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1. Java Problem: Returning a string entered as reverse text

I'm trying to make a method that returns a string of words in opposite order. IE/ "The rain in Spain falls mostly on the" would return: "the on mostly ...

2. How to reverse a string

I need to reverse the string of a user's input. I need it done in the simplest of ways. I was trying to do reverseOrder(UserInput) but it wasn't working. For example, ...

3. Reverse "Hello World" in Java

I want to reverse each word of a String in Java. Example: if input String is "Hello World" then the output should be "olleH dlroW".

4. Printing reverse of any String without using any predefined function?

How to print the reverse of the String "java is object orientated language" without using any predefined function like reverse()?

5. Reverse a string in Java, in O(1)?

Is there any facility in the standard Java libraries that, given a CharSequence, produces the reverse in O(1) time? I guess this is "easy" to implement, just wondering whether it already ...

6. Question about reversing a string

i am trying to do a simple string manipulation. input is "murder", i want to get "murderredrum". i tried this

String str = "murder";
StringBuffer buf = new StringBuffer(str);
// buf is now "murder", so ...

7. How do I finish a reverse string?

So my teacher told me to make a string that makes whatever I type go in the opposite order (e.g. "hello there" becomes "ereht olleh"). So far I worked on the body ...

8. Reverse ToStringBuilder : convert string to object

Is there a way to convert my output from ToStringBuilder back to java object? I am looking for an easy way to represent java object in readable text file and being ...

9. Comparison of two strings

I have the following code:

    int t = s.length()-1;
    int g = 0;

    for (int i=0; i < s.length(); i++){


10. reversing a String in java

Code to revers a string in java: NOTE: One or two additional variables are fine. An extra copy of the array is not. Now i have implemented a algo as follows:

public static ...

11. Reversing string and toggle lower-upper-case

I need to write an application which takes a String as input. After processing, it should print out the string reversed, and all characters switched from lower to uppercase and vise ...

12. string reverse problem

i have written a java program to reverse the contents of the string and display them. here is the code..

import java.util.*;
class StringReverse
    public static void main(String[] args)

13. Reverse a string in Java

Possible Duplicate:
Reverse “Hello World” in Java
I have "Hello World" kept in a String named hi. I need to print it, but in a reversed mode. How ...

14. Java - Reversing words in a string

This is our code:

import java.util.*;
import java.util.regex.Matcher;
import java.util.regex.Pattern;

public class reverse {

public static void main(String[] args) throws FileNotFoundException {
    File fil = new File("textFile.txt");

15. Reverse String Program

I have written a short String reverse program in C++. I decided to write it in Java, and so I did. However, once I completed writing the program, I encountered several ...

16. reverse each word of the String

Line 26. String temp=null; This should be String temp = new String(); //empty string You can't add characters to a null, but you can add them to an empty string.

17. reverse a string

hello all, i strucked in reverse a string program.... i tryed for only getting an string fron command prompt.... this the program i try... public class Reverse { public static void main(String args[]){ Reverse Rv=new Reverse(); String str1=null; for(int i=0; i

18. Reverse and Replace a String in Linear Time

It would be much appreciated if I could have some help with the following problem. I would like to write a Java function that has the following interface: public String reverseAndReplace(String original, String toBeReplaced, String replacement) { .. } This method would do two things: 1) Reverse the words in the string. For example, given the string: "Wealth is the product ...

19. string reverse

20. String reversing without using String functions...

No. For a reasonable solution, you'd make use of at lease a couple of the methods available to String objects. charAt and length might compose a minimum set needed to avoid throwing an exception and to create a working solution. To be honest, I can imagine one strategy of using a regex, another using I/O that would each avoid all String ...

21. Reversing a string

22. reverse a string without a temp string?

Try using a second char. That way you have both chars needed, and then swap them. You can do this with a single for loop. That will keep this simple. The best way is to perform the swaps on paper and come up with an algorithm. BTW an array of characters is not the same thing as a Java String and ...

23. Reverse String with using String class methods?

This sounds like an introductory exercise in recursive programming that I once had. By using length() and charAt(int) as Rob suggested, you can sort of simulate a situation where you are getting characters one at a time. I think this is still in the spirit of the question. Just make sure you read the string from the beginning, and don't use ...

24. Reversing String Not Working...

25. RE:reversing a string program

26. Regarding String Object Reversing

27. Timing complexity of this string reverse

Jacob Sonia wrote: Please help me what would be the exact timing complexity of this program....i would think it should be 2n - 2 No it's far worse, Because String is mutable it will rather be quadratic, like O(n*n). But you're lucky. Most Java compilers will replace the rstr String with a StringBuilder in this case. This means the ...

28. Timing Complexity of another string reverse

Hi all, First of all i am not trying to do any homework...i am trying to learn programming...and trying to know exactly how can i calculate the o(n) of my programs and understand which code is more optimized. Here;s another code of the same string reversal and i want to know exactly how are you going to calculate the complexity and ...

29. Why string is not having Reverse method?

There definitely is. String is immutable, meaning it can't be changed. When you reverse a String, what's happening is that each letter is switched on it's own. This means that for instance Hello becomes elloh lloeh loleh olleh and you end up with 4 new String objects on the heap. Now imagine doing that with a String of length 1000000 ... ...

30. Reverse the words in a string

This is my first post here. I am trying to write a program to reverse the string.. Suppose the user enters " The quick fox." the output should be "Fox quick the." I did not to capitalize the first letter yet, but will do so later on. Right now the issue is that this code is doing " the quick quick", ...

31. Issue with reversing a string

32. String reverse

33. string reverse O(N) or O(N/2)

Hi, i am trying to reverse a string the code is below. in the //1 it is simple reverse and in //2 i have used two indexes for reverse. public static void main(String... a){ String s="string",rev=""; for(int i=s.length()-1;i>=0;i--) rev+=s.charAt(i); //1 System.out.println("hi " + rev); int second = s.length() -1; int first = (second / 2) ; System.out.println(second +" "+ first); String ...

34. How to reverse the input string

35. Reverse a string?

I have an idea for how I want to solve my problem: Say for example someone enters a 3 digit number, 123 using the charAt(); function, i'd want to read the above 123 string into a new string in reverse. Is it possible to just say something like: charAt(2); append to result; charAt(1); append to result; charAt(0); append to result; I'm ...

36. How to reverse a string?

oh you have to do it manually i see. then you need to work out your logic - while (index doesnt equal length of string) { - X = start index; - if charAt(index) = white space { index X to here = new word reverse it } - loop } "length of string" use String.length "index X to here" when ...

37. help with returning the string in reverse

I'm somewhat new to java and I'm trying to get a string to return in reverse which takes a String parameter, str, for example the word "hello", I want to be able to output "olleh" the code I used was : String result = " "; for (int k = 0; k < string.length; k++); result(length-1-i) = str(i); return result; I'm ...

38. .class expected error reverse String words method

hello i keep getting a .class expected error at line 43 but after a few days i still can't seem to pick out what i've done wrong. any help at all would be greatly appreciated especially any advice on the efficiency of my code. i'm relatively sure there's an easier way to do this.. thanks in advance! Java Code: public class ...

39. reversing words of a string using stacks

i have succeeded in tokenizing and reversing the individual words using stacks but each word is a mirror of itself. how do i change it i want "electrical engineering department " to be "department engineering electrical" here goes my code import java.util.StringTokenizer; import java.util.Scanner; import java.util.Stack; public class ReverseWords{ public static void main (String args[]){ Scanner scan = new Scanner(; String ...

40. Problem With String Reverse

Hi, I've written this code. I want it to read in a series of words from a user and for it to print the input as one string. I then want it to print the string with the word order reversed. For example, Forza Inter then print Inter Forza The problem is it prints Forza Inter then retnI azroF I know ...

41. reversing a String ?

42. reverse a string

I suggest you read up on some simple examples of java recursion before attempting to solve your problem. Simple string manipulation is not recursion. Also, you can search google for all kinds of useful information if you put in the correct search words such as this instead of trying these forums: java string reversal recursion example

43. Reverse String

public class TestStringReverse { public static void main(String[] args) { String string = "Enter string to be reversed"; String reverse = ""; int len = string.length(); if(len == 1) { reverse = string; } else { for(int count = string.length()-1; count >= 0; count-- ) { reverse += string.charAt(count); } } System.out.println(reverse); Thanks.

44. reverse a string

45. why String Dont have reverse method

46. Reverse String

47. Need help to reverse string

48. reverse a String don't use any temp variable

49. Load String into CharArray and then Print String in Reverse?

i agree with your attitude Nikaustr, about helping no matter what. the person could be at a new job where he is trying a task for the first time. otherwise, if he doesn't want to figure it out for himself, ever, he will be a lousy programmer and that is his problem. if anything us writing up some snippet of code ...

50. Creating a string, reversing it, and than comparing with another one

Skydev2u wrote: Thanks a lot for showing me that. I recently started learning Java so I don't know that much yet. I'm going to look up StringBuffer and learn how to use them. It's OK to try to answer things as your learning about them, shoot I do that all the time, but I usually place in my post something like ...

51. how to reverse a string?

52. How to get String length and string reverse WITHOUT USING ANY API

Vikz wrote: Can anyone please tell me how to find length of any string without using the length() function.Also how to reverse a string without using any api's.? Tell your teacher that this assignment is unsolvable. You can't get the content of a String without using any methods from the API. You can't call toCharArray() and you can't call charAt() and ...

53. how do i reverse the order of the string?

i remember reading an article ( i think it was on mindprod) about how reversing a string isnt as simple as one thinks it is because of the surrogate pairs. Google could help you locate it. Anyway always use the reverse method of StringBuilder. , dont try to implement one yourself Edited by: darth_code_r on Aug 27, 2008 7:46 AM

54. How to get string in reverse order?

55. Reversing a String

56. String parsing (reversing)

57. Reversing Strings

For informations sake, reverse() returns 10000 iterations of andyRossReverse = 16 10000 iterations of sb.reverse() = 0 100000 iterations of andyRossReverse = 109 100000 iterations of sb.reverse(); = 47 Unless you don't assume that your string is already a StringBuffer and need to convert it, in which case 10000 iterations of andyRossReverse = 15 10000 iterations of sb.reverse() = 16 100000 ...

59. String using sb.reverse() without new operator

A String and String Buffer are same in human sense.But java treats String and String Buffer as two different types.The reason for this is: Once we create a String Object we cannot modify it.When we make changes to it using some operators like + ,.concat that means we are creating a new string object and not modifying older version. But String ...

60. Reverse String

61. Reverse a string

To convert to bytes, you can use method getBytes() from class String. And to reverse it, just use "for loop" to get the character from the last to the first (use a temporary String to keep the content of the original string), and then after finish reversing to the temporary String, assign it back to the original String.

62. write a pro to reverse a given string

63. reversing individual words in a string