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I am fairly new to programming so please bear with me. Say I have a large string such as this.

String story = "This is the first line.\n"

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dear all, i have a string like this, "...1name: john, 2name: lice, 3name: mike...". i want to output its substring "1name: john". its position in the string is not fixed. i ...

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I have a number of files and they are all called something like name_version_xyz.ext. In my Java code I need to extract the name and the version part of the filename. I ...

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Hi, I'm having a very large string which as below -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EQD+CN+SAMPLE18767+2200+++5' NAD+CA+FIR:172:20' DGS+IMD+3.2+2346+55:CEL' FTX+AAA+++GOOD' FTX+AAA+++ONE' .... .... EQD+CN+SAMPLE18795+2200+++5' NAD+CA+TIR:172:20' DGS+IMD+3.2+2346+55:CEL' FTX+AAA+++SECOND' FTX+AAA+++IS FAIR' .... ... similarly FTX+AAA as above and it goes on -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i tokenized each segment with delimiter as ' and able to read each segment. Now i want to concatenate the FTX+AAA in a single segment if ...

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im sure there is some regrex champion who can write this in one line, but this is how i would do it 1. loop from int i = 0 while i< s.length() 2. use the charAt method to find the first "," 3. then use the substring method to get the the chars from i to s.length-1

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