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1. How do you design a good permgen space string in Java?

I'm wondering how you would go about designing a good permgen space string in Java. Based on my research and understanding I've come up with the following: example: JAVA_OPTS='-Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -server -Djava.awt.headless=true' Sorry ...

2. Tokenize a string with a space in java

I want to tokenize a string like this

String line = "a=b c='123 456' d=777 e='uij yyy'";
I cannot split based like this
String [] words = line.split(" ");
Any idea how can I ...

3. Question about input data that should not be assumed except that there is one white space

I'm writing a program that asks the user to enter their birth date. For it, I'm not suppose to know how the numeric data is to be enter except that there ...

4. what is the kind of spaces in java?

what is difference of below operators for spaces? \t, \n, \x0B, \f and \r.

5. DOCX generation: POI OOXML trims spaces from string

I'm trying to generate a docx-document using poi-ooxml. The following code produces almost the document I want, but for some reason it removes end and start spaces from the ...

6. Removing up to 4 spaces from a string

I have an array of Strings Im looping through. For each string, I need to remove up to 4 spaces from the beginning. In other words, if there are only 2 ...

7. Counting spaces infront of a String

Recently I asked this question: and it works just fine. I am interested however in counting the number of spaces I have removed as well. How can I do this? ...

8. Splitting a space separated list

This is a common task I'm facing: splitting a space separated list into a head element and an array containing the tail elements. For example, given this string:

the quick brown fox
We ...

9. How to remove duplicate white spaces in string using Java?

How to remove duplicate white spaces (including tabs, newlines, spaces, etc...) in a string using Java?

10. How to check space in string?

How can i check if a string contains a white space or empty space or " ". looking for Java example. example String = "test word"; Thanking you.

11. How to read a string with spaces in Java

I am trying to read a user input string which must contain spaces. Right now I'm using:

check = in.nextLine();

position = name.names.indexOf(check);
if (position != -1) {
} else {

12. Scanner is scanning full lines with next() and not considering spaces

I'm trying to put X's and spaces into a 2D array and I keep having problem after problem. All I wan't is the text representation to be in 2D array ...

13. Read String Until Space Then Split - Java

How can I split a string in Java?
I would like to read a string until there is a space.
Then split it into a different string after the space. e.g. String fullcmd = ...

14. If you have multiple spaces inside a string in Java, how do you condense them into a single space between words?

If a string has multiple spaces between words:

The    cat         sat           ...

15. Using a simple scanner, reading a string with spaces, how come .trim() method isn't working?

import java.util.Scanner;
import java.lang.String;

public class Test
    public static void main(String[] args)
        char[] sArray;


16. Insert Space After Capital letter

How to covert "HelloWorld" to "Hello World".The splitting has to take place based on The Upper-Case letters ,but should exclude the first letter. P.S:I'm aware of using String.split and then combining.Just ...

17. Make spaces match in two strings

I have got a file with a lot of two pairs of string, namely a bilingual file. On some entries the target strings don't contain number of space equal to src ...

18. String literals using 2x the expected amount of permanent generation space

This is Sun JDK 1.6u21, x64. I have a class for the purpose of experimenting with perm gen usage which contains only a single large string (512k characters):

public class Big0 {

19. Spaces in the string

I need a specific number of spaces.

For Ex:
         This is   Test     Content
There is 4 and 6 spaces ...

20. How can I split a string into words, spaces and newlines?

I'm using the Play Framework and taking a text from a textarea and I want to split it into an array of the words, spaces and newlines that was entered.


21. java program to make a space inside a string having continuous dots('...')

I had a problem in a jsp page in which there is a string inside a column like (abdur...rahman) .because of this continuous dots inside a string, I am not ...

22. Java string split without space

I'm trying to split some user input. The input is of the form a1 b2 c3 d4. For each input (eg; a1), how do I split it into 'a' and '1'? I'm familiar ...

23. How to check space at the beginning of the string?

How can i check the white space at the beginning of the string.

24. One-liner for variable space indentation

In a "pretty print" function for a nested map, I need a simple indent function to prepend the needed space to my structure. I wanted a simple one-liner and the best I ...

25. Strip Leading and Trailing Spaces From Java String

Possible Duplicate:
trim whitespace from a string?
Is there a convenience method to strip any leading or trailing spaces from a Java String? Something like:
String myString = ...

26. How to move String block of text xTab spaces to the right in Java?

If I have got a whole block of text as a String, which contains several new-lines. For example: System.out.println(myString) would give:

And what I want to do is space ...

27. tokenizer or split string at multiple spaces in java

I need to tokenize a string where ever there is more than one space. for instance

"HUNTSVILLE, AL               ...

28. how to pad space within a string in java?

Possible Duplicate:
How can I pad a String in Java?
I have a stuation in which my method1() return the string of various size and I ...

29. How to split a String by space

I need to split my String by spaces. For this I tried that:

str = "Hello I'm your String";
String[] splited = str.split(" ");
But it doesn't seems to work, what do I have to ...

30. How to split a string without spaces of continuous delimiter

how to split the string like "x~y~z~~~~~" with delimiter ~ ,we have to split this as 7 elements. but while processing with string.split("~") method it ...

31. Space checking in a String

33. comparsion of two strings without ignoring usecases and spaces

hello frnds.... i m facing problem in this code....i want to compare the strings...for entering only unique values String uniquenessCheck() { LinkedHashMap instances = getInstanceList(); if (instances != null) { Iterator instanceIter = instances.values().iterator(); while (instanceIter.hasNext()) { TVCreative thisCreative = (TVCreative); String compareTitle = getCreativeTitle().trim().toLowerCase(); if (thisCreative.getCreativeTitle().toLowerCase().equals(compareTitle) return "creativeTitle"; } } return null; }

34. removing the trailing space of a string only

Hi: the trim() removes both the trailing and leading space, however if i only want to remove the trailing space of a string, i guess i will have to write my own routine, correct? here is the code that removes the trailing space only String str = " abcdefg "; int i; for ( i=str.length()-1;i>0;i--){ char c = str.charAt(i); if (c ...

35. Remove space and blank lines from String

Here is a string with a blank line created when the user hit the enter key twice.. "Type this first Hit enter twice and I am here". How do I compress this extra blank line so it looks like "Type this first Hit enter twice and I am here" Thanks for any help, Jehan

36. I want to tokenize a String? How do I ignore the spaces?

Hey guys, I just finished a class in Java and am excited to make something fun like a trivia game with Swing. But I have come up against my first question - I learned to tokenize data in text files - but that was only on one piece of data. Let me clarify - I know how to take a text ...

38. how to depart String by "space"

39. String - remove more than one space between words

The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts. Think only on those things that are in line with your principles and can bear the light of day. The content of your character is your choice. Day by day, what you do is who you become. Your integrity is your destiny - it is the light that guides your way. - ...

40. How do you remove spaces from String?

41. How to remove spaces from string

44. [newbie] String.replace()/replaceAll() removed spaces

This code is intended to read a source file, and write back the contents deleting the line numbers. 1. After a couple of hiccups, it's running, however, the spaces seem to be removed. Why? 2. Do different OSs require something else other than '\n' for a new line? I'm aware that Microsoft's Notepad can only read text files with CR+LF at ...

45. Spliting a string on a second space and not all spaces

I have a series of stings that I want to get values for but there are extra spaces that cause extra gyrations I am hoping someone would be able to help me around. The string has embedded newlines and returns which I split on first to get to the specific lines and now need to get the number on the line ...

46. make space in a string

Here's one way to do it: String newString = "jul 02, 1986"; That may seem like a smart-alec answer, but i'm trying to illustrate a point. writing good code is all about understanding the subtle details of what the problem is. We don't know enough at this point to help. Will you ever have dates in months other than july? If ...

47. Space within a string?

the problem is (i believe) when the OS gets your string, it breaks your string up into tokens based on the space. You need to tell it that the entire string is the path, and to not break it up. To do that, you need to surround it in quotes. To put quote characters inside a string in java, you need ...

49. Space for charAt()?

greetings, im new to Java, and is programming in Dr.Java. Im making a program that reads a string, and has a line shift everything the character "|" appears in the string. But I can't seem to get past the basic problem, og a simple space.. For eksample, if i type "A new day|its nice!", the program should print it as: "A ...

50. print out string name with the space :) between the first and last name

i just have a question if somebody can tell me how can i print out a full name with spaces >> Damon Golatte << that is the name i want to print out with the space.. i tried name = and it gives me an error. i hope somebody can help me out. appreciate y'all :)

51. getting rid of empty space at the end of a string

Hi all, I'm sending UDP messages from server to client and they are a fixed size, so unless the message is max size, at the end of each message is a trail of empty spaces. This is a problem as I want to use the String Split function to seperate the message into different parts, and use Integer.ParseInt on these parts, ...

52. blank space in String won't die!

I need to convert a string of time to an int. In other words "4:30PM" must become 430. I have used the replaceAll() String method to get replace the colon and letters with " ". However I keep getting a NumberFormatException. I assume because of the space left, the string at this point is "04 30". I have tried the trim() ...

53. how to copy a string and replace all the spaces with tabs

public class stringCopy { public stringCopy() { // TODO Auto-generated constructor stub } public String CopyString(String s){ String grt= new String(); return s.replaceAll("\\s+", "\t"); } public String subString(String s,String sub){ String str[]=new String[10]; if ((s!=null)&&(sub!=null)){ s.replaceAll(sub, ""); for (int i = 0; i < str.length; i++) { str[i]= s.replaceAll(sub, ""); } } return s.replaceAll(sub, ""); } /** * @param args */ ...

54. is it possible to trim all white spaces from a string?

I don't think it is. Historically, this guy's tactic has been to somehow pretend that the correct solution didn't work, or didn't make sense. Instead, he just said "wow I am dumb". I reckon he was stuck. Either way, I've earnt my @sshole points and will be using them to the full. Watch out, other road users

56. how give the space in String

57. Count extra white spaces from string

58. Remove Spaces from String

Hello every one, I'm a student in hight school taking object oriented programing. I've been ahead of my class so far so the teacher has given me an extra thing to add to out current problem. We have to create a program that: 1: Takes First name, and Last name 2: Counts the letters in each 3: Display them both and ...

59. Removing Spaces from Strings help

60. Take out spaces from a string

61. recieve string then count spaces

hi everyone i am trying to recieve a string to a function then count the numbers of spaces and then returne and integer this is my methode signature: public static void main(String[] args){ but for the counting i am not sure i have to do what .this is what i did: private static int space(String snum) { int counter = 0; ...

62. String.split issue with blank space

63. scanner -- how to count spaces a part of a string

Obviously I was able to add the imports myself and compile the code -- again, I was only pointing this out so that in the future, the OP would post code that would compile for the people trying to help -- regardless of whether or not we can assume the imports he is using.

64. To remove space between a string

Always open the API specs for any class that you are using and you are stuck on how to do something using that class. The API specs tell you what methods are already provided for that class which you can use to solve your problems. P.S In this case have a look at the String.replaceAll method.

66. To remove space between a string

67. Can I Pass String with Spaces in it To exec()

Hello All, I am passing a Command in Runtime.exec() method, which is a String and contains a folder name(Folder---Name) which is having Spaces in it. For eg. c:/Folder/Folder(Spaces in between)Name/ My Problem is when i pass it to exec() it automatically gets converted to a Folder name with only one space E.g c:/Folder/Folder(One Space in between)Name/, Because of which my command ...

69. padding String with spaces -tried known methods but code not working!

Wow, I completely botched that... uncle_alice, thank you for clearing that up for me. pbrockway2 - thank you, I actually did peruse the Formatter documentation - I would never post without researching something first... but I must have read it with one eye shut because walked away with the impression that I needed to submit the difference. I obviously misunderstood the ...

70. Delete Additional while spaces in a String

71. removing blank spaces from within strings

I know how to remove leading and trailing blanks from a string using trim() method. How can I remove blanks from within a string? Thanks for all your help. import*; import java.util.*; public class CountCharacters { public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException { String origional; int wordlength = 0; int trimlength = 0; int nonBlank = 0; BufferedReader dataIn ...

72. Remove spaces in String

73. Removing spaces and tabs from string

74. indexof method to get spaces

Have you tried it. Best way to test it is to compile and run your program. Quicker than typing a reply here and waiting for us to debug your code. Also, if you want to find all the spaces, then you need to do it over and over again. So how can you do something multiple times?

75. reading spaces in a string

76. Replace spaces in a String with a +

77. Tokenising string with blank spaces

Hi all, I want a hint for Tokenising a given string with blank spaces inbetween the words so that the blank spaces remain as they are even after tokenising it, so that these blank spaces can be read and replaced by a null value before inserting into a database. thanks in advance.

79. OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space when using List

A call to substring creates a substring that chares the character data with the original string (in this case the whole line), so all of your substrings are still forcing the whole lines to be kept in memory. Calling new String() on the substrings will create a new string that doesn't share the character data, so the char[] will be truncated ...

81. Subject: extract the string before space

I have a string say "aquarium a". i want to extract the string appearing before the space and discard the string appearing after space. that is the resultant string required is "aquarium". any number of characters can appear after space. is it possible to solve using replace() method. i cant hardcode space+character in replace method because number of characters after space ...

82. Removing spaces from a string.

Hi all.I am working on a postfix calculator and my postfix evaluation function is like this : PostEval(String s) { ..... } All i want to do is remove all spaces from String s but without messing with the operands.I mean if my postfix string is " 2 5 + " there is no problem if i remove the spaces.But if ...

83. how to find many space in a String ?