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I have a string like this:[name ;24, name;23, name;22]. How can i split this string to obtain only the numbers after";"?

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I have read few questions about parsing string by tags, but I didn't find the exaact answer for my specific problem. The Problem: I have a big line of text.I need to ...

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I have some Strings. They contain some data. Example: "Alberto Macano. Here is description." And another example: "Pablo Don Carlo. Description here." What I need: A method to split The Name from ...

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Possible Duplicate:
string split in java
I have this Key - Value , and I want to have them separated and have them like this
String a ...

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String s = "6158"; i have to split this as substrings like 6, 1, 5, 8, 61, 15, 58, 615, 158, and 6158. Here is my code code: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- String s = "6158"; for(int i=0;i

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Hi, i am not sure if this the right forum for my Problem. For an academic project i have to analyse a FileInputStream with a defined structure. It contains an String with the following structure: The first 10 chars are a date, the next 1 char is of the type char, the next 4 chars is a normal String and so ...