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1. Center a drawn string relative to the window size?

I'm trying to center a string drawn with a ""system", Font.BOLD, 90" font in Java. I've tried (width/2 - (font.size/2 * num_of_chars)) but that didn't work.

g2d.setFont(new Font("system", Font.BOLD, 90));
g2d.drawString("Pause", (int) ((800/2) ...

2. Create A Java Variable (String) of a specific size (MB's)

I am trying to benchmark some code. I am sending a String msg over sockets. I want to send 100KB, 2MB, and 10MB String variables. Is there an easy way to ...

3. Java String; Able to allocate the size of the string given a size?

Tried searching in the Java String API with no answer. I am trying to create Java strings with a specified size. I noticed that Java Strings do not end in the ...

4. Getting strings size in java (Graphics)

I'm trying to write application which need to draw many strings using Graphics2D class in Java. I need to get sizes of each String object (to calculate exact position of each ...

5. Knowing size of String object

How much memory allocated to a String object in both cases of

String s = new String("abc");
String s = "abc";

6. Size of Initialisation string in java

Apparently there is a limit to the size of an initialisation string in javac. Can anyone help me in identifying what the maximum limit is please? Thank you edit: We are building an initialisation ...

7. max size of a string

8. maximum size of String

hi all, I have got a condition where I have to pass a string to a web service. ealier this service was accepting parameter as CSV file but now that's taking that parameter as String. I have to pass the String with the condition that size of String cant be greater than 80 MB. I know this is bad design but ...

9. How can I specify size of a String?

how do you want to send them ? if you are sending just the bytes over the wire (e.g. i you do not use java serialization / rmi stuff) and you want to send several strings at once (if you just send one string, then just use all the bytes you receive), then you probably need to send the string length ...

11. Max string size?

12. size of string

13. String size

The length of a String is an int, which is 32 bits; the maximum positive value of an int is about 2 billion, and so the theoretical max is about 2 billion characters before things start to go haywire. Now, the practical limit may be much smaller, because a 2 billion character string will take up 4GB of memory, and not ...

14. maximum size of String

hi all, I have got a condition where I have to pass a string to a web service. ealier this service was accepting parameter as CSV file but now that's taking that parameter as String. I have to pass the String with the condition that size of String cant be greater than 80 MB. I know this is bad design but ...

15. Question on the String max size

Hi, could any one tell me what is the maximum size for the string . To my opinion its 2^16 that is 65536 bytes. Also string is the sequence of char array. So i need to know 65536 bytes means string value can be of 65536 characters. Take an example I have a string variable and says that it should be ...

16. Why initial size of String Buffer is 16

17. Size of String Buffer

18. What is the maximum size that can hold by a String buffer object?

Hi, I need to create a customized xls report from DB data, after putting all the data in string buffer and ran the application, i am getting below exception: JVMST109: Insufficient space in Javaheap to satisfy allocation request Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError at java.lang.StringBuffer.append( Code)) at org.apache.log4j.helpers.PatternConverter.format( at org.apache.log4j.PatternLayout.format( ............ etc Can you please help me with this. Actually Data ...

19. String Size

fara, Yes I suppose I can, but it really depends a on what specifically you're trying to do. The "streaming" approach is to open input & output streams while more input in the input-stream do read some input-stream into the input-buffer process the input-buffer to produce the output-buffer write output-buffer to the output-stream loop close input & output streams you can ...

20. String Object size

I want to know the actual contents of a String Object, along with the String that is stored. I created String Literals with increasing count of characters, and checked the size of the object created. Please tell me why the objects given below take the size (in bytes) they are taking. If they store one character in 2 bytes, then what ...

21. Limiting the Size of a String in K

Hi all, I have an issue where a file may be written to by a string object, but the document as a whole cannot exceed ~30K. This one string makes up the majority of the size of the document. It is used to bring back plugin installation information from eclipse. Any suggestions?

22. String Size

beders wrote: Check out javax.swing.SwingUtilities.computeStringWidth Wow, I can't believe I never knew about that method. Nice. KrimsonEagl wrote: I came across this same problem yesterday and found the following link very helpful: OP + KrimsonEasl, here is a word of caution. The FontMetrics method is only applicable for some cases. It does not give you the "correct" height (I'm not positive ...

23. Reducing Size of String

24. how to declare string without knowing its size

Hi all , i want to know is there any way in java for declaring 2D string array whose size we dont know ? i am requiring to this as i am trying a code which reads HTML table and stores its value in 2D string array ....but we dont know what is the number of rows and column for that ...

26. size of string

27. String size

Hi, I want to append '0' to the string if the string lenth is less than 6. here is the code i have written String rec = Integer.toString(recordtype); How would I append zero's to the string if the value is less than 6 chars ex: if recordtype is 33 then the string should look like '000033' if recordtype is 312 then ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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