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1. Finding a word which is not a substring of another word    stackoverflow.com

how can one find a word of length say x which is not a substring of another word of length y , where x < y? e.g

word is - apple
req word - ape
word is aaabbab
req ...

2. Trim String in Java while preserve full word    stackoverflow.com

I need to trim a String in java so that:

The quick brown fox jumps over the laz dog.
The quick brown...
In the example above, I'm trimming to 12 ...

3. Substring from a specific word    coderanch.com

StringTokenizer or String.split() will split a string on some delimiter. You could replaceAll() commas with spaces and use a space delimiter to process the words one at a time: get a word if first word != select" error, I'm confused get a word while word != "from" add word to word list get a word end while Try that and see ...