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1. What is the proper size for a sequence-generated primary key?

Currently, primary keys in our system are 10 digits longs, just over the limit for Java Integers. I want to avoid any maintenance problems down the road caused by numeric overflow ...

2. How to best represent Constants (Enums) in the Database (INT vs VARCHAR)?

what is the best solution in terms of performance and "readability/good coding style" to represent a (Java) Enumeration (fixed set of constants) on the DB layer in regard to an integer ...

3. ResultSetMetaData returning BigDecimal insted of int

Need some help regarding jdbc metadata. I am using ResultsetMetaData to get metadata of columns of a table on Oracle10g. I am using ojdbc14.jar. There is a field in table ID declared ...

4. In a JDBC ResultSet, what should happen when getLong() or getShort() is called on an int result column?

Say that I have a JDBC ResultSet, and I call the getLong() or getshort() method. For which of the following SQL types {SMALLINT, INT, BIGINT} should I get long, and for ...

5. Checking for a null int value from a Java ResultSet

In Java I'm trying to test for a null value, from a ResultSet, where the column is being cast to a primitive int type.

int iVal;
ResultSet rs = magicallyAppearingStmt.executeQuery(query);
if ( {

6. Check to see if ResultSet is Null if not then get int

I want to be able to get check to see if there is a result in my resultset. Todo this i would execute:

    boolean = true;
However i ...

7. Why can't I access column data by integer from executeQuery obj?

I'm a two day newbie in both NetRexx and Java. I tried to modify the IBM red book examples to create a multi-threaded tcp server that executes SQL on a firebird database. The ...

8. Java Resultset.get***(...) quicker by string or int?

When iterating through a Resultset in the standard way

while ({
To retrieve column data (e.g long) is it quicker to use
rs.getLong(String columnLabel)
rs.getLong(int columnIndex)
Presumably columnLabel is better to use in many ways for ...

9. Storing big int array partially in database , to reduce memory in java

I have a class that has int[] members. The arrays grow very big, about 56M in size.(arrays are expandable with implementation similar to arraylist). Now I want to partially store the ...

10. Best way to reset database to known state between FlexUnit4 integration tests?

Background: I have a Flex web app that communicates with a Java back-end via BlazeDS. The Flex client is composed of a flex-client module, which holds the views and presentation models ...

11. Primary Key Type: int vs long

I know some software shops have been burned by using the int type for the primary key of a persistent class. That being said, not all tables grow past 2 billions. ...

12. ResultSet is not for INSERT query? Error message: Type mismatch: cannot convert from int to String

I think I got it wrong at the 'resultset'. My code for inserting data is :

ResultSet columns = statement.executeUpdate("INSERT INTO Feedback (Username, Feedbacks) VALUES( '" + user + "','"+ msg +"')");
The ...

13. How to deal with the ResultSet in Java and convert it to an Array of int?

I'm really perplexed as to why there's only one value being returned by this set of codes. What I'm trying to do here is to query all the *sense_num* (not primary ...

14. 'Integer' type or 'String' type Ids for entities in the database/application?

I am building an application in Java. My database (Cassandra) understands only byte[] as data. Thus I am free to choose among the several datatypes, for various entities IDs ...

15. Using negtive integer range of int (4 bytes) as ids(-2.14 billion to 0) : Any downsides?

I am storing certain entities in my database with integer Ids of size 32 bits thus using the range of -2.14 billion to +2.14 billion. I have given tried giving some meaning ...

16. Getting Integer object from ResultSet

A ResultSet provides method getInt() that returns primitive int. Is it possible to obtain the Integer object, which permits null? The DB field I'm retrieving is nullable and getInt() returns me ...

17. converting string to integer for prepared statment

Iam using javafx to update the database using prepardstatement but while running it iam getting this error at the console and doesnt shows while compilation. It looks like the string is ...

18. resultSet.getInt() return value on a string containing two ints

I need to parse the value of a database column that generally contains integers, based on the result Set generated from a JDBC call. However, one particular row of the column ...

19. ResultSet convert to int from query

So I am trying to get the result as count from a sql query as follows

ResultSet rs = st.executeQuery("SELECT count(employeeID) FROM employee WHERE " +

20. Check an int variable is null or is empty from the Database

I am having a variable which is:

nocustomers = rs.getInt("CUST_TRAN_COUNT");
I would like to perform if it is null or not. I tried
if (nocustomers ==null)
It showed an error. How do I solve this?
My new ...

21. How to use Skipjack (skip32) in Java to randomize sequential integers from a database

Based on a previous question, I am using a sequential integer as a record ID in my database. I want to obfuscate the integer IDs using Skip32. I found a ...

22. SQL update not working with integer ID

This command on SQL Server

UPDATE tbl SET name='Hi' WHERE id=''
works if 'id' is set as an integer value, but it does not work on H2. What may be the solution?

23. getXXX(int i) method

It is generally recommended that you call the getXXX() method only once for the current position of the resultset. Even if you do not find any problems now, you will face it when you change your database. At that time you may need to change your code just because of this. Also it is recommended that you retrieve fields in the ...

24. How to convert an Object to integer?

Dear gurus, I am having trouble in converting an object to an integer. The object actually is an item from a Jcombobox and i need to compare it against a field that has been declared as a number in the database. I received the following error: "java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Data type mismatch in criteria expression." I have tried casting ...

27. Can I call CallableStatement .getObject(int)

I caught an "SQLException: Invalid column index" from the following code and was wondering whether someone would know can I call CallableStatement.getObject(int) in the first place? (the javadocs don't say anything about not being allowed to call that) CallableStatement cs = connection.prepareCall("{call myproc(?,?,?,...)}"); // the stored procedure has over 20 parameters cs.setString(1, "foobar"); ... Object value = cs.getObject(1); // throws the ...

28. null value for int

if to send a null value while binding the variables to callble statement. suppose in following statement contractseq is int. Then how to send this value as null.We can use setNull method to set it as null. But I need to initialse contractseq as null, how to do this? INTEGER can set to null,but how to set int as null. csorder.setInt(20,p_contractseq); ...

29. Bitwise use of SQL integer

Given JSP/servlet web-app: Form with twelve checkboxes. I can store the state of each of the checkboxes as a bit set to 1 for box checked, in an SQL integer. I can retrieve the integer and loop through a shifted bit mask to reset the checkboxes in the form for editing. The problem: Ideally I'd like to perform a query like ...

30. parser integer to string

What kind of number is it? Is it an int, long, float, or double? The Java API provides wrapper classes for each of the primitive types (Integer, Long, Float, Double, etc.). In fact, your numbers may already be wrapped since the Java Collections framework uses Objects and cannot handle primitive types directly. Each of the wrapper classes provide toString() methods to ...

31. problem with integer values

sir i m using MS ACCESS and JSP........i want to interconnect the both....but i m facing problem while inserting the values of the integer........the code is that............. String lastused = request.getParameter("last_used"+i); int last_used = Integer.parseInt(lastused); String query = "insert into skills values(1 , '" + skill_type + "' , '" + skill_name + "', '" + version + "', '" + ...

32. performing addition to a integer value using sql

Hi everyone, I have an Int column in a table and I need to be able to add a number to the current value in the table. i.e. current value + value = new value eg. 5 + 10 = 15 How do i this using sql.I have tried the following but it does not work UPDATE Locations SET hitCount = ...

34. How to get table's Integer field column size??

hey, i am using ResultsetMetaData,thru which i am taking max value which can be inserted in the database.i am getting right values thru getCloumnDisplaySize() method for String column of a table.but it gives length of 22 for all integer values of all the tables in the database.i am creating dynamic insert query for which i am requing this..

35. Error converting data type varchar to int.

I have a problem with getting the error code from the callable statement. I declare position 14 in the callable statement as an INTEGER for the error code. The store procedure runs and comes back, but I receive this error when I try to access the data: [7/24/06 13:01:17:906 CDT] 7d7d00a2 SystemErr R java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC][SQLServer]Error converting data ...

36. Replacing setQueryTimeout(int timeoutValue)

Hi guys, Many of you may use setQueryTimeout(int timeoutValue) method of PreparedStatement object for limiting the query time. This method internally creates a Timer thread, start it whenever query starts and stop and garbage it whenever query finishes. This is a useful method and prevents suspended threads which are waiting the query results. However, our system needs high performance and responds ...

38. initialization of variables type int as null

hi everyone, i have a store procedure in which one of the IN variables is an int and i have to send it as null, although whether i try this: int count= null; or int count; gives me error How should i do it? int count; --- this is where I initialize the variable and needs to be set as null. ...

39. how to get integer from table

If you can check the javadocs, the rs.getRow() method returns the current row number.Say when you execute your query "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM addissue WHERE rollno = 1201" the OUTPUT will be 7.So there is only one row in the output so you are getting the result as one.I am not pretty sure but have you tried with rs.getInt(1).I think it should ...

40. Regarding setLoginTimeout(int seconds) in JDBC

The docs say that public static void setLoginTimeout(int seconds) Sets the maximum time in seconds that a driver will wait while attempting to connect to a database. Now if i set a Connection TimeOut for 5 secs , and how can i throw an exception on this if it exceeds 5 secs ??

41. ints, bigints, longs and strings

42. how to do a null check for a big int value in database.

hey guys, Problem: I got a field which is a BIGINT in the database (DB2), which is nullable and defaults to NULL, when I get the resultset in my code how do I check for a null in the code. I am mapping the field to a long variable i.e - when I do a rs.getLong how do I check for ...

43. Passing an array of integers to stored procedure

HI All , I am facing a problem while writing a procedure .... please help me on this .... I have to pass the parameter of type varchar2 to procedure . The parameter can have value like 1,2,3 . Using that parameter i have to get some values from one table say 'select id from YY where XX in (input parameter);' ...

44. Not able to Inserting integer data

I want insert integer data in database but i am not able to do this... i am attaching my whole application package com.niit.student; import java.awt.*; import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.event.ActionEvent; import java.awt.event.ActionListener; import java.util.ArrayList; public class StudentApplication implements ActionListener { //create all lable,textfield and declare variable ArrayList studentList; StudentDao student; JLabel jlbfname, jlblname, jlbmname, jlbaddress, jlbmobile, jlbgender, jlbage, jlb10year, jlb10per, jlb12year, jlb12per, ...

46. Leading zeroes in an Integer

My data field allows leading zeroes with a maximum length of 3. e.g. "001", "1", "123", "456" are all valid but "1234", "0001" are not valid. One solution is to define the data field as CHAR(3) in the DB2 database. Is it possible that the data field in the DB2 database be defined as INTEGER so that the leading zeroes are ...

47. setInt(String, int) I'm Lost!

48. The conversion of the varchar value '5438954444' overflowed an int column.

The error message seems plausible, because 5,438,954,444 would be too big a value for an int variable. As I understand it, an int can hold values between -2,147,483,648 and 2,147,483,647. So the question is what is really in your table - is this big value really in there, or is it created accidentally in your Java code? If the value is ...

49. resultset - string v's int?

I've got this problem...when I try and read in my results from my resultset as Strings I have a problem when they are acutally integers...they don't get picked up. Is there any way of avoiding this problem? In some cases I'm reading in a String and some times I'm reading in an int. Is there any way of checking to see ...

50. How to fetch integer data from excel

51. [SOLVED] How to get Integer from table

52. int problem in sql

54. resultset.updateString(int,String) problem

Is "name" (by itself) a primary key, or a unique key? The whole point of resultSet.updateXXX() is that it is executed on one row, and it needs to be able to identify that row uniquely based on what you have selected into that row. So you need at least a primary key or a unique key. If your "name" isn't a ...

55. Name of an int ( e.g. java.sql.Types )

56. Which is better, ResultSet.getXXX(int) or ResultSet.getXXX(String)?

I highly disagree with this remark when it's taken in general. If applied to something where performance changes will be negligable at worst (as in this case), it seems fine to forget it. However, one should not write incredibly inefficient, unplanned code which performs slowly just because one does not feel like doing a good job with it. Obviously, you know ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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