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What is the best connection pooling library available for Java/JDBC? I'm considering the 2 main candidates (free / open-source):

I've read a lot ...

2. JDBC Connection pooling using C3P0    stackoverflow.com

Following is my helper class to get DB connection: I've used the C3P0 connection pooling as described here.

public class DBConnection {

    private static DataSource dataSource;

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I'm trying to implement a solution with c3p0 for the first time. I understand how to initialize the connection pool and "checkout" a Connection from the pool as follows:

ComboPooledDataSource cpds = ...

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Can anyone share the origin and meaning of the jdbc connection pool named c3p0. Was it inspired from star wars?.

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I have heavy loaded java application using hirbernate. And I used to use as connection pool DBCP, but it had problems with connections lossing. Than I switched to c3p0. But now ...

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I am developing a web application with database access using Spring, JDBCTemplate and c3p0. I often have a server freeze, and I am pretty sure it comes from the number of busy ...

7. Connection pool - Own implementation / DBCP / c3p0    coderanch.com

This falls under the category of 'reinventing the wheel'. There are people spending a lot of time and energy building things like database connection pools and unless you have a strong belief these implementations are flawed, better to use their work. Reminds me of an old programmer adage... "Good programmers write good code, great programmers steal good code. "