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1. JTDS and JBOSS JDBC Connection Pool Problem, any solution? Maybe a custom ValidConnectionChecker?    stackoverflow.com

I'm facing a weird production problem. Environment is the following:

  • JBOSS 4.0.2
  • SQL Server 2005
  • Driver JTDS 1.2.5
From time to time the following szenario occurs. A SQL command fails to Excute with
 java.sql.SQLException: ...

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Hello friends, 1.what is the minimum number of connections we need to create for a 1000 member instance access website. We are using jboss 2.4.5 as the application server and sql server as the db. *************************************************** 2.Also we did a Connection testing setting the max connection in the ms-sqlds.xml of jboss file as 1. while doing so we found for a ...

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jdbc/dev_dbname jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver://DEV:1435;databaseName=dev_db;selectMethod=cursor com.microsoft.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServerDriver user1 user1pass MS SQLSERVER2000 The above is sample Connection Pooling configuration file save the above code with your parameters as datasorce.xml or what ever name you want with .xml extenstion and deploy it in same directory where you deployed you are jar's ...

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I had been trying to connect databases with JBoss4.2.2 thru JNDI. I had created a new xml file to locate the datasource to connect in the deploy directory. I have a problem of how to locate the JNDI file and how to establish the connection. Here is my code of MSSQL-DS.xml