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1. DriverManager vs DataSource

2. COnnection from DriverManager and DataSource

Not quite right. You get the DataSource from JNDI, then you get a Connection from the DataSource. J2EE is based on the idea of having services that are supplied by an application server that applications can make use of. This also includes the requrement to create scaleable and distributable applications. If you have applications obtaining their own database connections, there is ...

5. DriverManager and Datasource.

7. Exception :[ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name too long

DSN is outside SQL Server's control so I don't know if a reinstall will help (also, this file is in none of the SQL Server installs I can currently see). What you could do it use a proper type 4 driver then you don't need DNS. [ July 18, 2007: Message edited by: Paul Sturrock ]

8. datasource and drivermanager

9. DriverManager or DataSource

10. difference between Driver Manager and Data Source

You create a JDBC Connection using Driver manager by using something like the following code String driver ="oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver"; Class.forName(driver).newInstance(); System.out.println("Initiating Connection to the Database"); conn = DriverManager.getConnection(url,"USERNAME","PASSWORD"); System.out.println("Database Connected conn="+conn); now this operation is expesive so you might want to implement a factory which creates a conection pool. Also you might not want to right the boiler plate code again and ...

11. [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified

I would like you guys to help me out with this one. I am using a 32bit version of Easyeclipse (the only one) and a 32bit driver of microsoft access driver... BUT a 64bit of windows 7 I get the subject error message when I run my java application. App code: import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.DriverManager; import java.sql.ResultSet; import java.sql.Statement; public class ...

12. DriverManager vs Datasource

13. DriverManager vs. DataSource

Hello, I am using Eclipse 3.4.2 and Java 1.6. I have a Apache Derby database installed. I try to learn using this by following the JDBC Database Access trail in the Sun Java Tutorials. I can make a connection to the database using DriverManager.getConnection, this works fine. However, the tutorial states that using the DataSource interface is the preferred method. So ...

14. What is the difference b/w using DataSource and DriverManager

A DataSource lies one level higher than the DriverManager, it internally makes use of the DriverManager. A DataSource is to be definied in the JNDI context and can be obtained from it. It makes your application more configureable and better maintainable, because you don't need to change your code if you ever want to change the driver type, the connection URL, ...

15. Std question: Adv of datasource over driverManager

Hi All prefer datasource object over driver manager due to the reasons shown below i) Data source can take advantage of conn pooling ii) Data source improves code portability? I have a doubt with the second point. Even with Driver Manager if i read the string parameters used in class.forName() and DriverManager.getConnection() from .properties file even it will improve code portability. ...