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1. SQLException error: "Invalid Cursor position"    coderanch.com

my code goes somewhat like this: queryx ="Select * From cleanTableA order by START_DATE"; ResultSet rsAcd = stmtA.executeQuery(queryx); while(rsAcd.next()) { String parseDrugname = rsAcd.getString(4); int index = parseDrugname.indexOf(" "); String result = parseDrugname.substring(0,index); if(!confounderA.equals(result)) { rsAcd.deleteRow(); //deleting a specific row } else { System.out.println("do not delete the row"); } System.out.println(parseDrugname); } stmtA.close(); con.close(); Now when i run this code it is ...

3. java.sql.SQLException: Invalid cursor position    forums.oracle.com

guys if any of you have an idea just post it. It would be of great help for me. I can't figure out my mistake and its been 2days already and still i am stuck with my problem. It displays the table but there is an error "java.sql.SQLException: Invalid cursor position" so i cannot put the counter to the session.

5. java.sql.SQLException: Invalid cursor position    forums.oracle.com

I wish that were true =(. The fact of the matter is that I can run the same Code on the same database on a different computer and it works just fine...!? Oh and every time I believe I gave it a invalid colInt than I would get Invalid Descriptor Index errors. =/. Thanks for input though.