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1. How to convert an object into BLOB

Gaurav, That won't work, because your FileInputStream is attach to some external file on your harddrive. Let say you do save the FileInputStream object in the database, and reconstruct the object from the DB in your program at some later time in the future. Can you guaranty that the external file still exist and is in the same location? A better ...

2. convert blob to .xls

3. Converting Blob to word

4. How to convert FormFile into BLOB object?

Please find the description of the complete problem below I am trying to Upload one file using FormFile of Struts and I need to pass that Form File into one procedure having BLOB as aIn parameter. SO I need to convert that file into BLOB object The code that I am trying is : ------------------------------------------------ try{ BLOB blob= BLOB.getEmptyBLOB(); System.out.println("before"); blob.setBytes(theFile.getFileData()); ...

5. Blob to float conversion

A 'Binary Large OBject' (BLOB) is typically used to hold documents or images when you wish to store them in a database. As been pointed out, it's very strange to have a float stored in such a database type. If for whatever reason this has been done, the question is not to convert blob to float, but to extract the value ...

7. Convert BLOB to XML

8. Convert BLOB to XML

Hey , i d'appreciate if you can provide me some code to do that task. Let me explain you my requirement. i am using java compute node which recieves a Blob and i have to convert that blob to an XMl so that i can extract the required information needed. I am not getting any help anywhere. Pls help

9. Problem in Long to blob data conversion using jdbc

I am converting data in a long column of a table to blob column of another table. Iam taking the data from long column converting it to bytes and using the setbytes method of prepared statement to set the Blob column in the table. But when the data is viewed in the webpage(JSP) Question marks are getting inserted at many place ...

10. Converting a RenderedOp to a BLOB

I don't know if this will work with MySQL, I examined the setBlob source code in the Postgress source and based the technique on that. However it's quite likely to work the same way. Let me know how you get on. I'm interested to know what other databases the trick works on.