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First you have to register your Excel file to ODBC. Let's say the name is base.xls like in the example. Then you have to access the 'database' under the name which you have registered via ODBC: Here is the code (modification of your): import java.sql.*; class Jexcel { public static void main( String[] args ) { try { String fname = ...

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Well, the second half of your question regarding JSP/Servlets would probably be better answered in a seperate forum. There is a forum for JSP and a forum for Servlets. I would suggest posting that part of your question in the JSP forum. As for your JDBC question, I am going to assume that you mean an Access Database, not an Excel ...

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To access a database management system (DBMS) in Java, you need a JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) driver. You may write such drivers, which range from types 1 to 4, in pure Java or a combination of Java and Java Native Interface (JNI) methods. The industry trend is towards the more robust types 3 and 4 pure-Java drivers. Type 3 drivers shine ...

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