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1. Question about the String.replaceAll() and String.replaceFirst() method

I need to do a simple string replace operation on a segment of string. I ran into the following issue and hope to get some advice.

  1. In the original string I got, ...

2. java 6 replaceall replacefirst

The following regex works when used in string.replaceall() but not in case of string.replaceFirst(). String:

Expected output:
  string.replaceAll( "(TEST\\|[\\|\\|]*\\\\|)\\|\\|", "$1|ST|" );

Output (not desired):


string.replaceFirst( "(TEST\\|[\\|\\|]*\\\\|)\\|\\|", "$1|ST|" );
No changes are made to the ...

3. Java's String.replace() vs. String.replaceFirst() vs. homebrew

I have a class that is doing a lot of text processing. For each string, which is anywhere from 100->2000 characters long, I am performing 30 different string replacements. Example:

string modified;
for(int i ...

4. How to use replaceFirst to Replace {....}

I am having a string which contains xyaahhfhajfahj{adhadh}fsfhgs{sfsf}. Now I want to replace {string} with a space.
I want to replace the curly brackets and the string in it with null. I want to ...

5. Problem with String::replaceFirst() when used with "*"?

private String unusedDigits = new String("0123456789*#");
unusedDigits = unusedDigits.replaceFirst("1", "");
unusedDigits = unusedDigits.replaceFirst("*", ""); // <--- problem
Am a Java beginner. Why am I facing problem when using replaceFirst() with "*" ? It goes ...

6. the replaceFirst method of String & ????

replaceFirst() uses regular expressions. In regular expressions a ? has special meaning and you must use \? to indicate you mean the literal ?. However, in Java \ is an escape character as well and necessitates escaping the escape character resulting in a \\ to indicate a \ in the regular expression. Also, a simplified version of that regular expression is ...

7. string.replaceFirst(String,String) not working

i was calling replace.First() method because i wanted to replace each occurrence of String to be replace and recorded method call was as below sQuery = sQuery .replaceFirst("$"+svalue,"SOME NAME"); when i talk to my team members about this they told me that it is machine problem because they face same problem before.. is it really a machine problem or or it ...

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