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1. Java connection pool without JNDI?    stackoverflow.com

I've a connection pool to access a MySQL DB from a servlet. I get the data source using a JNDI, which is defined on my META-INF/context.xml file. Everything is working fine, but ...

2. When use pooled data source X simple data source    stackoverflow.com

What is main difference in current JBoss (6.0 or 7.x) version for using standard data source and pooled data source. Which one to use in which environment. I have experience with ...

3. Specify minimum and maximum pool size for datasource in JBoss    stackoverflow.com

I will deploy a web application that will run on JBoss 4.2.3 on a production environment. I would appreciate if you can give me some information or references about how can ...

4. Datasource Connection Pool?    stackoverflow.com

On different sites it is written that, datasource maintain the connection pool. Yes i agree it will maintain the pool if we dont close the connection once we are done with transaction. ...

5. Excessive number of attempts to get a connection from pooled datasource    stackoverflow.com

Since some time ago I have been paying attention to some monitoring data of my application. One fact took my attention: in every request my application process, there is a number ...

6. how to return connection to pool    stackoverflow.com

do we need to call any method on dbcp.BasicDataSource or jndi datasource(i'm using jboss) to return the connection after done with it? thanks in advance

7. Connection pooling showing INACTIVE connections in database    stackoverflow.com

I am using connection pooling with SharedPoolDataSource in struts application. Application user pass the Connection parameters dynamically through user interface. I am creating object of DriverAdapterCPDS and assigning it to SharedPoolDataSource ...

8. Problem with Datasource and Connection Pool    forums.netbeans.org

9. DataSource and Connection Pooling    coderanch.com

10. data source, connection and connection pool    coderanch.com

A DataSource is usually a group of Connections. Many web/app severs allow for the creation of a DataSource via a config file/tool. Basically, if you have an app that access that database frequently, a DataSource is the way to go. If you develop a web store front, you want everyone to be able to view your catalog. It would not be ...

11. DataSource and Connection Pooling    coderanch.com

14. data source and connection pooling ?    coderanch.com

Hi all, I have two questions here --- I want to use some tool to configure database connection for some java web application. 1. what exactly does a "data source" mean ? It is not for a particular database, is it some logic name for various applications ? Can I let different web applications share a same "data source" ? 2. ...

15. using datasource - connection pooling    coderanch.com

Richa, Welcome to JavaRanch! The code itself is the same whether you use connection pooling or not. When you set up the ds1 datasource, it uses a certain class from the driver. That class determines whether connection pooling is used. For example, db2 provides a non-connection pool datasource, a connection pool datasource and an XA (transactional) datasource in the driver zip ...

17. Pooled DataSource recovery    coderanch.com

I'm moving some code from a proprietary connection pool to a pooled DataSource in WebSphere 5.x. The authors of the existing pool put a lot of work into error recovery. One strategy is that when a SQL exception indicates communication errors they purge the pool and let it restart from scratch, which neatly recovers from a brief network burp. I'm having ...

19. DataSource Connection Pooling    coderanch.com

20. DataSource Pooling    coderanch.com

Two things that don't really solve your problem, but will definately help anyway... First, edit your post and put the code and xml between the CODE brackets. It will make your post much easier to read. Second, why are you overriding the service method? You should be overriding the doGet() or doPost() or do***() methods in the servlet instead.

21. DataSource Pooling    coderanch.com

23. DataSource Connection is not taking connection from the connection pool - new connection is created    coderanch.com

Hi All, I have configued a datasource in WAS 7.0 But the server is creating a new connection for each request and throws the error Connection not available while invoking method createOrWaitForConnection for resource after the maximum connection limit is raeched. The connection is not getting created from the connection pool. My connection pool Configurations Maximum Connections : 200 Minimunm Connections ...

24. JConnect5-2 and Pooled Datasource    dbforums.com

I'm trying to create a pool of database connections (basically don't have access to J2EE technology) using the java.sql, javax.sql and jConnect5-2 packages with a Sybase database. Question! I've seen several exmaples of connection pooling where the 'author' has suggested using traditional methods of JDBC connection, storing them in a Hashtable, then implenting a checkout/checkin procedure for usage. However, within the ...

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