0(Unknown Source) at java.util.regex.Pattern.sequence(Unknown Source) at java.util.regex.Pattern.expr(Unknown Source) ...

59. code for java.lang.String.replaceAll()

60. processing String.replaceAll results

I'm not sure if this is possible, but I'm having problems coming up with an elegant solution to this problem.. I want to replace all occurrences of ${X} in my String with the results of a function, String func(String X). I can easily replace it with the raw value of X, but I need to process X first.. Here's what I ...

61. replaceAll String

63. replaceAll in a string.

64. problem with String.replaceAll