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1. Java: Clob to byte[]

How can I read a java.sql.Clob into a byte[]?

2. How to create a java.sql.Blob object in Java SE 1.5.0 with a byte[] input?

I want to create a Blob object from a byte[] input to update a table using PreparedStatement#setBlob(). In J2SE 6, we have java.sql.Connection#createBlob() to get this done. Is there ...

3. How to get file type extension from byte[] (Blob)

How to get file type extension from byte[] (Blob). I'm reading files from DB to byte[] but i don't know how to automatically detect file extension.

Blob blob = rs.getBlob(1);
byte[] bdata = ...

4. Java: byte[] Array to Excel to BLOB

i have an byte[] array that needs to be converted into an valid excel spreadsheet. After converting the byte array, the excel spreadsheet must be chached into the database ...

5. Trying to read blob and output the content in bytes-please help

chaarmann re: Trying to read blob and output the content in bytes-please help You have all your data aready stored as bytes (not as hex-code as what you have written), in ...

6. How to upload a byte array into BLOB column?

I hava a BLOB column inside sample table. On the other hand I manage to get a byte array (byte[]) from files uploaded by form input field. Is it possible to upload the byte array into the field? I am trying to add a file into database. I tried to find a way to convert the byte array into BLOB using ...

8. byte[] to blob

9. Conversion Blob to Byte Array

10. how to convert byte[] to blob

by using jsp , i can able to get the image as the byte[] using Formfile , i have to insert that image to my database (having the column datatype as "BLOB") and have to display in the jsp page after finished uploading .. if you have solution for these issue . please reply..

11. blob.putBytes(long,byte[]) and BLOBs

12. Conversion Blob to Byte Array

Hi, I've used bobs with the following piece of code. You could adapt it to what you require: public void setBlob(PreparedStatement pstmt, int index, Object obj) throws DAOException, SQLException { ByteArrayOutputStream b_out = new ByteArrayOutputStream(); try { ObjectOutputStream o_out = new ObjectOutputStream(b_out); o_out.writeObject(obj); o_out.close(); } catch (IOException e) { log.error(e); throw new DAOException(e); } byte[] b = b_out.toByteArray(); ByteArrayInputStream b_in = ...

13. Blob to byte[]

14. Plesae help- needing to read a blob from db into bytes[]

public class convertBlob { /** * @param blob * @return */ public static byte[] convertBlobToBytes(Blob blob) { if (blob==null) return null; try { InputStream in = blob.getBinaryStream(); int len = (int) blob.length(); //read as long long pos = 1; //indexing starts from 1 byte[] bytes = blob.getBytes(pos, len); in.close(); return bytes; } catch (Exception e) { System.out.println(e.getMessage()); } return null; } ...