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I don't know what problem you're having now. My earlier post told you how to address the problem you mentioned initially, and others gave you some other good general advice. You can't still be having the same problem you initially had, unless you ignored or didn't undrerstand what I told you. If you ignore it, please read it. If you didn't ...

10. Using String variable values to call methods

I have some string variables being sent to a method that uses their values to call getText();. Problem is that I don't know how to use the values of the variables rather than the variable names when using getText(); or any other method for that matter. Sample code below: public void SliderFunction(String north, String east, String south, String west) { north.getText(); ...

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Hi all, I am trying to use a string that was scanned in using Scanner as the name for a variable, for instance String junkString = int junkString.value() = 14; i need the word stored in junkString to be the name of the int variable, so far i have not found a way to do this, if anyone could help ...