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1. What is jasper report's algorithm for using a data source?    stackoverflow.com

I have created my custom data source by implementing the interface JRDataSource. This interface looks like this:

public interface JRDataSource

  * Tries to position the cursor on the next element ...

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I am new Pentaho Reporting Tool. I have the following question: When I created a report using Pentaho Report Designer, it output a report file having .prpt extension. After that I found ...

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I'm using JasperReports and I'm using the provided JRBeanCollectionDataSource class to wrap a List of beans. Everything works fine in my reports when I'm accessing a simple property of the bean, ...

4. iReport/jasperReports how can i check in xml data source if node exsicts    stackoverflow.com

i new to iReport , my question is in the expression editor , how can i build expression that checks if xml node
extincts and base on that print string
i ...

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I want to do the following: Make a servlet which would sit in a servlet container. I would feed the jasper report definition xml to it, the parameters, plus the data for ...

6. Java jasper reports list as data source    stackoverflow.com

I want to make list object as my data source, can you tell me for .jrxml file how should i design my report ?

public class TestReport {
 public void runReport(String ...

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I am hoping someone can tell me why the code below is creating an empty pdf file every time...? I am trying to compile, fill and run the "xmldatasource" sample project ...

8. Jasper-reports collection as datasource?    stackoverflow.com

I try to find out how to use a string collection as datasource in jasper-reports. I guess I found the solution, but I can't get this to work, can anyone assist me?

  1. set ...

9. JasperReports JavaBeans set Datasource, General Error    stackoverflow.com

I'm using the JasperReports NetBeans plugin.
I want to provide my data as a Collection of beans.
So I've done two things:
1) implemented a very simple factory class ...

10. jasper reports access custom data source    stackoverflow.com

I am quite new to Jasper reports and I need to create a report from a custom data source. For this I implemented the JRDataSource interface, with the two methods:

public class ...

11. IReports & JasperReports: Data Source    forums.oracle.com

Hi: I'm trying to generate and print reports using the IReport and JasperReports. I've realised that this program is able to work with data from diferent sources (XML, Databases, etc), but not from Arrays and Vectors. Do you know if is possible to use this program and obtain the information from these structures? Lots of thanks!!!