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1. Should I use java.text.MessageFormat for localised messages without placeholders?    stackoverflow.com

We are localising the user-interface text for a web application that runs on Java 5, and have a dilemma about how we output messages that are defined in properties files - ...

2. Text cleaning and replacement: delete \n from a text in Java    stackoverflow.com

I'm cleaning an incoming text in my Java code. The text includes a lot of "\n", but not as in a new line, but literally "\n". I was using replaceAll() from ...

3. Replace variables in text: Suggestions?    stackoverflow.com

I'm looking for a nice template engine or short piece of code to expand Ant-like variables in a string in Java. Example:

String result = expand ("${firstName} ${familyName}", map);
It should at least ...

4. What is the difference between "text" and new String("text") in Java?    stackoverflow.com

What is the difference between these two lines?

String s = "text";

String s = new String("text");

5. How can you parse the string which has a text qualifier    stackoverflow.com

How can I parse a String str = "abc, \"def,ghi\""; such that I get the output as

String[] strs = {"abc", "\"def,ghi\""}
i.e. an array of length 2. Should I use regular expression or ...

6. Java library for text normalization    stackoverflow.com

I'm looking for java library which allow "normalization" of text. Something similar to standart Normalizer, but wider (something like utf8proc LUMP). It should replace all kind of ...

7. What method should I use to replace text within a String    stackoverflow.com

I have the following string:

str = "kishore kumar venkata"
I want to replace this string with "kishore tamire venkata". What are the string methods used for this? Can someone explain the procedure for ...

8. How to normalize/polish a text in Java?    stackoverflow.com

What method would you suggest to normalizing a text in Java, for example

String raw = "  This is\n  a test\n\r  ";
String txt = normalize(raw);
assert txt == "This is ...

9. String to password text    stackoverflow.com

Is there by any chance a way to change a string to something like a password ie **?? the * should still have the value of the password, but just be masked. ...

10. Java add text string to Rectangle2D    stackoverflow.com

I have some rectangles. Given a rectangle declared and defined as:

Rectangle2D rec = new Rectangle2D.Double(50, 50, 50, 50)
Is it possible to add a string of text inside this rectangle? Thanks

11. How to get rid of some text in a string    stackoverflow.com

Possible Duplicate:
Removing HTML from a Java String
I'm pulling a string from a website and filtering it so that it's all text. Unfortunately there is ...

12. Parsing quoted text in java    stackoverflow.com

Is there an easy way to parse quoted text as a string to java? I have this lines like this to parse:

author="Tolkien, J.R.R." title="The Lord of the Rings"
publisher="George Allen & ...

13. Loading text into a single String    stackoverflow.com

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How to create a Java String from the contents of a file
I'm stuck with the problem of loading a whole file(which is a ...

14. get text between two tags in a string    coderanch.com

15. new String("text") vs. "text"    coderanch.com

To use the technical term, all literal Strings in a .java file are interned (short for internalized I think) code like this : String greeting = "hello"; String alsoGreeting = "hello"; String newGreeting = new String("hello"); effectively gets turned into something like this String internedString = "hello"; String greeting = internedString; String alsoGreeting = internedString; String newGreeting = new String(internedString); Since ...

16. Creating a reader on a string of text    coderanch.com

17. way to convert text to vaild string    coderanch.com

18. new String(text);    coderanch.com

Hi, Welcome to JavaRanch! The first one makes the variable point to an existing String; the second creates a new String. There is almost never (and by almost never I mean only in one or two very advanced cases that you're unlikely to ever run into) any reason to use the String(String) constructor. Always use your first version, not the second. ...

19. replace a string using Text i/o    java-forums.org

import java.io.*; import java.util.*; public class removeText { public static void main (String[] args) throws Exception { // Check command line parameter usage if(args.length !=2) { System.out.println("Usage: java Exercise8.21 John FileName"); System.exit(0); } //Check FileName if exists File SourceFile = new File(args[1]); if(!SourceFile.exists()) { System.out.println("Source file "+args[1]+" does not exist"); System.exit(0); } //Create input and output files Scanner input= new Scanner(SourceFile); ...

20. Need Help putting 3 text strings on a jpeg.    java-forums.org

Firstly, I am really new to java, so my comprehension of the jargon is very weak. Long story short, I had an assignment to create a random credit card number with various checks built in. I accomplished this. Then I decided that I wanted to print the information on a jpeg, to make it actually look like a credit card. I ...

21. Replace string in text document help please    forums.oracle.com

This is not a Java thing, but a general fact about files and I/O: You can't edit a file in place. Do this: 1. Read the original file a line at a time. 2. Edit each line and write them out to a new file. 3. When you are done, close the files. Delete the original file and then rename the ...

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24. limiting user input from string to only text    forums.oracle.com

Hi, i'm writing a program for class where I need to limit the user input. I've been able to use a try and catch block to limit boxes to strictly numerical input, but I can't do it the other way around. What i did for numbers was asked for input as a string (required for dialogs), then parsed it. Is there ...

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27. String Text Replacement    forums.oracle.com

I have the following xml in String format. I'm only showing one XMLWorkFlowTask node, but there are potentially many in my application. I would like to replace all occurrences of the node (located in the node) with . Does anyone know of a way to do this? jbpm$17011 daiswf:genericFundingRequestTask daiswf:genericFundingRequestTask FINA_ADMIN 2008-12-10T10:30:44.000-06:00 2008-12-12T10:30:00.000-06:00 Not Yet Started jbpm$2472 ...

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33. Select text from a string    forums.oracle.com

Well, I know basically nothing about regex. But a quick look through the API documentation for Matcher suggests you should create one of them, then call its find() method. That returns the boolean that I suppose you were referring to, right? Then, as the documentation says, "More information about a successful match can be obtained by querying the state of the ...