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1. Flushing JDBC connection pools

Does anyone know the best (or any) way to flush a JDBC connection pool? I can't find anything obvious in the documentation. It appears connection pools aren't meant to ...

2. difference between shareable and unshareable connection in jdbc connection pool?

We notice something strange in our struts web application which was hosted on sun app server enterprise edition 8.1. The NumConnUsed for Monitoring of JDBC resources stays at 100 over connections even ...

3. Is there a way to release a saturated connection pool?

I'm working with open esb on a glassfish server. We have a connection pool that works with an as400 Database. Every couple of days we get this error: Error in allocating a connection. Cause: ...

4. Comparison of JDBC Connection pools

Does anyone have any information comparing performance characteristics of different ConnectionPool implementations? Background: I have an application that runs db updates in background threads to a mysql instance on the same ...

5. we implement connection pooling ourselves, but why it always out of connection?

Following is the source code:

//public class ConnectionPool implements Runnable
public class ConnectionPool {
    private static Logger loger_error = Logger.getLogger("error");
    // JDBC Driver name

6. How do I track orphaned JDBC connections that are not closed?

We've found a bug in old code where connections aren't being closed. It's an easy fix, but I'm wondering how we go about proving that it's fixed. There is a ...

7. How to use Java JDBC connection pool?

I want to use a JDBC connection pool. The most important factor is that it's easy-to-use and bug-free. What is suitable for me?

8. Connection Pooling vs Per-Thread JDBC Connection

Which of these approaches is better: connection pooling or per-thread JDBC connections?

9. JDBC Connection Pooling: Connection Reuse?

As per my understanding, JDBC Connection Pooling (at a basic level) works this way:

  1. create connections during app initialization and put in a cache
  2. provide these cached connections on demand to the app
  3. a ...

10. BasicDataSource close() method does not close connections

I have a short script opening datasource and then closing it. This script is using BasicDataSource.

BasicDataSource bds = new BasicDataSource();
Connection connection = bds.getConnection();
After the close() command works, when I look in ...

11. JTA aware JDBC connection pools

I've been looking at a number of JDBC connection pools, but I have the specific requirement that the pool needs to be JTA aware, which leaves me with a short list ...

12. Connection Pooling

We have set a JDBC Connection Pooling in our service. THe problem is that, We are getting the connection in 15 to 20 secs only in non-peak times. At the other ...

13. connection pool for proprietary connection api (non jdbc)

I am using an API to connect to some hardware terminals and networks. The API allows me to connect to the servers, disconnect and interrogate for data, pretty similar to what ...

14. Do you need to close the connection you get from jdbc connection pool?

Suppose I have the following code

DataSource source = (DataSource) (new InitialContext()).lookup("jdbc/myName"); 
Connection connnection = source.getConnection() 

//use the connection to do some database operations...
at the end, should I still call

connection.close() ...

15. Should I use connection pooling?

I am writing a ETL project in JAVA. I will connect to the source database, get the data only once, do some transformations and Load the data to a target database. The ...

16. What do you call a situation where the pooled database connection is not used immediately?

While running through a piece of code for performance tuning, i noticed that the pooled database connection is not used immediately, it follows some pre-processing before the connection used to delegate ...

17. AS400 jdbc connection pool problem

I'm using AS400JDBCConnectionPoolDataSource and AS400JDBCConnectionPool in order to create a connection pool inside my project. this is my code for creating it:

         AS400JDBCConnectionPoolDataSource dataSource ...

18. JDBC Connection Pool

I have wriiten my connection pooling by extending connection and driver class. It is working fine but the problem is I want to now impose a upper limit and if te ...

19. Connection.close vs. PooledConnection.close

I'm reading Java Data Access—JDBC, JNDI, and JAXP about Connection, PooledConnection interfaces. As I understand Connection returned by PooledConnection represents a "logical" connection. PooledConnection - itself represents "physical". What's the difference ...

20. Using special JDBC driver features with dynamic proxy connection pools

We are evaluating a JTA transaction manager for a legacy Oracle JDBC project and have looked at Bitronix and Atomikos so far. The java.sql.DataSource implementations of both the Bitronix and Atomikos connection ...

21. How to improve on this connection pool design?

First off, I am developing my own implementation of DBCP (database connection pooling), as such, I won't accept any suggestions to use 3rd party DBCP like c3p0. I'm using the producer-consumer design ...

22. Share a JDBC connection pool between many classes

I have some c3p0 pool encapsulated in a class that I use to execute SQL statements. It's initialized this way:

public PooledQueryExecutor(String url, Properties connectionProperties) throws DALException {

23. get Connection from ConnectionPool