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1. Using configuration.xml file and supplying DataSource settings in MyBatis 3.0.6

MyBatis documentation shows a way to build a SqlSessionFactory through XML configuration file or a Configuration object through Java code. It also mentions passing properties that will override what is specified ...

2. JNDI DataSource Configuration (Java System Application Server with Duke Book Store)

In tomcat 5.x, in order to configure the JNDI DataSource (map the resource reference name to database URL), we add the information between the tag in file $CATALINA_HOME/conf/server.xml. However, when using Sun Java System Application Server, i have no idea where it stores the JNDI DataSource information. I try to have a look on Duke Book Store example comes with ...

4. Datasource Configuration

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6. Configuring DataSource on Tomcat5.0

8. dataSource configuration

Hi all, i saw that from glassfish you can configure jdbc resources and jdbc connection pools, and i suppose that after that you can use these to connect to database. What will be the advantage of this setup over the conventional setup with connection parameters defined in hibernate.xml and using a driverManaged connection? Also, if i use this type o db ...