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1. clogin open cursors java berkeley db

I'm getting this exception of opened cursos on closing some stores on berkeley db:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalStateException: Database still has 1 open cursors while trying to close.

2. SQLException Cursor Closed

SriLaxmi Usually SP is written this way PROCEDURE SP_SET_STATUS(p_cycleid IN STATUS.cycleid%type, p_customer_no IN STATUS.customer_no%type, p_package_type IN STATUS.package_type%type default 'C', p_status IN STATUS.status%type, p_requestid IN STATUS.requestid%type, o_message OUT varchar2 ) AS BEGIN insert into status(cycleid,customer_no,package_type,status,requestid) values(p_cycleid,p_customer_no,p_package_type,p_status,p_requestid); o_message:='00000'; EXCEPTION WHEN others then o_message:=substr(sqlerrm,12,200); END SP_SET_STATUS; Where we have a o_message parameter, this represents that SP has executed properly or not based on the ...

4. how to close unused open cursors

5. Databse Cursor not getting closed

Hi Ranchers, I have developed an application that uses Dynamic SQL. Problem is that huge number of cursors get open when the application is run. I have closed resultset, callablestatement, session, connection everything. But still the cursors does not get closed because of which the server stops responding after sometime. Is the the problem related to dynamic SQL or I am ...