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1. How can i store and retrieve images from a database?

I am creating a website as a mini project which will be used to sell various products. In the website i intend to give detailed info about the products which will ...

2. How to retrieve blob name from multiple blob rows

Actually I am storing my Jpg files in a single column as multiple rows. So how can I retrieve as JPG files with same names of before stored jpg file names.(I am rertriving as a single file ) lSbrqry.append("SELECT IMAGE FROM CLWF_IMG_FTP ORDER BY IMG_ID"); UTIL_LOGGER.fnWriteLog("CLWF_ejbIMG_FTPBean","CLWF_ejbIMG_FTPBean(fnRetrieveImage)","lSbrqry="+lSbrqry); lpstmtretdet=lcnret.prepareStatement(lSbrqry.toString()); lrsret=lpstmtretdet.executeQuery(); while ({ System.out.println("got record"); Blob image = lrsret.getBlob("IMAGE"); System.out.println("inside ejb image = "+image.toString()); ...

3. Very *strange* problem inserting and retrieving Blob

I can insert and retrieve big blobs of 8 or more kbytes. BUT I cannot seem to retrieve small ones of 2 or 3 kbytes ( I am not even sure I successfully inserted the small ones in the first instance ) **** I tried it several times, only files above a certain size can be retrieved and flushed out to ...

4. Error while retrieving blob images

5. Inserting / Retrieving a CLOB

Hi, I am using CLOBs for the first time. It would be great if anyone had tips or better yet, example code that shows how to retrieve and insert CLOBs - am using Oracle. I have used BLOBs in the past - is it the same approach? Any help would be really appreciated. many thanks!

6. How to insert and retrieve clob

7. How to retrieve blob data in java

[B]String charsetName = "UTF-8";[/B] char[] buffer = new char[0x1000]; StringBuilder s = new StringBuilder(); Blob blob = rs.getBlob("MYBLOB"); String str = null; InputStream in = blob.getBinaryStream(); try { Reader r = new InputStreamReader(in, [B]charsetName[/B]); for(int len; (len =, 0, buffer.length)) != -1; ) s.append(buffer, 0, len); str = s.toString(); } finally { in.close(); }

9. retrieving zip file from a Blob

Precede the line where you call nextEntry() with System.out.printf("zis is not null: %b%n", zis != null); And that will probably print false. If you mean the 4th line in your 2nd quote, then somehow you have still got zis null. You may have other errors causing it to become null, but start there.

10. Retrieving CLOB data

11. Retrieving blob object

import java.sql.*; import*; import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; public class SrServlet extends HttpServlet{ public void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException{ String fname=request.getParameter("fid"); try{ Connection con=DbCon.setCon(); PreparedStatement p=con.prepareStatement("SELECT PIC FROM TEST WHERE PNAME=?"); p.setString(1, fname); ResultSet rs1=p.executeQuery(); InputStream readImg=null; byte[] rb=null; if({ rb = rs1.getBytes(1); readImg = rs1.getBinaryStream(1); } con.close(); response.reset(); response.setContentType("image/jpg"); response.getOutputStream().write(rb,0,readImg.available()); response.getOutputStream().flush(); } catch (Exception e){ e.printStackTrace(); } ...

12. Retrieving blob data in java

Blob data in Db is not in excel format.I read the datas from excel ,validate it and then insert those datas into table. While retrieving , I just get data only(binary format).Also I am using Ibatis.When I used Blob type to retrieve the data, ibatis exception was i convert this binary(byte[]) data to string?

13. Determing the type of file on retrieving from BLOB

I want to know the header/ or type of file when i get this field from Oracle BLOB as at run time I dont know which type of file I had uploaded to my BLOB field. I guess every file has some header that recognizes the type of file, now i want to get this information and accordingly set my content ...