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We were connecting to Oracle from our code with a simple (custom) JDBC connector class. This class reads the connection properties from a resource file and tries to make a connection ...

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When you setup a URL in your jdbc properties like:

Does this mean all the data is being sent via HTTP on a specific port? (it seems so obviously)

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I have a website hosted at Godaddy where I use JNDI to manage DB connections. Godaddy is using Tomcat 5.5.27 with JDK 1.5. I am also using the same versions locally. JNDI ...

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For given Connection instance how do I find out url that the Connection uses to connect the database ? Is it somewhere in Properties returned by Connection.getClientInfo() ...

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Using Solaris 9, Tomcat 4.1.29, MySQL 3.23.49, mysql-connector-3.0.9.jar Following directions found at http://jakarta.apache.org/tomcat/tomcat-4.1-doc/jndi-datasource-examples-howto.html When connecting directly to Tomcat on port 8080, all is well. When connecting through Apache, the .jsp page is displayed, but I can't make a database connection. A Context is created: ctx=javax.naming.InitialContext@11931f8 A DataSource is looked up: ds=org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSource@1fb9fb3 When trying to get connection, an exception is thrown: Cannot ...

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Hi all, I'm using Oracle 10g as my databse, but i dont know what is the dBase URL that need to pass as an argument in Connection.getConnection(url, usrname, passwd)............... Its pretty urgent, can anybody help.. Thanks, Amit [ EJFH: Removed asterisks in subject ] [ May 25, 2006: Message edited by: Ernest Friedman-Hill ]

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hi friends.. i m working on developing a web application and want to implement database pooling. Server:: Tomcat 5.0 DB:: oracle 10g For database pooling, I used the element After these settings, the Tomcat Admin shows the Data Source Created with name jdbc/PMS When I run the application and hit the url where the database connection is obtained, I get ...

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Hi all, I am working on a web based project using struts 2 and spring. The backend is mySql. I am not able to setup the application to work with mySql. In server.xml I have set, In web.xml I have DB Connection jdbc/mySqlDB ...

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package test.packagee; import javax.naming.*; import javax.sql.*; import java.sql.*; /* * you must copy ojdbc14.jar file into [tomcat-home]/lib add following lines into web.xml witch are in the WEB-INF folder Oracle Datasource jdbc/myoracle javax.sql.DataSource Container create context.xml then insert following lines and copy file into META-INF folder