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1. Java Replacing multiple different substring in a string at once (or in the most efficient way)

I need to replace many different sub-string in a string in the most efficient way. is there another way other then the brute force way of replacing each field using string.replace ...

2. Replace substring (replaceAll) workaround

I'm trying to replace a substring that contains the char "$". I'd be glad to hear why it didnt works that way, and how it would work. Thanks, user_unknown

public class replaceall {

3. What replace method can I use to replace a substring from a String?

How can I replace it? I've been trying this:

string.replaceFirst(substring, "");
but it's not replacing, and as I am doing a recursive method, it's giving me a StackOverflowException.. Any idea?

4. How to replace case-insensitive literal substrings in Java

Using the method replace(CharSequence target, CharSequence replacement) in String, how can I make the target case-insensitive? For example, the way it works right now:

String target = "FooBar";
target.replace("Foo", "") would return "Bar"

String target ...

5. Java remove Sub-string that includes quotes

    String strLine = "";

        BufferedReader b = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("html.txt"));

6. function replace substring

7. Replace a substring

Hello, Strings in Java 1.4 have this ability. Otherwise, if you were to do a quick search on this forum, I'd bet you'd turn up some useful information as I've noticed this question asked and answered a few times in my short time here. The search page link is at the top right of this page. Good Luck.

8. Replacing substrings in a string

Hi everyone! I wanted to make a program part, which replaces "<" and ">" with "<" and ">" so it won't dissappear in HTML context. My problem is that the following method doesn't do it at all: public void fillVectors( Vector targetVector, String path ) { String str; String sentence = ""; if( type.equals( "lines" ) ) { try { BufferedReader ...

9. Replacing a substring from a string

Originally posted by gradnash nash: Hello All, I would like to replace a particular occurrence of a substring in a string with another substring. for eg : Given string is : people help always expected string is people help always. I need to replace the occurrence of with help would be appreciated. Thanks

10. Replace any string between two substrings

Hi All, I have a string String a = "-d -k dfgherewrdjyfdf\""; where 'dfgherewrdjyfdf' is a password of unknown length. I want to replace dfgherewrdjyfdf with *****. so that the final string looks like: -d -k *****" preferably i will like to replace anything between -k and ". i could not find any one go solution with replaceall, regex or anywhere... ...

11. Java help - Replace all if string contains multiple substrings

Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(; String v1 = keyboard.nextLine(); String dog = "dog"; String cat = "cat"; String llama = "llama"; String result = v1.replaceAll("(?i)dog ", ""); String result2 = result.replaceAll("dog ", ""); String result3 = result2.replaceAll("(?i)cat ", ""); String result4 = result3.replaceAll("cat", ""); String result5 = result4.replaceAll("(?i)llama ", ""); String result6 = result5.replaceAll("llama ", ""); System.out.println(result6);

12. Simple Replace Substring

15. substring replacement

16. how to replace substring value